Monday, February 28, 2011

March happening waiting for you to discover

Night view of Singapore

Hi readers! Is last day of February 2011, how you have been? I am left with 1 more exam paper to go and after that is.... Party time! woohoo... Can't wait for this Wednesday to come because that's my last paper...

I'm going to make my March till April holiday very happening! If you're my daily readers, you guys will know that i got something coming up in March. Yes It's exclusively stuff to share here.. haha... Hope you guys will enjoy it! Stay Tune!

Hpility Blog March Special

What you need to do?
All you need to do is just SEND in 1 to 3 of your baby photo
Age from 1 - 7 years old
Size of picture: Either Medium or Large (800 (w) x 600 (H) and above)
Send it to my email:

Send in Format:
Put your subject title as: My baby Photo
State your name and your blog link!!
Non-Blogger may join in the video too!

If you are Parenting Blogger:
You are welcome to send in your child baby picture too!
In the email, simply state your child name together with your blog link.

Who can join?
Anyone can join! Apply to all country! It's international!

If you want to get featured! Please send your baby picture by 7th March 2011. Full version of slide video will be release in around Mid-March or End of March 2011. Hope can get as many bloggers baby picture as possible! Let's make it an unique style of publishing!

At the end of the day, Friends/Bloggers who contribute their photo to me, your Name & Blog link will be featured in my blog post too!!! It's Free, no additional charge! Don't be shy and send in your adorable photo now!!!

Looking Forward to see

Sunday, February 27, 2011

McDonald's Miniatures

Thank you McDonald's for this complete set of McDonald's miniatures!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

McDonald's Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill

Once in my life time, McDonald's give me their best service ever. Hello readers! Welcome back to my blog! Yes!! Today will be sharing about the McDonald's food tasting private event which i attended 2 days back with a group of bloggers. Thanks Nuffnang for the invitation!! Let's get ready to be hungry with their delicious Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill burger.

After eating McDonald's for so many years, this my first time having this kind of unique dining experience at McDonald's, the staff gave us a big smile and warmly welcome while we stepped in.

I bet you won't see this kind of restaurant set up at any of the McDonald's outlet! haha Yup!! Table with yellow roses, well arrange of cutlery set and a book of menu... you might be thinking I'm having my food tasting in the restaurant right? Yes! Is Fast Food Restaurant!!

The menu consists of 4 meal course

Orange Juice was served as my request

Bloggers from different table were ready to try out their new food

Let's get started! As my title said "Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill", guess what food is that? Keep scrolling down and you will know! hahaha...

Opening speech on some introduction about the McDonald's McGrill was given and one thing surprised me was the special Dance Performance from the McDonald's crew!! Like their McGrill theme song! It's Awesome!

William, Me, Thiang and Silver

All food was served on crockery! *Everyone excited* Many video camera recording around us while we were eating.. lols.. *Sound like food tasting filming* but it is! Food served with their starter dish followed by appetiser, main course, dessert and end with either coffee or tea. Alright, time for us to try out their new dish..

Starter: Fish & Corn Quiche

Appetiser: Fresh Salad Green

Woohoo! Here comes my favourite Main Dish of the day! The Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill!!! Super delicious with their tender juicy Grilled chicken thigh mixing with Chargrill sauce. The best McDonald's burger i ever ate in my life. lols..

Ingredients of Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill:

No Patties. Only 100% chicken thigh meat marinated with teriyaki sauce.
Freshest whole-leaf lettuce & Succulent blushing red tomatoes.
Bakery style sourdough Bun & Chargrill Sauce.

For your more info, this Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill burger will be available in all McDonald's restaurant starting from March 1.

What is the price of Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill?
The Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill will be sold at $5.50 (a la carte) and $8.00 as an Extra value meal.

McDonald's Fries

We post this yummy action to the official photographer

Dessert: Apple Yogurt Trifle

A Cup of Cappuccino

Picture with Silver Ang, Leonny and Thiang

Picture with Esther, Ben, Randy and Shawn

This pretty PR told me that she hasn’t tried the Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill! How can this be?? lols.. Manager of this PR, faster let her try the Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill!!! hahaha...

Picture with my blogger bro, William Tan

Picture with Singapore Food Blogger, Philip

Enthusiastic McDonald's crew!

That's all for today. Hope you guys had enjoyed the picture above, more picture will be uploaded on my facebook! Remember to get your first taste of Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill on the 1st day of March 2011.

McDonald's I'm lovin' it

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A cup of Cappuccino

Yup! As a promise on my twitter, my next coming up blog post will be the McDonald's Grills media event. Photo currently still processing, will be out soon.. Stay Tune! Btw, I love Cappuccino!! Do you? lol

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who say Mobile Phone Camera not good?

Too lazy to bring my camera out recently, therefore i captured my picture through my mobile phone! Yup! haha... who say mobile phone camera no good? Just a snap, i can have tilt shift, lomography, focus effect easily! haha.. Check out those picture i took from my Android phone..

Who say Mobile Phone Camera not good?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Asian Pop star Jay Chou and NBA star Kobe Bryant new Sprite commercial 2011

Hi readers and Jay Chou Fans!! Once again, Jay Chou make something different this year! His latest Sprite TV commercial with NBA star Kobe Bryant has now official released on air!! At the same time, also unveil his new Sprite commercial theme song [天地一鬥]. Check out their backstage production here...

天地一鬥 Lyrics:
Kobe Bryant: Do you know how to play B-ball, Jay Chou?
Jay Chou: Of Course!

天地山雨欲来 因为一场胜败 连风都躲在长城之后 屏息而待
众人的喝采 已九霄云外 你们该害怕接下来 我还会更快

Jay Jay Jay Chou,Chou Chou Chou Jay,Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Chou
Ko Ko Ko Be,Be Be Be Ko,Ko Ko Ko Ko Kobe Kobe
Kobe: So you wanna play ball or sing first?

What What What What Whatever
What What What What Whatever

你是天 我是地 如果合而为一我们天下无敌
你要记 我的名 走路有风这叫做自信

我深藏不露 我身影如梭 强悍如沙鸥只求 天地一斗
球场夜如墨 街灯亮如昼 只为了驰骋一宿 胜负不皱
我锐利如钩 你防如铁胄 用平分秋色幽了 天地一默
一笑泯恩仇 必争无王寇 我们快意且开阔 多年以后 喔

哼 一拳一脚打出自己招牌 别无分号如果你想要拆
首先你反应要比我更快 目前还没这样的人存在
再深的炼狱我都离的开 越热的考验越透心凉快
你想追求未来还是坐在场外 我用最炫的灵感自成一派

Kobe : Man!
Jay Chou: I'm not your man!
Kobe : YOU got spark!

Below here is the full version of the New Sprite commercial 2011. Featuring Taiwanese Pop star Jay Chou and NBA star Kobe Bryant.

Super Junior M - Perfection Music Video

Woohoo! Super Junior-M latest album song "Perfection" (太完美) music video has official released! Music contain some sort of electric rock version and if you have realize, in their lyrics, is breaking up into 3 by 3 word.. Anyway, This video has its new taste of dark evil filming style to show the perfection of Super Junior M. Checkout their music video below here..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Famous Celebrity Star Blogger Party

Hi readers! Welcome back to my blog! If you have followed my twitter, you guys will know that 2 days back was a happening night whereby i attended my friend (Yong Wei) 19th birthday party which held at Aloha Changi chalet.

Brought a present along while on my way to his chalet, guess what? Yup! It was a lighter... Yeah this smoker need a lighter to survive.. lols.. Other than some picture i took myself, I also want to thanks Samantha and Conan for contributing photo for today blog post.

Yong Wei told me that all those Tiger Beer are sponsored by! See how cool this blogger can be.. haha... i also want get sponsored for my 21st birthday celebration :P hahaha...

watching channel 8, 9pm drama while waiting for the rest of bloggersphere to arrival.. Below this picture took using my lomo camera.. haha nice? I totally like the effect of it! xD

Party started with more people arrival. lots of activity going on such as BBQ those raw foods, chit chat, play game and mingles around with people. check out some picture below here..

Mint and Desmond practicing song under the full moon

Tiger Beer Fans! I'm a Tiger Beer Fans too! haha

Nice camwhore picture!

Yingzi trying to make Yongwei drunk and was Success!

hohoho... Pandan cake instead of Birthday cake? Yes! this request by our Birthday Boy Yongwei! He said he want to eat Pandan cake instead of Birthday cake, therefore, Pandan cake appeared! hahaha.. how nice right?

Well, we were not heartless, someone actually brought a very nice birthday cake along to his chalet too. I think the best memories of his birthday party was the cake smashing on his face.. lols take a look at the picture below.. *Keep scrolling...*

Time to sing birthday song for him... His best memorable day.. See i told you the drunk was success! Suddenly his face turn black? lols.. full of charcoal and cake cream smell... But he still look very happy (actually very high).. hahaha!

Bloggers took a group picture with Birthday Boy! Happy 19th Birthday Yong Wei!! Hope you have enjoyed your birthday party!! That's the end of my blog post about "Famous Celebrity Star Blogger Party".

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