Thursday, June 30, 2011

Singapore Social Media Day

Woohoo! As a part of Best Social Media Integrated Blog finalist this year, I celebrated the Singapore Social Media day at Scape Orchard last Saturday. Yup! I am the person who goes into social media trend with the help of Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, foursquare and more…!

Tagged along with my friend, Terence to this social media event and very thanks to his Sony Nex5 camera! Captured many pretty picture through this NEX 5 camera and it makes me feel like buying one type of this camera too. lol

I checked in my foursquare to this event and was rewarded with a social media badge. Nice and unique badge for collection, likewise also donated few dollars for the charity that they were raising it. Ended with signing my signature on their “Facebook” Wall and took a photo at their wall too.

This event consists of various activities which allow you to participate in and was held at level 2 and level 5. Not to forgot to say that, I went there to support the #sgsmd ambassadors and also met many familiar friends too. Glad to see you guys!

This a quote I tweeted few weeks back "I'm here at SoMe Checked In celebrating Singapore Social Media Day 2011 It's So Me!"

Picture with Mint, one of the #sgsmd ambassador

Picture with Kaixin and Jiaqi

Picture with Adrian

Picture with Terence, Alvin and Angie

Terence, Me, Alvin, Angie, Adrian

You guys will be wondering how come from day time suddenly turned to night time. Haha It’s because in between the time I went to Sentosa for the Tiger Crystal party which I will share in my next post! Stay Tune people! Hahaha… Lastly, took a group picture with fellow friends at Social Media day event before I called it a day. *Smiles*

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AKB48's Cafe Opening in Singapore

Congratulation to AKB48 who had launched their very first cafe in Singapore last Saturday, located at Scape level 3. It was a happening Saturday whereby I passed by Scape and saw banner of AKB48’s café opening launch and with the crowd of AKB48’s Fans waiting and cheering outside their cafe for the grand opening ceremony.

Promotion dishes of the day

Sneak preview of their cafe opening

It has a sweet and garden decoration style design with its wooden rectangular brick along the wall outside the AKB48’s café. I like the way of creativity they had putted in this café and I am looking forward to try out their foods on this coming weekend.

Well, I will share with you guys more about their foods once I have eaten there. AKB48 fans, have you visited this cafe? It’s located at Scape level 3, beside the escalator. Hope you enjoy there! :)

Common Test Ended!

Woohoo Yay! Common test ended! After 72 hours of fighting with notes and books, staring at them and trying to memorize all the keyword I have learned, I am now declaring of having 4 cooling off day from school and going to enjoy this 4 relaxing days before the school reopen again.

T-ara "Roly Poly" Music Video

Woot! Loen Entertainment has officially revealed Kpop T-ara latest catchy song "Roly Poly" music video! This video is somehow like a mini drama music video and is about 12.5 minutes. 4 minutes of introduction before the "Roly Poly" start... Combining with 70s~80s old fashion of dressing club style and matching with its Roly Poly dance choreography, T-ara has show their new appear to their fans. Check out their music video below here:

T-ara Roly Poly Story version music video

T-ara Roly Poly Dance version music video

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hpility Filming for 2011 NDP video?

HP, blog owners of Hpility has been called up for a MV shoot recently and his Twitter also mentioned about his warmly hotness day shoot at Republic Polytechnic.

On the 27th June 2011 evening, his friend's Jason Lin has unveiled his look on the facebook with the caption of "A first look at HP's appearance in the SINdie National Day music video!". Wow something surprising scene is coming up, wondering how the overall scenes look like? Remember to stay tune at this blog.

Currently he having his last paper tomorrow and will be back on blogging very soon! Exciting events lining up too, hope you guys don’t miss it!

Source: Jason Lim

Sunday, June 26, 2011

SHINE Youth Festival 2011 Media Conference

Sponsored Post

Hi Readers! Sharing some exciting event here!!! SHINE Youth Festival is back this year in July and last Wednesday got invited to attend their press media conference at Scape Wavehouse. By getting Bigger and Bolder, Shine Youth Festival encourages 250,000 youths to "Just do".

During the media conference, Mr. Martin Tan (Chairperson of Shine Youth Festival) and Mr.Eric Chua (Co-Chairperson of SHINE 2011 Organizing Committee) had shared and revealed the latest detail about how Shine Youth Festival going to celebrate in town this year and it will be happening on the 2nd July, Saturday at *Scape.

Well readers, don’t be surprise, you are still young as in the youth age is starting from 15 to 35 years old. The purpose of this Shine Youth Festival is to gather all the youth in Singapore together at one place and celebrate with the youth passion spirits.

Likewise, it’s not only talking about celebration but with this festival, it also wants to encourage those youth to showcase their talent to the public, by giving them a chance to perform and outcast their professional talent.

The wonderful award-winning Acapella and beat-box group's Juz B has did a short beat-box Acapella performance on stage during the media conference. This group of guy was talented with their mouth and their performance went smooth and successfully for the quick start of this conference.

Followed up, we have seen the Singapore street festival highlight hip-hop performance by The Roses which consists of 4 girls who have the hip-hop dance passion performing on stage.

Next, we have our Mascot Parade Ltd highlight on the showcase of our local Cosplayers on stage. Seeing them how cool their dress up is and interacting with the audience with their cosplay style. Well, all I can say that cosplay is fun!

The challenging part in this cosplay is not only how cool or pretty you can be but it’s how unique you can showcase to the audience. It brings you up to another level from being "Shy" to "brave" and to become a confidence person.

This year, SHINE’s marquee partners – O School, Mascot Parade, Singapore Street Festival, SMU, and new (5th) addition –*SCAPE, will band together to bring about the most exhilarating youth festival yet!

The highlight of the event itself on that day include COSMO Youth Parade whereby youth will cosplay their favourite character and marching along the orchard street, The Big Groove (TBG) showcase performance, magic performance, streets & hip hop dance performance, Ballooning Blitz by SMU student and night concert whereby our local superstar artists such as Derrick Hoh, Tay Kewei, JuzB will be performing.

Reowned comedy magician, Kiki Tay Magic Performance

On top of that, by adopting the “Enough talk Just do” for youth, during media conference it also unveiled the SHINE facebook game called "Power 2 Shine". This game is to test whether how fast and your endurance by overcome all the obstacles you might be facing, challenges yourself against the zombies and lastly by completing the mission given within the shortest time.

Took a picture with the Mario hat :)

Last but not least, on the 2nd of July itself, I am encouraging everyone to join in this youth celebration at Scape orchard. Yes! Enough Talk, Just Do! July is the month for you to show out your attitude to the whole world. Celebrate the month of youth and have fun on that day everyone! *Smiles*

Elson Soh + Royal Artistes: The Final Showcase Concert 2011


Elson Soh, Singapore’s very own homegrown singer songwriter will have his debut concert at The Max Pavilion @ Singapore Expo on 9 July 2011! It is definitely going to be exciting as Elson will be the youngest ever local artiste to stage a full fledge concert.

The Final Showcase 2011 Concert will bring Elson Soh and his juniors together, where they will be presenting a spectacular musical performance. Other guest artistes includes Malaysian singer-songwriter Bryan Teoh, Singapore’s Malay band X-Clusive, as well as his juniors Joseph Hui, Yumi Beh, Peter Ng and Joanne Chan.

Elson Soh will be also performing his hit ballads like Saranghamnida, 说一次你爱我 (Say You Love Me) and 说好一定要幸福 (Our Promise), which have been strongly supported by his fans. In addition, he will be also introducing some of his new songs for his second album, which will be exclusively released at the concert! That’s not all, there will be a surprise segment, which the organizers will only to be revealed on the concert day itself.

So are you feeling all excited to attend his concert? Visit now to book your tickets NOW! PAssion cardholders get a 30% discount off tickets! Tickets are priced at $168 / $128 / $88 / $48.

Written by: Terence Yeo

Transformers: Dark over the moon 9 minutes Ultimate Footage Video

Transformers: Dark over the moon movie is going to officially release this week! In Hpility blog today will be sharing this ultimate footage on Transformers Dark over the moon nine minutes video. This includes the trailers, clips and some highlight spots of this movie. Woohoo hurry and get ready to watch the full version of Transformers 3 in the cinema theater!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Teaser: #SGSMD at Scape

Woot! I had an awesome Saturday!!! If you have followed my twitter, you guys will know that I attended two exciting events today. One was the Singapore social media day celebration at Scape and another was the Tiger crystal party at Sentosa Tanjong beach club. Both events make me having a fruitful Saturday and also glad to see many familiar friends through these two events.

Yup! As I had mention on my twitter saying that Singapore going to have a series of wonderful events coming up, likewise I had prepare a row of exciting blog post lining up this week, do check them out and feel free to give your comment too. Stay Tune!


Friday, June 24, 2011

[SOME] Singapore Social Media Day

Celebrating Singapore Social Media Day
Date: 25th June 2011, Saturday
Time: 2PM-9PM
Venue: Scape Atrium & Gallery

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2PM "Hands Up" Music Video Behind The Scene

Who say Singapore no nice scenery or places? If you guys are Kpop 2PM fans, I guess by right, you guys had watched the latest music video "Hands Up" by 2PM. Have you recognize those places in the music video?

Yup! In this music video, you can see scene like, Marina bays, Sentosa, Singapore Flyer well as the party atmosphere clubbing scene where Hot babe dancer and 2PM dancing in the Zouk club. Kpop 2PM (Nichkhun, Junsu, Junho, Taecyeon, Wooyoung and Chansung) really make a great appearance in these scenes and their song "Hands Up" were very catchy and addictive.

JYP Entertainment had revealed "Hands Up" music video behind the scene film today!!! Lets check out how cool the filming procedure goes and see how fun 2PM enjoy in Singapore.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Give Your Bet on Singapore Blog Awards Pools

You heard of Singapore Pools but have you heard of Singapore Blog Awards Pools before? This is it! Remember to vote for me everyday!! ^^

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