Sunday, April 18, 2010

Orange Clove Bloggers Night

Food Tasting at Botany Centre

Hello people! Welcome back once again! As for today, will be sharing the event i attended 2 days ago, the food tasting at level 2 Botany Centre function room invited by neo group Orange Clove. Met many bloggers and try out many new foods too...*scroll down to see more* haha..

Here the goodies bag

Took some picture before the event start, below here were me with the bloggers (Arron, Winnie and Elaine ). First time meeting Arron and Winnie, both very friendly too...haha...oh yes, realized that Yongwei not in this picture...dunno where he run liao..lols

Food Menu of the day...those foods name you saw below was what i ate during 2 days ago, likes the assorted sausage platter and honey chicken alots! And also not to forget, my favourite cheesecake! haha...

Coming to this section might make you hungry...haha is a must to continue scrolling down for this blog post. Food buffet started, everyone start queuing for their foods...sushi, cheesecake, honey chicken, potato salad, penne pasta and etc...

Capture some picture of foods on my plate before start eating...*bloggers rule* lols...Me and my others bloggers friends were eating happily too...Likewise, as my conclude, dessert of the day was just simply sweet and nice :)

After food tasting, we had our wine tasting! Yeah! We were serve with white wine first followed by red wine. Not the first time on food tasting but first time on wine tasting..haha still need more experience in it. Anyway, both wine taste perfect for me! ^^ Congrats to those 6 lucky winner who walked away with their bottle of wine.

Yeah! Andy, Joyce and Donn was there too...haha..Glad to see familiar faces once again =) Events ending soon and we took some photo before heading off.

Thanks Orange Clove for the invitation once again...Nice romantic places chosen for this event to be held at. Other than meeting friendly bloggers, i met friendly staff from the neo group too...Well, although was raining but overall still very success! haha...I call it a day after all.

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  1. wow, you seemed to have loads of fun. ^^

  2. wow!!!!! delicious food!!!! =p

  3. elynn-p: haha yeah! kinda fun of this event :)

  4. Tamy: yup! ^^ hehe hope you like it =)

  5. got such event d ar..vri suit me lor...realy nice lei...

  6. Nice desserts :D
    Make me craving for some

  7. How come I wasn't invited??

    Lol. JK, food looks awesome!!

  8. Waaaahhhh lucky you to be invited to such events... Looks good!

  9. Nikel Khor: day sure suit you de....yeah is nice ^^ hehe

  10. Araleling: Yup^^ I am craving for it too =)

  11. JAN: haha maybe one day you will got invite to this type of event =D

  12. Sheikha: hahaha..yup this event i attended was nice =D


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