Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hpility Blog Maintenance

Hi to all readers and visitors, Hpility blog will be undergoing maintenance this few days due to changing and integrating of new domain. More new interesting blog post will be publishing once everything is ready. Well, if you are bored, feel free to read my past few post as they are up to date too! Stay tune readers! Will be back with great and awesome exciting stuff! *Smiles*

Monday, August 29, 2011

COMEX 2011 Price Lists

COMEX, the Singapore’s biggest IT & Consumer Technology exhibition is back this year! It will be held at this week starting from 1st of September 2011 till 4th of September 2011 (Thursday to Sunday), 12PM to 9PM. It’s time to look out and grab your gadget at the cheaper price in this IT show exhibition!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Presidential Election 2011 Results: Tony Tan

27th August is the day for you as a Singaporean to cast a vote again! In the year of 2011 Presidential Election Singapore, which TAN will win? Anyway let's check out some interesting Presidential Election news before the result release by Mr. Yam Ah Mee!

Live Update [12.08AM - 28th Aug 2011]
It has been 4 hours! Everyone is waiting for the final result, rumors saying the leading vote but who will be the official president in this Election? The result is very close between Tony Tan and Tan cheng bock!!! Exciting match tonight but is a long night! ^^

Live Update [12.35AM - 28th Aug 2011]
According to twitter/social media update from TodayOnline and ChannelNewsAsia, the result still in the unconfirmed state and latest news saying that it recount again! I wonder how many recount they did and I guess the result will be out very soon… Everyone is waiting for Mr Yam Ah Mee right? Hahaha

Live Update [1.45AM - 28th Aug 2011]
Its nearly 6 hours, the voting result still not unveil due to repeat of recount situation… Everyone just have to stay awake for this moment!

Live Update [2.52AM - 28th Aug 2011]
"Tan GuGu! Tan Ah Tan!"…. In English which means "wait LONG LONG!" This time we really wait super long, unexpected of the several recounts and I wonder Mr. Yam Ah Mee is resting or rehearsal his speech at this timing? Haha… Hard work to all the Media reporter too! Drink more coffee to keep yourself awake k! *Cheers*

Singapore Presidential Election 2011 Final Result:
Congratulation to Tony Tan who won the 7th Singapore Presidential Election 2011! It was a very close fight within the result between Tan Cheng Bock! Below here are the confirmations voting result after 8 hours of waiting and several of recounts:

Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam : 744397, votes 35.19%
Tan Cheng Bock : 737128, votes 34.85%
Tan Jee Say : 529732, votes 25.04%
Tan Kin Lian : 103931, votes 4.91%

Read More:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Superband Reunion: Lucify Concert Showcase


Hi Readers! Do you guys still remember some way back in the year of 2006 where Mediacorp Channel U held the Superband competition? If yes, you guys definitely still remember the Lucify team, the J-Rock influenced rock band with awesome electric music!

This year, with a good start of reunion all the Superband group back on stage, Lucify will be the first team debut and to perform their J-Rock music at the Dragonfly this Sunday (28th August 2011)! Thus, here you stand to attend their showcase and listen their ROCK band music LIVE as well as Jump along to the song.

About Lucify:
Formed in the early Japanese Summer Festival of 2005, Lucify arise from the underground scene to popular local TV programme, Channel U .. Superband and came in as the Top 4 Finalists (2nd Runner Up).

Apart from releasing recording albums with Warner Music, the band performed in major events and venues like the Singapore Indoor Stadium and staged along with popular overseas artistes such as Energy, Mayday, Beyond, Jolin Tsai, Zhang Zhen Yue, Tank, Milk and Lee Sheng Jie etc.

Soon after, it came to a halt when the band took rest and concentrated on each individual's musical endeavors.

Their comeback drew in tremendous crowds, fans and supporters still standing strong and their
popularity had reached out to the masses, crowding events that formed long lines to meet the band. The independent band proved their charm to be significantly stronger and have marked an established presence on both stage and media.

Lucify meaning "Dawn Bringing" in Greek as the band continues to evolve, and now they are back on stage again for the REUNION Concert!

Well, if you are interested in this coming Sunday Lucify Concert Showcase, feel free to purchase their tickets and ask all your friends to join along this rock concert too! Have a fun weekend to everyone! *Smiles*

Below here are the ticketing and event detail:
Date: Sunday, 28 August 2011
Time: 6.30pm to 8pm
Venue: Dragonfly at St James Power Station
Ticketing Info: $25 (Includes 1 drink)

Book your tickets by calling 67771672 or Email to
For more information, do visit the Red Planet Facebook Page

Mickey Mouse Our Disney Love

To unlock the uniquely, is to unlock yourself first.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Exclusive Media: SingaPOP! Concert at Marina Bay Promontory

Hi Readers! Welcome back to my blog! I hope you people have a great weekend with your delicious curry celebration! Hahaha… As for today, I’m going to share something unique and interesting about Singapore.

This year, together with the celebration of Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) 50th anniversary, this was the first time Singapore held a SingaPOP concert at Marina Bay, The Promontory. Thanks to URA for the media invite and very glad that I had a chance to stand up close with our local artiste.

“SingaPOP! – 50 years of POP music in Singapore” You have heard of Kpop and Jpop but have you hear of SingaPOP? Yes! SingaPOP means Singapore POP! A POP concert which gathered the Singapore talented singer such as Dick Lee, Ling Xiao, Tokyo Square, Lee Wei Song, Kewei, By2 and etc…

The tickets was totally free of this concert but you guys might be wondering how these audience get invited? Yup! Those public audiences got invited through balloting of tickets online and it has the result of total more than 6000 people registered in this SingaPOP concert.

SingaPOP concert started with the big crowd of enthusiastic audiences at about 8pm, kicking off filming the surrounding by the Mediacorp crew as well as the 2 host, Belinda and Daniel Ong on stage were heating up the atmosphere of its surrounding before the actual showcase start.

People Mountain people Sea! lol 人山人海

Mediacorp Camera crew busy filming the concert

Camera crew on stage

The concert divided up into five different parts which include 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, the 21st century and finale. Starting from the oldies till the new generation type of pop music, knowing how the past songs look like and comparing with the latest 21st century music. The dynamic changes of music style flow along the teenagers’ trend nowadays.

I was totally into the SingaPOP concert mood because all the song they sang touched my heart and it reminds me of past life memories. Many classical songs started to flow into my mind when the live band musician starting off to hit their first note on their instrument.

Sakura Teng 1960s showcase

Ling Xiao singing 可爱的人生

Especially when it comes to the 1980s onward, where Lee Wei Song, Rachel Chua and 大风吹 performing the Singapore most memorable childhood song “早安老师”, It brought back my childhood of watching the tv drama on Aiyoyo 老师. I guess the crowd did enjoy singing along with this “historical song” too! Hahaha

Kewei singing 城里的月光

As the concert move on, classical Singapore Singlish rap song “Rasa Sayang” which performance by Dick Lee, Najip and Sheikh Haikel was one of the highlight of the night! I was impressed by Dick Lee stage performance and he really knows how to catch all the audience attention! *Awesome*

Well, the whole concert getting more and more excitement when it came to the 21st century where the era of Y-generation. In this section, Superstar local artiste such as Ah Do, By2, Olivia Ong and Taufik Batisah had also showcase their famous album song together with their wonderful dance step to impress their fans below the stage.

As usual, fans below can’t stop cheering for their idol on stage and it was great to see all those hardcore fans standing together regardless any races, shout, cheer and sing along for the past nearly 3 hours.

After all, the Finale part was to gather back all local singer artistes back on stage for the group singing of “Home” and give a farewell wave to everyone who attended this SingaPOP concert. Thanks for the invitation once again, I did enjoyed my night with the oldies and new awesome song with my friends. With this, I call it a day. *Smiles*

All the star gather back on stage for finale performance

Happy EDB 50th Anniversary! SingaPOP successfully ended!

Conan the Barbarian Movie Review

Conan the barbarian movie review:
I my own opinion I think that is good that this movie contain part of exciting fighting scene, although some part might be a bit of bloody and gory but from the story flow itself, it still manageable. Well, sadly and feel kind of disappointment about the cutting scenes because those are the most exciting part in this film!

Because of these cutting scenes, it makes the film climax becoming not very stable and unlikely people will start questioning about what is the purpose of this movie behind. With all, I rate this Conan the barbarian movie 2.5/5 star.

Conan the Barbarian Movie Synopsis:
A quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior soon turns into an epic battle against hulking rivals, horrific monsters, and impossible odds, as Conan realizes he is the only hope of saving the great nations of Hyboria from an encroaching reign of supernatural evil.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

AKB48 “Flying Get” Short Film and Music Video

Woohoo! It’s Sunday and today I am going to share with you guys one latest Japanese short film from AKB48! Today, AKB48 have officially unveiled their latest longest music video “flying get” about 18 minutes and this short film is based on Kung Fu Chinese film back in the day.

Although it was the longest MV I ever seen but this music film has its own uniquely in it, with its fighting scene climax between the General election winners Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko, it make the overall short film very exciting and interesting.

Well, without further do, let sit back and enjoy this “Flying Get” short film from AKB48! They are ready to fight and defeat the enemy with their amazing powerful shinning sword skills.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Care Bears at STGCC 2011

We should care for one another.

Shinee Concert Singapore 2011

Do you guys know that SHINee will be holding a concert this year at the coming month of 10th September? Haha Yes! Ticketing detail has been released since few weeks back and heard that the sales was great too.

However, if you have missed your chance of getting the SHINee concert tickets, don’t worry because here your chance to win some SHINee concert tickets!!! Together with F&N sparkling drinks, below are the three ways to win the exclusive concert tickets.

Make a Tribute Video to be played at the SHINee Concert:
Simply create a video of you and your friends performing SHINee’s music - you could dress up like SHINee, copy their dance moves, sing a cover of a SHINee song, or simply lipsync! Do at least one of this in a tribute music video and you’ll qualify – even better if you can do all of it! Have fun and show SHINee that you are their biggest fan!

Mechanics are simple:
- Create a tribute video to SHINee featuring you and your friends and upload it to Youtube. Use the tags “F&N Sparkling Drinks” and “SHINee”
- Submit your entry with the link to that Youtube Video via the Facebook Contest Tab on!
- One Winner will be selected by 30% popular votes and 70% judges’ choice.
- Judges will choose the winner based on accuracy (for imitations and lipsyncs), creativity, presentation, and coordination (for group entries).
- Only Youtube videos uploaded from August 15, 2011 to September 7, 2011, 23.59pm will be eligible. Video submission must be minimum 1 minute and maximum 5 minutes to be eligible. Terms and conditions apply.

Winners of the F&N SHINee World Power Contest will win 4 tickets to see their tribute video played at the SHINee World Concert in Singapore on September 10, 2011. With F&N Sparkling Drinks products and premiums to make the win complete, it’s truly going to be an unforgettable evening!

Drink F&N Sparkling Drinks and Win tickets to SHINee World Concert:
To further spread the Cheer, F&N Sparkling Drinks is giving away 25 pairs of SHINee World Concert tickets in a lucky draw!

Simply drink and send in 2 x 1.5L bottle labels OR 3 x 500ml bottle labels of any participating F&N Sparkling Drinks products along with your Name, NRIC, Contact Number and Email Address to: F&N Shinee World Promotion, 214 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128405.

Consumers are asked to kindly note that only drinks produced and purchased in Singapore will qualify. The promotion runs from now to 7 September. Entries must be received by 7 September 2011 to be eligible for the draw. Terms and conditions apply.

Tweet and Win:
Mobile and quick to adopt new technologies, youth love to gather on Twitter to converse and to exchange information. Now F&N Sparkling Drinks is giving ShaWols another topic to talk about: F&N Sparkling Drinks will be giving away the group’s hot new EP – Juliette!

Even though the limited edition EP is only available in Korea and Japan, F&N Sparkling Drinks will be giving it away to three lucky ShaWols who tweet, “@FnNFun I’m a ShaWol! #Shinee”!

Furthermore, each friend tagged will add one extra bonus chance to win. Eg. “@FnNFun @Friend1 @Friend2 I’m a ShaWol! #Shinee” gets him 3 chances in the lucky draw! Fans must also follow and share the short URL “ #Shinee” to qualify. Contest runs from now till September 14, 2011.

Hurry and join now! Good luck to everyone, hope you get invited to the SHINee Singapore concert and of the group who created the video, wish you the best luck to showcase your video at the concert too! Haha… For the latest updates, join the conversation at and

Friday, August 19, 2011

Marigold Peel Fresh 25th Birthday Party

Sponsored Post

Last Saturday, attended the Peel Fresh 25th birthday party at butter factory together group of GlitteratiPlus bloggers! Congratulation to Marigold Peel Fresh who had turned 25th this year and together with DJ's 98.7FM, the party at Butter Factory went into an awesome atmosphere.

Our VIP Chop of the day!

Everyone in the place was entitled to the free flow of alcoholic drink mixed it with the marigold peel fresh juice and my drink of the day was vodka lime! It was a great night chilling out at the VIP area, chatting and joining the fun with my group of bloggers.

They just keep on drinking *non-stop*

Performances to start off with the party!

The highlight of the exciting party itself also included the dance performances, game segment of peel fresh dance challenge, and prize presentation to the 12 winner of their peel fresh design followed by the cake cutting of Peel Fresh 25th birthday party.

Design contest of Peel Fresh winner

Happy 25th Birthday to Marigold Peel Fresh

Cheers for Nuffnang G+ too!

We got the birthday cake from Marigold Peel Fresh! Haha

Took some pictures with my group of bloggers! Nice chilling out with you guys and you guys were the great drinker! Hahaha... Hope you guys have enjoyed the party too! With that, I call it a day.

Picture with Terence

Picture with Mirai! Thanks for your pictures!

Group photo of the day

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Orchids and Sensuality Workshop

Do you know what’s going to happen around the Marina Bay area in this coming November 2011? Its 20th World Orchid Conference!!! If you are the flower lovers, I believe you can’t wait to visit the international world Orchid exhibition in Singapore.

However, today I will be sharing about an orchids and sensuality event which I got invited last Friday together with Daddy blogger's Andy Lee and ended with some information about 20th World Orchid Conference this year. Last Friday, it was my pleasure to attend this interesting talks about Orchids by speaker by Ms. Peggy Tan at SMU(Singapore Management University).

About the Ms.Peggy Tan:
Peggy serves the Orchid Society of Southeast Asia as a First Vice President and also as the Chairman of the prestigious Singapore Orchid Ball. With a deep passion for orchids for more than 30 years, she has designed and produced books, contributed articles, delivered talks as well as participated in many international orchid shows abroad.

A member of the organising committee of the biennial Singapore Orchid Show, Peggy has been appointed by the National Parks Board as Chair of Hospitality for the upcoming 20th World Orchid Conference in November 2011. Peggy has been the Managing Director of the Hagley & Hoyle Group since 1977, and is also a council member of the Tan Kah Kee Foundation, and board member of Jimei University, China.

Well, flower is the interesting plant designed by Mother Nature in this earth. Throughout this talk session, I learn quite a few of knowledge about orchids flower. Knowing the sex between male and female and how it reproduces into a new flower with the combination. Orchids itself has its own huge family and you won’t believe it until you seeing it in your eyes.

Likewise, during the talk session, it also unveiled some international orchids flower which going to be show at the 20th World Orchid Conference exhibition. As the theme of 20th WOC was “Where New and Old World Orchids Meet”, I believe that the designing of the concept and arranging of the exhibition going to give audiences an opened-eyes and beautiful memories.

20th World Orchid Conference will be held from 13th November 2011 to 20th November 2011 and ticket holders for 20th WOC world orchid show will get a sneak preview of the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay from 14th to 20th November 2011.

20th WOC ticketing detail:
Weekday: $15 (Adult), $9 (Child & Senior Citizen)
Weekend: $20 (Adult), $12 (Child & Senior Citizen)

Tickets can be brought at, Singapore Botanic Garden and National orchid Garden. Are you ready to visit the beautiful flower in November?

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