Friday, September 30, 2011

Real Steel Movie Gala Premiere

Real Steel movie will be officially release in Singapore on the 8th October! Remember to focus more on the Robot’s Atom! He was very cool and awesome in his every fight on the Robots round and you will never know that it actually have a special power in it! Guess what power? Just check it out the cinema movie theater on the 8th October 2011 and you will know why!

Real Steel Movie Synopsis:
A gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future where the sport of boxing has gone high-tech, Real Steel stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring.

Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) to build and train a championship contender.

As the stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback.

Teaser: Prime Time Fall Fashion Show at Avalon

On the 29th September 2011, Thursday, Hpility and his group of G+ bloggers have successfully attended the Prime Time Fall Fashion show presented by Robinson and Mio TV at the Avalon Club! It was a fun and exciting moment, chilling out with friends and looking at the top models roadshow on stage. More pictures and detail will be posted up in few days time! Stay Tune Readers! *Smiles*

Thursday, September 29, 2011

2-MINS of Soy Goodness

Hi Readers! Are you guys feeling stress recently? Pressuring by office and school work? If Yes, here something new for you! Today will be introducing one very cool and distressing game created by SoyJoy and is officially launch now on Facebook app and Iphone application.

You guys might be asking what is SoyJoy? Well, SoyJoy is an all natural nutrient-rich bar baked with whole soy and real fruit.

To help people getting off from their stress period, SoyJoy had come out a 2 minutes campaign called as “2 Min of Soy Goodness”, meaning that within these 2 minutes of game, it helps you to release your anger and stress by playing the touching and typing of fingering game.

Likewise, with the touching of fingering game, it is currently only available at Apple store, it’s a free app and everyone are encourage to download the apps and play with it during your free time. Basically, the aim of this game is to help Oba slim down by feeding him as much soy as you can in 2 minutes.

Alternative, the second type of 2-Mins game will be the facebook application. Just simply type “SoyJoy” on your facebook search bar and LIKE the page, beside the navigation choose “2-MINS Campaign” and it will redirect you to the game itself. The objective of this game is that, you have 2 minutes to help Oba collect soy and slim down by forming as many words as you can from the words you’re given.

Doesn’t it sound exciting and interesting? Yup! The main purpose of this campaign is to “TREAT YOURSELF RIGHT WITH 2-MINS OF SOY GOODNESS” and get a Joy in your life! As in that everyone deserves a little bit of goodness amidst their hectic, stressful schedules.

2 Min of Soy Goodness:
Just 2 min to being with.
Just 2 min to enjoy every single bite of SOYJOY.
Just 2 min to experience some real soy goodness.
Just 2 min of Soy Goodness to begin getting joy back into their lives.

Addition Information:
2-Mins of Soy Goodness games are now available on both the iPhone, as well as Facebook!
iPhone: or simply search for “2-Mins of Soy Goodness” in the app store

Hence, people who played this game, you will get a chance to win a trip to Paris which worth $5,000 each and the monthly top scorer will win $800 Ion shopping vouchers. The prize duration started from now till 18 December 2011!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teaser: Forex Trading Tutorial

On the 24th September 2011, group of Nuffnang G+ bloggers attended a GK Goh workshop, talking about the basics of Forex Trading. Likewise, we also get to try out the Forex game system installed in our computer. It going to be a tough month of monitoring the Forex share trading on our screen but yet it was fun because this how we going to learn and gain more Forex experience.

Full blog post coming out in one month time… Stay tune readers! Hope I don’t go bankrupt with my virtual money in Forex, if not I dunno where to paste my face in bloggersphere already… Hahaha #ForexwithGKGoh

Monday, September 26, 2011

Casual Lifestyle at Verve Pizza Bar

Eating and Chilling out is a way to enjoy life especially during the humid weather of Singapore. Hence, I had a casual lifestyle with a group of new friends I met during last Saturday and it was a great opportunity that we visited the Verve Pizza Bar Restaurants located at marina bay waterfront promenade.

Sunny Saturday, we chilled out at the Pizza Bar, having some chit-chat session with friends as well as enjoying the breeze blowing onto our faces. Likewise, it came along with good foods which recommended by the Verve Pizza Bar Restaurants manager.

The foods menu of Verve Pizza Bar

By looking at the Verve Pizza Bar food menu itself, I knew that it going to be a great dish of the day! Their specially was their handmade pizza, coming in with different unique flavour and it pizza crust was soft enough to consume and it taste delicious too.

Hence, selection of authentic Italian thin-crust pizza (Enzo Peking duck, Altobello Spicy Beef, Mancini BBQ Chicken, Capricciosa ham & artichokes - from $21-$26 per 12" pizza)

Love the Pizza soften texture

A slice of traditional Italian pizza

Calamari was been served to us too!

Potato Wedges with Chilli Crab dip

Well, other than having the fresh handmade traditional Italian pizza, we also tried their mouthful
Verve's Calamari with Garlic Creme and Potato Wedges with Chilli Crab dip. Somehow thanks for the great chances itself, on the same day, I also tried out their two popular drinks such as; Apple Martini and Ice Latte with ice cream pop on it and lastly, their Italian Gelato ice cream.

Hence, selection of gelato ($6 per scoop) - Forrest Berries Sorbet, Decadent Chocolate, Lime Sorbet, Chocolate Baileys, Hazelnut, Pistacchio & Green Almond, Vanilla Cognac, Cookies & Cream.

It was a great day with great foods! Look at the cute little girl below here! Yup, Its Jerome’s little daughter! Hahaha… So cute with the bunny hairband and I guess she had enjoyed her dining time at the Pizza Bar too. Haha

Alright, if you manage to drop by Marina Bay City gallery, feel free to visit the Verve Pizza bar just right beside the Marina Bay City Gallery! Well, is recommended that, you can bring either one big group of friends or just family to have a delightful meal at this cooling & relaxing dining place. *Smiles*

Sunday, September 25, 2011

F1 Singapore Results: Sebastian Vettel Won the Championship!

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2011 has officially ended! Have you seen the overall race result? Is above here! Hahaha… It was an another exciting and interesting race this year at Marina Bay and I do believe that the local and non-local people do enjoy their night life at Marina Bay with the awesome entertainment provided too.

Congratulation to Sebastian Vettel from the team of RBR-Renault, who won the championship of Singapore F1 this year! Lets drink red bull now to celebrate it! *Smiles*

Quoted from My Cousin about the winner:
"Vettel is truly a champion. He have all what a sportsman need. Sportmanship, consistenency, mental strength, aggresiveness and talent."

Summary review of Singapore Grand Prix 2011:
After three days of non-stop action, the spectacular and dramatic F1 night race has ended with Sebastian Vettel crowned as the winner of the Singapore Grand Prix followed by Jenson button and Mark Webber who finishes 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Thousands of motorsports enthusiasts thronged the marina bay circuit to catch the race and have kept the atmosphere alive and exciting. As the race kick-off, the F1 drivers fought against one another and displayed their superb driving skills to win the race and earn points for their team.

There are a couple of dramatic accidents that happened during the race and hence, the safety car was deployed to ensure the roads safe before resuming the race. At the end of the race, the dazzling fireworks lit up the night sky and added the overall excitement at the end of the event.

Blog Post Written by Danial Ihsan

Bak Chor Mee at Esplanade Xchange

Have you ever try out Bak Chor Mee without Bak Chor? Well, this what I usually order for my Bak Chor Mee dish but somehow yesterday, I chance upon to try out a Bak Chor Mee stall located at Esplanade Xchange. This time round, it convince me in consuming the Bak Chor together with the Mee itself.

Nicely Bak Chor meat itself was tender and freshly cooked, likewise adding a little of chili source in the Bak Chor Mee give a different taste from the others. Thus, with some sort of mushroom, fried dumplings and a fishball enhance its overall appearance look and taste very delicious.

Well, last but not least, if you have chance to walk pass Esplanade Xchange (Circle Line Mrt station), do try out the Bak Chor Mee at EAT stall too! Have a nice week all my readers here.

McDonald's Monopoly Game Returns

Hi Readers! Good news! The highly anticipated McDonald monopoly game is back in town for the third consecutive year. It will run from 23 September to 2 November 2011, and this year it guarantees that all prizes will be won! With over 3 million prizes up for grabs, this year’s Monopoly promises to be more rewarding than ever before.

How to Play
During the contest period, McDonald’s traymats will be transformed into game boards and customers are given game labels in the form of peel-off stickers with any Extra Value Meal purchase at McDonald’s restaurants. There are three ways to win in McDonald’s Monopoly this year:

i) "Instant Win" labels with prizes including WE Movie passes, Levi’s Denizen vouchers, 1-for-1 rides at Wavehouse Sentosa, Volkswagen merchandise and McDonald’s dining vouchers

ii) "Collect to Win" prizes where customers can collect sets of game labels to exchange for larger prizes including $80,000 cash, a Volkswagen Touran and a holiday for four to Atlanta.

iii) For the first time ever, McDonald’s is introducing a new ‘Chance Card’ label which gives an instant prize of $100 in cash, plus an entry into a Grand ‘Chance Card’ Draw to be held at Clarke Quay on 15 December, where all unwon prizes will be given away.

One Monopoly label is given out with each Extra Value Meal and two for every upsized Meal. Customers can also receive double the number of labels for their Extra Value Meal purchases on weekends and public holidays.

Here is the line-up of the "Collect to Win" prizes:
• 1 X S$80,000 cash (Grand Prize)
• 1 X Volkswagen Touran 1.4 TSI
• 1 X Holiday for 4 to Atlanta (USA) + $3,000 cash
• 1 X Holiday for 2 to Prague
• 20 X MacBook Air
• 45 X Flowriding for 2 at Wave House Sentosa
• 150 X $200 dENiZENTM Voucher
• 200 X $100 WE Cinemas Movie Card

There are close to 3 million ‘Instant Win’ prizes to be won and these can be redeemed at participating McDonald’s restaurants or our partner retail outlets. Here is the line-up:

• McDonald’s menu items
• McDonald’s Miniatures Collector’s Sets (6 pieces per set)
• Volkswagen Bobby Cars for Toddlers
• $20 off $50 minimum spend on VW Merchandise
• $30 dENiZEN TM Vouchers
• 1 for 1 Flowrides at Wave House Sentosa
• $8 WE Cinemas Weekend Movie Tickets

The McDonald’s Monopoly Game will run on a while-stocks-last basis starting from 23 September. It is not applicable for McDelivery services. Tourists and overseas residents can claim food prizes but are not eligible to claim the ‘Collect to Win’ or ‘Chance Card’ prizes.

Let’s get involve and show your support for McDonald. Try your luck and who knows you could win those attractive prizes. Good Luck!

Blog Post Written by Danial Ihsan

Friday, September 23, 2011

Get Your Sexy Back: I’m Staying Sexy!

Youth is the most happening period in life. Have you ever wonder what makes you over consuming of alcoholic drink? Feeling low, having some short term of depression or feel stress about your relationship? In life, we use intend to use drink to solve the personal problem but mass drinking is not the right way. Drinking may solve it but it is not the cool way.

This Month of September 2011, “Get Your Sexy Back” (GYSB) has launched their new campaign of “I’m Staying Sexy!” The main purposes want to tell the youth drinker, drink to your own limit. You may consume huge cup of alcoholic drinks at one shot but to be advice, take it easy. Drink it slowly and prevent yourself from getting drunk on street.

Tips to prevent getting drunk easily:
1. Control your alcoholic drink to a certain limit.
2. Try to have some plain or hot water In-between of drinking alcoholic.
3. Always tag along with foods while you are having alcoholic drinks.

Well, with this, I hope you guys know the right way of drinking. Stay cool and sexy even though you are on the sober moment and beware of that, if you drink, do not drive! Likewise, if you are interested to know more about the GYXB – “I’m Staying Sexy!”, feel free to visit, accept the Ultimate Night Out challenge and win some prize from there!

That’s all for today, smiles and have a nice weekend to everyone here. Above picture thanks to Justin for contributing to this blog post. Remember, drink as much as you can but not as fast as you can!

F1 Singapore 2011 Rehearsal

Starting from today (23th September) till Sunday (25th September), the track of Marina bay will be heated up with famous sport cars and Formula 1! Drivers from different part of world have come down to Singapore to start on the speedy race! Well, what you waiting for? Get ready your camera and capture the hottest race now at Marina Bay circuit.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

World Runway Premiere Models on Stage

Hi Readers! How was your weekday going on? Is it doing good or bad? Well, as for the previous two posts about the World Runway Premiere Fashionquake Aid 2011, today will be sharing few pictures captured during the fashion catwalk show.

It was an eye opened fashion event to see top models walking in their Dazzling fancy dresses on stage. Fashion Artiste from different part of world, putting up their very best fashion design idea on the models and showcase out their creativity to all the audience. Without further do, let’s check out the catwalk pictures below here!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Camomilla Milano New Products Launch at Vivocity

Hi Readers! Welcome back to my blog! Today will be sharing a private event which I attended last week at Vivocity. With the collaboration of Camomilla Milano and Hello Kitty; they had launched out their new products at Camomilla Milano shop last week.

About Camomilla Milano:
Camomilla Milano is an Italian fashion accessory manufacturer that creates bags, wallets, purses, shoes, jewellery, hair accessories and more. The brand was founded in Milan in 1983 by Grazia and Maurizio Belloni, husband and wife duo.

It was an amazing collaborates where the iconic hello kitty motif is now gracing the coveted accessories and high quality leather good of its lovely Italian brand. Likewise, during the opening launch of products, it also featured those top and uniquely bags design for the customer to have a first look at it.

Well, If you are Hello Kitty fans! I guess you couldn’t miss out this chance by visiting the Camomilla Milano Boutique shop located at Vivocity level 1, #01-119.

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