Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hpility or Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Movie

Hello people! Welcome back once again...Today post something related to movie and this movie will be...Hp in wonderland...Opps..i mean, Alice in Wonderland! Still remember last year i post about their trailer review? if you miss it, its ok...Just go watch this movie and you will know what is worth it! haha...

Oh yeah, To all people, Please support the original by watching this movie in cinema theater! Or else, you will get Hp in wonderland not Alice! hahaha...

Alice in Wonderland, my childhood story yet now it turn into movie...Haha, Yes! this movie directed by Director Tim Burton. I'm a fan of Tim Burton and i can say that his animation movie till now is the best! Anyway this movie is coming out next week! For now being, below here is the trailer on Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland Movie Review By Professional:
From Walt Disney Pictures and visionary director Tim Burton comes an epic 3D fantasy adventure ALICE IN WONDERLAND, a magical and imaginative twist on some of the most beloved stories of all time. JOHNNY DEPP stars as the Mad Hatter and MIA WASIKOWSKA as 19-year-old Alice, who returns to the whimsical world she first encountered as a young girl, reuniting with her childhood friends: the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Dormouse, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, and of course, the Mad Hatter. Alice embarks on a fantastical journey to find her true destiny and end the Red Queens reign of terror. The all-star cast also includes ANNE HATHAWAY, HELENA BONHAM CARTER and CRISPIN GLOVER.
Source/Review From: [Click Here]

Friday, February 26, 2010

Noise Singapore 2010

Noise Singapore Media Launch Party

Have you heard of Noise Singapore? What Noise do you wanna make? For me, i want to make noise on Photography! haha...Yes! Attended an event yesterday invited by nuffnang to Noise Singapore Media Launch Party at raffles city level 3.

What's this noise about? What Noise do you wanna make?

Nuffnang GlitteratiPlus members were invited to this media launch close event. First of all, we have an introducing of the noise sg and media tour. Exploring the different views of artistic design and music.

I am impressed by those professional art design and one thing i could say that will be...'There are many talent people everywhere'. Coming out with a design is easy but make it unique is not easy...

We were told to sit or walk around the area and feel free to colour our own creativity on the paper they provided.

Did some photography shoot at this event..They are different in angles!

After the whole event, Me,Carlsson,Joanna,Amanda,Shufen and Thiang went to Thai Express for our dinner. Nice to meet new bloggers..Although time were short but i had a great time chatting with them...Hope to see them soon! ^^

Afterall, i call it a day. Thanks nuffnang for the invitation once again!...Noise Singapore Exhibition is now open to public. If you are the one who interested in photography,art and music design, feel free to make your way down to raffles city level 3 to explore the creativity artwork by those professional.

Nuffnang Bloggers Group Photo

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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Sneak Preview on Noise SG Media Event

Sneak Preview on Noise Singapore Media Event

Hello people! If you have followed my twitter, you guys should know i attended an event today! Yes! Is Noise Singapore Media Event, the Noise SG Launch Party. Pretty cool event attended and i find it very interesting. Noise Singapore Talks about photography, art design and music. Basically the whole process is to help people build up and develop their creatively.

Some Preview in my coming up post:
1. Who (which blogger) attended this media event.
2. Noise Singapore Media Event - What is noise all about?
3. Launch Media event photo
4. Photography and Art Design
5. Picture with Bloggers
6. What happen after the Noise SG event?

My Master Piece of Art Work for Today! :)

Alright, i will write and show more picture in my next blog post! Many nice interesting picture taken during the event and Glad to meet all the bloggers! :) Stay Tune people!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One or Two more day

Few more days...

Hello people! As days come by...I'm back from project week...finally i had completed my Final Year Project and excited moment is coming...! Yeah, 1 more day to go...many things will change. hmm lets see some of my schedule here...haha

Tomorrow onward...will be my project submission deadline, multimedia paper test and also my last day of school. Pretty happy because finally here come holiday again! Is party time! woohoo...haha...

Another thing happen tml is that, one of my nuffnang friends Kaizhi is going NS le...Time past so fast and is time for him to serve NS! Sad that cant send him off in the morning due to my exam and presentation. But still hope he could do well in his army serving! Train hard bro! haha :)

If you guys got follow my twitter, you guys will realize usually every saturday i tweet about watching zhong ji san guo (終極三國) in the morning. haha Yes! This coming 終極三國 is the last episode! Saw the trailer preview and is very interesting...haha must watch...!

Next update...2 more days nuffnang turn 3!...Alice in wonderland movie gala anyone going? haha...Cant wait for Alice in wonderland animation movie cos is directed by Tim Burton and so far his animation movie never disappoint the audience...Childhood story yet is interesting, like the rabbit and the cat the most! xD

Alright, will be attending a media event tml straight after my school...more picture coming up in few days time...haha stay tune!

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Down With Love Taiwan Drama

Down with love Taiwan drama (就想賴著妳)
Down with Love Episode 3

Have you been chasing Taiwanese Drama? If Yes, you should know this current famous drama called Down with love [就想賴著妳]. Main cast by Jerry Yan (F4) and Ella Chan (S.H.E), A drama directed by 柯翰辰 director. Pretty funny and touching drama...Recommended to watch! :D Especially the 2 kids...So cute man! ^^

Drama Synopsis:
Shiang Yu Ping, an expert divorce and inheritance lawyer, is seen by others as cold, selfish, and ruthless. After Yu-ping’s older brother dies in a car accident he has little choice in taking in his brother's two orphaned children, Fei and Ting. Every nanny he hires to care for them is either scared off by the mischievous children or ends up falling in love with him. Fed up, Yu Ping asks his secretary, Yang Duo, to find a nanny that meets his requirements. Having lost all their wealth when their mother passed away and being abandoned by their father after racking up heavy debts; Yang Duo can not ignore the fact that she needs the money and recommends her younger sister, Yang Guo, for the job; assuring Yu Ping that her tomboyish sister will not fall in love with him by lying that she does not like men at all.
Synopsis Taken From: [Click Here]

Anyway, currently the drama has come to episode 3 and will be continue watching as the weekend come by! haha looking forward to Down With Love episode 4! Wondering what happen to yan ling and yang guo after yu ping did something...hehe Stay Tune! Enjoy watching it! xD

Visit their official website: [Down With Love]
More Detail: [Here]

Sunday, February 21, 2010

OldTown White Coffee by Mark Lee

Old Town White Coffee

Hello people! Welcome back here! Feel like long time no blog after busying with school project...But Good News to say that i had almost finish my FYP! 95% complete, just left with 5% on report..4 more days left! haha

Today will be sharing Old Town white coffee which i went for my coffee session with Minghui and Joyce since 2 week ago! lols...First time step into Old Town White Coffee, it give me a 'back to home' feel...And do you guys know that, it actually open by one of the artists called Mark Lee.

3 different way of seating arrangement, suitable for family and friends to have their coffee session...Pretty cool environment they have and one important thing is that, their service toward customers was fast and good too..haha...

Here the menu for foods and drinks...Variety choices for people to choose...Their quality of food seem not bad...worth to give a try on it! xD

Here MingHui ordering food...20 cups coffee...Thank you! lols

Foods and Drinks We ordered

This my mocha white coffee! Like their coffee, taste really nice!

Pretty enjoyed to have my coffee session at OldTown White Coffee...Other than service was good, their price per cup of coffee is reasonable...Compare to starbucks, OldTown White Coffee sell much more cheaper! haha...Overall, i rated 8/10 stars! No regret after visiting! *thumb up* ^^

Old Town white coffee located at Cineleisure Level 1
Nearest Mrt station: Somerset
Visit their official Site: OldTown

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Chinese New Year in year 2010

My Chinese New Year in year 2010

Hello people! Happy Chinese new year...spending sometime here to blog out my CNY happening this year. Last week, which also CNY week...was enjoying visiting relative houses for Bai Nian and got many angpao too...wee...haha....

13/02 (CNY eve), went down to my grandma house to have steamboat dinner.. You have follow my twitter, you guys will realize below here some picture i had twitpic before! haha...was a nice gathering with family and having dinner on the same table. Chat with my cousins, uncles and aunties quite alots too! haha overall was great! ^^

The next day, 14/02 (CNY), woke up early, heading to relative house with my parents. Grandma house was the main/first visit followed by the others. As this year CNY also valentine day, many of my family member including me, was wearing pink as the theme! hahaha...look cool! *smile*

Tiger Year, Actually not much happening this year, just a normal visiting...Perhaps i am more worried on my final year project which need to hand up next week! lols...Currently project had come to finalization stage...Once project submit, i am free! ^^

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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