Friday, April 30, 2010

MI Double 10 Happening

Hello people! Welcome back to my blog! Woohoo...Time fly fast, here come the end of April 2010. Long Time never blog about my school life (真的是好久好久没写了)...People been asking me: 'Hey Hp, How your school now?' Izzit fun? Well, therefore today blog post, I'll share about my life in school and my new classmate i met. *Scroll down to see the happening week* ^^

Lets these Bubble Tea represent my class memories

As days goes by, here ended my second week of school life in Nyp. Starting since from the first week of school till now (second week), everything was fine...As usual, Monday to Friday attending class lesson at 8am and ended around 3pm. 每天都 woke up around 5am plus, 有时候真的觉得好累。。但是一定要习惯这样的 timing...

There were 10 classes in my course, Named as from MI 01 to 10...Well, i was in class MI10 also known as MI1010. Classmate in 1010 was helpful and cheerful, usually we had our lunch and attending lesson/lecture together. I can conclude that, my class is having more and more fun as each day comes by...

Doing homework together

Chatting session During Lunch Time

Online Research During Free Time

Most of the modules i have learned before in my previous school such as programming, networking, computing maths, graphic design, photography, etc...But somehow, i don't mind study the same modules again as it help to refresh my mind and give me a better understanding in the subject too. Out of all modules, i like those modules related to multimedia! haha

Alright, today the end of April in year 2010...Tmr will be a new month starting of MAY 2010. Looking forward in MAY! I hope in MAY got more interesting happening around me! haha...Stay Tune for my coming up blog post! ^^

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Live Along Deep Hometown


Sometime, by taking out your camera and point to the sky, capturing some random sky photo may give you the good and unique photo result. Above the sky picture i took few days ago, it happened during sunny morning when i was about to buy my lunch. Simply took out my camera and give a shot on it.

Yesterday, received this group photo from neo group, which i attended the food tasting event somewhere 2 week ago. If you have miss out the blog post, do check it out here. haha...Miss the bloggers actually =)

Last Saturday, met up with William at plaza sing for lunch and movie session. Chill at starbucks before the movie start and we was given a mini Starbucks coffee to taste with. haha as usual, i took some macro shot first before i drink it. We watched the Ice Kacang Puppy Love movie directed by Malaysian artists Ah Niu.

Well, if you are my daily reader, you guys will know that i attended this movie preview session together with Ah Niu and invited bloggers. He really talented as in, Ice Kacang Puppy Love movie talks about a young relationship slowly changes happen and the result make me quite impressed with his directing and acting skill. Most of Malaysian singer acted in this movie and overall i rated this movie as 4.5/5 stars.

As days past by, here come my second week of schooling day. Lecture today but from this picture face expression, i guess most of them don't really understand the topic learned today...lols...Thanks Faris for taking this 'good' picture! haha....After all, I call it a day.

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Jay Chou New Song 超人不會飛

Hello People! Is Monday Today! How you guys been doing? haha...If you have follow my twitter or added me in facebook, you guys will realized i tweeted and updated many news related to Jay Chou new song Today! Haha YES!!! Jay Chou first new song finally release! (周杰倫2010新专辑首播主打歌超人不會飛).

Jay Chou New Song have you listen? For me, I had listen! haha...Heard his new song since 10am and i was totally impress by his talent! New song 超人不會飛 is totally Nice! The music and lyrics flows totally fit the words of 'Jay Chou'. 超屌噢!杰倫寫出與唱出他十年來的心聲。

This song, Jay Chou (周杰倫) describe and saying about this 10 years down the road since the year 2000 till now 2010 year, all about his production on music, movie or drama, People giving good and bad review about him and the stressfulness of his feeling... Jay Chou has been Top in Asian for 10 years, his hard work everyone knew it and as he said before: 'Not everything must be number 1, 只要你經歷那就足夠了'.

[超人不會飛] 歌词说道:‘妈妈说 很多事别太计较 开的车不能太好,住的楼不能太高’。Is quite a touching and meaningful song if you review its lyrics...Good news is that, his song was taken by the education. 最好的榜样!
Please visit this site to know more about his new song: [Click Here]

作詞/作曲/製作/演唱: 周杰倫

妈妈说 很多事别太计较
只是使命感找到了我 我睡不着
如果说 骂人要有点技巧
我会加点旋律 你会觉得 超屌
我的 枪 不会装弹药
所以放心 不会有人倒
我拍青锋侠 不需要替身 因为自信是我绘画的颜料

拍 个电视剧为了友情与兄弟间的梦想
被 狗仔拍 对他比中指 要道歉 我要怎样

我唱的歌词要有点文化 因为随时会被当教材
CNN能不能等英文好一点再访 时代杂志封面能不能重拍
随时随地注意形象 要控制饮食不然就跟杜莎夫人蜡像的我不像

如果超人会飞 那就让我在空中停一停歇
再次俯瞰这个世界 会让我觉得好一些
拯救地球 好累 虽然有些疲惫但我还是会
不要问我哭过了没 因为超人不能流眼泪

唱歌要拿最佳男歌手 拍电影也不能只拿个最 佳新人
你不参加颁奖典礼就是没礼貌 你去参加就是代表你很在乎
得奖时你感动落泪 人家就会觉得你夸张做作
你没表情别 人就会说太嚣张 如果你天生这表情
结果最后是别人在得奖 你也要给予充分的掌声与微笑
开的车不 能太好 住的楼不能太高
专辑一出就必须是冠军 拍了电影就必须要大卖
只能说当 超人真的好难

如果超人会飞 那就让我在空中停一停歇
再次俯瞰这个世界 会让我觉得好一些
拯救地球好累 虽然有些疲惫但我还是会
不要问我哭过了没 因为超人不能流眼泪

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hpility Blog Description

Hello Everyone! Some short introduction about me… I am Hong Peng, usually friends around me call me as (HP), age 21 this year and currently studying at Nanyang Polytechnic. My common hobbies are going shopping or chill out with friends, catching the latest movie and capture interesting image using my digital camera.

Introduction about My Blog:
Welcome to my official Hpility Blog Website! I been blogging since the year of 2007 till present and as year past, this blog has growth pretty well in its content and readerships. During the year of 2007, my blog link was do you still remember? Yup! And in year 2008, ‘Hpility’ name was created by me and one of my best friends, Fazil. Blog Link officially created as: |

Hpility Blog First Debut in year 2007:
I started blogging in year 2007, Month of August. At that time, I have a blog but I didn’t consider myself as a blogger. Basically, it was a normal secondary school life day whereby my blog was just updating about my school life, things I like and maybe review on some movie.

Hpility Blog debut in year 2008:
One year later, Hpility blog make it into the year of 2008 debut. This was the year where my blog starting to get a little of popularity. Blog theme was created and blog post was updated daily. With the help of Nuffnang Innit (social blog forum), this blog popularity increase as days past.

Hpility Blog debut in year 2009:
In year 2009, this blog was recognized as Best interesting Blog on daily lifestyle and review. Blog was awarded by readers from different part of world as most friendly and creative personal lifestyle blog. Slowly, get invited to events such as movie screening. From here, I started to call myself as a blogger, Hence I started to write advertorial for blog shop.

Hpility Blog debut in year 2010:
In year 2010, Hpility Blog theme changed. A blue and cool illustrate graphic layout designed by Ripplewerkz Company. This blog readership increase up to over thousand of hits daily. I started to get invited to Media event, Movie private screening, product launch, Food Tasting, Wine Tasting, Press conference, Concert and showcase, Fashion event, private event and workshop.

This blog was nominated as Top 10 ‘Best youth blog’ category in OMY’s Singapore Blog Award.

Thanks to company: Nuffnang,, Mediacorp, Orange Clove, APBS, YourSingapore, Red Dawn Communications and ANIMAX for inviting me to the entire awesome events in year 2010!! Really appreciate it! ^^

Hpility Blog debut in year 2011:
Attended countless of events and knowing big group of friends from bloggersphere. Till today this blog still maintain its high readerships. A big thanks to all my reader who visited my blog frequently, without you guys of support, this blog couldn’t be so success. The story will still be continuing…

What is a BLOG to me?
My Blog title known as “Hpility Story”, Blog is a story of your memories which contain chapter which has an ‘opening’ and ‘ending’. Some people treat blog as their daily diary but for me, I treat it as a part of scene in life. Things we see, things we capture and things we share. It’s just like a film roll projected out on the big screen.

Reveal ‘Hpility’ word meaning:
Hpility is pronouns as HP Li Di (立地). It actually comes from my name and the combination of 2 Chinese words (立地). Well, if you guys go Google or check dictionary on 立地, it actually mean SITE. In this case, HP site which also known as HongPeng website.

Hpility Blog Layout Description:
‘writing a Story with Reality, Sharing the world exist at Hpility’. My Personal Website contains variety of topics and sharing things come from different places. If you are my daily reader, you guys will know that my common topic which you can see in my blog will be photography, events, contest, food and movie review, advertorial and Personal stuff.

Lastly, I will keep updating interesting blog post! Feel free to share this blog with your friends and friends around the world! Hope everyone enjoy reading and viewing it, any feedback feel free to drop me an email or comment under this post too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Every Picture Tell a Story

Every Picture Tell a Story

Hello People! Finally here my time for updating this blog...haha...Recently really super busy till dunno now it coming toward the end of April 2010. Started my school since 4 days ago, met my cheerful classmate and lastly, brought a new Fujitsu notebook.

Things behind is always blur...Looking forward to another extend is your best choice from now...This what i can say when during busy period...You got so many things to do but in the end dunno start from where...end from where...Not stress but is just undecidable situation.

Seriously, if you guys have followed my twitter, you guys will realized that i kept saying time past very fast...and yeah it is! How fast it can be? Just a little water drop out from a bottle to your own cup...Time Line is in your hand, Learn to Treasure it!

Today my 4th day of school, lesson for this week is kinda slack...Basically just introducing the modules that we were going to learn in few weeks time. Some of the modules i had learned before, some have not...But overall, still easy to me...haha...Saw the picture above? this the place i slacked during my lunch break with my classmate...lols

Lastly, Good news! My Blog New Layout most probably will be out this Saturday! Stay Tune! Full reveal of hpility, profile and description will be out too! haha

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Circle Line Joke

Singapore Circle Line Joke

*Singapore Style Joke* Singlish Version
Created By: Me and Terrence
Produce By: Hpility

Today I on board the circle line train with my friend, Terrence Ang, We passed by lots of interesting places, we saw Tarzan (but not the one in little nyonya), sit Boat and Eat Bak Kut Teh. After all these adventure, we just realize its all our imagination.

First of all, our circle line start from Bishan and head down to Lorong Chuan (咯荣船)…Me: ‘wow, this place sound so like china places’ lols…at here can see ship (咯荣船) sia…

Next, as train goes down, it past by Bartley (it pronounce bak teh , 肉茶 (pronounce in hokkien) )… Terrence: ‘Oh..we can go bak teh (Bartley) and find the best bak kut Teh (肉骨茶)’…lols…

Lastly, Train comes to Tai Seng station….It pronounces as Tai Sing (泰山) aka Tarzan…This the most noisy station because we saw alots of Tarzan shout here shout there..Other than tarzen i also saw another know what? Tarzen best friend, Lion King....We also ate the freshness banana pluck from banana tree...

Overall, it was a very FUN day...Likewise if you guys like to Experience it, please go tour around the circle line. Is only available in Singapore North South East Side! Actually, you all have just wasted 2 minutes in reading this blog post...hahaha...Thanks You :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Orange Clove Bloggers Night

Food Tasting at Botany Centre

Hello people! Welcome back once again! As for today, will be sharing the event i attended 2 days ago, the food tasting at level 2 Botany Centre function room invited by neo group Orange Clove. Met many bloggers and try out many new foods too...*scroll down to see more* haha..

Here the goodies bag

Took some picture before the event start, below here were me with the bloggers (Arron, Winnie and Elaine ). First time meeting Arron and Winnie, both very friendly too...haha...oh yes, realized that Yongwei not in this picture...dunno where he run liao..lols

Food Menu of the day...those foods name you saw below was what i ate during 2 days ago, likes the assorted sausage platter and honey chicken alots! And also not to forget, my favourite cheesecake! haha...

Coming to this section might make you hungry...haha is a must to continue scrolling down for this blog post. Food buffet started, everyone start queuing for their foods...sushi, cheesecake, honey chicken, potato salad, penne pasta and etc...

Capture some picture of foods on my plate before start eating...*bloggers rule* lols...Me and my others bloggers friends were eating happily too...Likewise, as my conclude, dessert of the day was just simply sweet and nice :)

After food tasting, we had our wine tasting! Yeah! We were serve with white wine first followed by red wine. Not the first time on food tasting but first time on wine tasting..haha still need more experience in it. Anyway, both wine taste perfect for me! ^^ Congrats to those 6 lucky winner who walked away with their bottle of wine.

Yeah! Andy, Joyce and Donn was there too...haha..Glad to see familiar faces once again =) Events ending soon and we took some photo before heading off.

Thanks Orange Clove for the invitation once again...Nice romantic places chosen for this event to be held at. Other than meeting friendly bloggers, i met friendly staff from the neo group too...Well, although was raining but overall still very success! haha...I call it a day after all.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Hey people! Is saturday! which mean that my holiday left with one day...Oh no..Time past really that fast, my 2 month holiday just gone with a blink on it...現在想想還有點懷戀..haha...After tmr, school reopen...gonna step into a new environment again, learning and knowing new things in studies. Haha hope everything goes smooth for this coming week. 希望一切順順利利...

Yesterday, was invited to a food tasting event at Botany Centre located at Singapore Botanic Gardens. Quite a number of bloggers attended too and those foods i eaten yesterday was very delicious. haha

Our first time visiting Singapore Botanic Gardens and this Picture taken by Yong Wei...Quite a good angle showing *we are not Singaporean* but great to say that we didn't get lost and manage to get there...hahaha...Stay tune for my coming up blog post! ^^ *Be prepare to get hungry* :P

Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey everyone! Just a short post here...Have you heard the song above? haha...Introducing a new song 《感動每一刻》 which i been listening recently...Is written by JJ Lin (林俊傑) and sing by Singapore Top 4 singer (阿杜、蔡健雅、林俊傑、孫燕姿). Song related to [世博會新加坡館]...Some short description about this song below:

《感動每一刻》在新加坡、馬來西亞、中國內地、香港和臺灣地區全球同步發行 本報訊(記者張樂)當地時間12日,世博會新加坡館主題曲《感動每一刻》在新加坡、馬來西亞、中國內地、香港和臺灣地區全球同步發行。 這首歌由4位新加坡當紅明星阿杜、蔡健雅、林俊傑和孫燕姿演繹。根據世博會新加坡館相關負責人介紹,歌曲融合了現代城市生活軌跡與人文思想,呈現出新加坡 獨特的城市文化。 目前,世博會新加坡館建設已基本完工,正處於最後布展階段。它將以城市交響曲為主題,展現新加坡同時適宜人們工作、生活、娛樂的國際都市形象。 臺灣海蝶的董事總經理林秋離表示:4位國際藝人的首度合作演藝《感動每一刻》,對於新加坡參加2010年世博會將具有里程碑式的意義。 據悉,該曲的MV將於4月19日在新加坡館首度公開發佈,而4位明星也將會出席MV的首發式。 新加坡旅遊局助理局長劉安健先生表示:我們期待著新加坡將在世博會期間為各國人們呈現一首優美的城市交響曲。秉承城市,讓生活更美好這一主題, 我們將不遺餘力地展現新加坡和諧的城市生活、優美的自然環境和多元的城市文化。 [Quoted Here]


林俊傑:夜里的霓虹與月光 思念漸漸的迷忘
孫燕姿:不眠的街上X光芒 照不進心房 空蕩

孫燕姿:天亮了擁擠的匆忙 沒太多的時間狂想
忙碌追逐遺忘 過往

阿杜: 眼看著高樓越高心更寂寞
蔡健雅: 冷冷的感覺總叫人失落
(合) 緊握 遺握 堅決不放手


阿杜: 別讓愛像冰山融化 (
有你有我的執著 擁抱心中每一刻感動

阿杜: 未來或許有點迷茫 心靠近就不必驚慌
阿杜 &

林俊傑: 眼看著高樓越高心更寂寞
孫燕姿: 冷冷的感覺總叫人失落
(合)緊握 遺握 堅決不放手

阿杜:要用多少未來的夢換一絲溫柔(孫燕姿:換一絲溫柔 )

四人合:別讓愛像冰山融化 來不及回頭
有你有我的執著 擁抱著心中每一刻感動

孫燕姿 &
蔡健雅:有你有我 直到永久
林俊傑 & 阿杜: 擁抱你我 每一刻感動

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Singapore Blog Awards 2010

Singapore Blog Awards 2010

Hey everyone! welcome back once again...As my promise to my friend, William, about his current blogging contest..Therefore, Today blog post abit special...3 things and it related to! haha...Check out more below now!

First of all, Singapore Blog Awards 2010 is back! Have you register for your blog? If no, Do hurry register now...lots of attractive prizes to be given out...haha...Just simply log on to sgblogawards website to register and at the same time, nominate for your favourite blogger! ^^ *I gonna register soon* haha

Next, The Y Bloggist 2010 Award. Last year, top 5 winner of Y bloggist had make their great effort in blogging...Likewise this year, the contest is back again..! haha Age got limit unlike the Singapore blog awards..haha but as long as you are STILL within Youth age, you can join! Check out more detail at their official website now: [Y Bloggist]

Last but not least, Introducing to everyone my friend, William...who make it into the Top 5 in the FnN Contest. Can see that he put in lots of effort in creating interesting and creativity blog post for his contest. haha..Do check out his FnN website to know more about the FnN contest detail and give him some support too!...Some prize to be won if you comment in his Post! haha...
Here are his url link:

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Jay Chou Is Coming

What coming up next!

Another week down, here my come last week of holiday...Hello People! How have you been? haha...If you look back my past previous blog post, you guys will realize that i attended many events during my holiday period. A 'WOW' i can describe my each single day! haha

(Captured this sky last week at Tampines)

# Lets fly back 7 days ago...
Last Week which was Nuffnang Symposium at SMU, saw many familiar faces of bloggers attended this event and was great to say that it was Fun after all. I learned one keyword from all the bloggers on stage which started with this sentence 'Actually I'm very Nervous'. haha yeah, everyone have their first time in life...Likewise, feeling nervous is very common. I saying this sentence because in 2 days time, i might be using it to start the introduce of myself infront of my new classmate...haha...*Feel kinda nervous and excited*

# Back to Today...
Recently Singapore weather is getting crazy! 一天比一天热。。。热到我快要疯了!Argh! So what to do? Lets have some ice cream session...haha...Eating some ice cream to keep myself cool down with this humid weather.

# Coming Out Soon...
Well, what thing coming out soon? haha...If you guys have follow my twitter, you will know that few days back, i been saying about my blog new layout! Yeah! This Site layout is changing soon...Other than url link remain the same, the rest will be change into a new environment. haha more detail will post out soon once is ready! Hope everyone like it! ^^

# Jay Chou Singapore Concert...
Woohoo! Are you a Jay Chou fans too? haha if Yes! Here come a good news for you all..Jay Chou is coming Singapore for his Year 2010 Concert (周杰伦超时代演唱会) in July! Cant wait man! haha...His new album also coming out soon in MAY 2010, Gonna buy his album once it officially release! lols...Cant wait to listen his new song and cant wait to see his concert too! *Scream for craziness* hahaha
Tickets Prices: $228, S$198, S$168, S$138, S$98
More about Jay Chou SG 2010 Concert Tickets: [Click Here]


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