Monday, October 31, 2011

USS Halloween Horror Nights 2011

Woot! Guess what today? It’s 31st October 2011, the official Halloween day fall on Monday weekday. Have you guys celebrated your Halloween day during the weekend? Yup! I had celebrated my Halloween with my friend, Michelle, during the last Saturday weekend at Resort world Sentosa universal studios Singapore.

It was a Horror Night crowded with thousands of people waiting against the shadowy gate and preparing to step into the undead Zombie land. My friend and I was the first time stepping into the universal studios Singapore (USS) and we were excited to see how things going to happen in there.

Once clock hits eight, everything inside the USS turned alive. Undead and bloody Zombie was walking over the street hunting for victim, black magic ladies trying encountering your wishes and suspicious eyes staring around you in the Post-Apocalyptic Rage. All of their acting and makeup were well done and it’s totally look freaking real!

There were total of 7 horror featured zones and 3 rides are open for visitor to experience on but due to over long queue, we only visited certain zone area. Thus, I managed to capture few scary shot at different location of the fearful industry zone.

My friend and I first went into the Pestilence; a demonic plague has infected many unfortunate in habitants in the poverty-stricken docks and alleyways of 19th century America. The place are filled up with those pitiful victims had their skin peeling, flesh decaying and putrid stench overwhelming.

Next, we went into The Edge of Darkness to try out the mummies ride! This place was full of dreaded mummies, scarab beetles and mindless minions… Besides that, we also went into the “44 Sins”, sound scary but when I went in, it was a surprise area which gives me a feeling of clubbing. Am I stepping into the wrong place? Lol…

After all, I think that universal studios Singapore had came out the pretty cool idea of turning the whole “places” into a Halloween deadly land. My friend and I had a good experience in seeing the horror faces, hearing the evil sound from the devil and smelling the fearful atmosphere of Halloween this year.

Last but not least, well done universal studios Singapore and let’s hope next year will be better! Do play the slideshow above to view more photos happening at USS Horror Nights! Hope you guys had enjoy reading this post and have a great weekday readers! *Smiles*

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Forex Trading Game Experience

Although in this game I don’t earn alot on my virtual money but on the other hand, in the way that I learn pretty lots of knowledge and basic understanding about trading. The first rule of currency trading is to stay current. Invest your money in someone you can trust! Thus, you will need to trust yourself first before trusting on someone. Likewise, if you want to make big money, you will first need to invest in money.

With these, I want to thanks Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity to try out the Forex Trading Game within the demo period. I am glad to be part of the Forex Trading Game competition among my GlitteratiPlus bloggers group. It was fun and enjoying and especially when it comes to the exciting part of raising and falling money crisis. Hope you guys have enjoyed reading it! *Smiles*

Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Virgin Trip to Singapore Istana

During Deepavali, the Istana was having an open house. Singaporeans and permanent residents entry was free of charge whereas foreigners have to pay an extra $1 to enter. We decided to tour around the Istana for the first time and before we could enter we had to undergo security checks. As usual, we placed our electronic gadgets including our wallet and watch into a tray for scanning purpose.

After the procedure, we begin the tour going up the slope. The green scenery was beautiful and refreshing. On our way up, we saw two huge swans which caught our attention. We had to cross the field to take a closer look at the swans. They were both camera shy and went away from the crowd, nevertheless, the long neck birds with white soft feathers look elegant.

After taking pictures of the swan, we went up to see what is happening around the Istana area. A couple of tents were set-up along the pathway, one of them was a bird exhibition which was organized by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

The Bird Keepers were there to watch out the birds and entertain the crowds. The funny part was the parrot refused to say hello to the people, instead, it made us laugh by saying lalala in a cute and tender voice.

Next, the atmosphere was lifted with a group of school band performing the theme song ‘Phantom Of The Opera’. After the performance we continue with the tour. I noticed that there were different types of flowers around thus making the surrounding looks beautiful.

Hpility, the professional photographer took the opportunity to capture quite a number of shots of those flowers. We move on to another location where the fountain is located. Every time I see a fountain, my mind is always diverted to the fountain of youth in Pirates Of Caribbean movie.

I know it is strange to think that way, Lol! Just a few meters away from the Istana main building, our president Dr Tony Tan and his wife were seated on chair watching a live performance. Apparently, on that day, marked the first time of our president hosted an Istana open house since he was elected to office in August.

We call it a day after the last check point at the main building and headed back to the exit. On our way down the moderate slope, we saw a statue and I couldn’t remember what was the name. Once again, the statue reminds me of another movie that I watched recently called ‘The Change-Up’.

I will not go further into that topic, find out yourself if you are curious haha. While walking down the slope, we saw the historical cannon and people in uniform marching. Finally we have reached the exit gate and left the Istana. Overall, it was a nice experience! *Smiles*

Blog Post Written by Danial Ihsan

Happy 10th Birthday to Windows XP

Can you remember what you were doing 10 years ago?
What about the kind of technology you used and what a day at the office was like? For many people, October 25, 2001, whether they remember it or not, changed the way they worked.

On this day in history Windows XP launched to significant fanfare worldwide and influenced a huge shift in the way people work. And while Windows XP was a great product for its time, what people expect from their technology has changed over the last decade.

We’re an increasingly mobile workforce that requires modern technology and devices to keep pace with the speed of business. Nowadays people want to be productive not just at the office but anywhere they want to work.

Ten years ago, the majority of PCs were bulky desktops. Today, people tend to prefer a laptop computer. According to IDC, in 2001, about 80% of shipments worldwide were desktops and about 20% were laptops. In 2011, the forecast is 40% desktops and 60% laptops.Times have changed and so has the technology.

Today, with Windows 7 and Office 2010 people can realize all of the benefits of a modern PC. Office 2010 addresses the shifts in how people work in the office or on the go and Windows 7 enables great experiences while helping IT departments keep their environment secure and well managed.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Exploring the HortPark and Kent Ridge Park

I like to explore interesting and unique places around Singapore during my free time. Thus, few weeks back, I chance upon to visit the Hort Park and Kent Ridge Park located within Alexandra Road. The path of the road filled up with greenish grasses, feeling warm and freshly while walking through along the park path.

Glad that my friend and I found quite a number of interesting statues lined along the park and beautiful flower and creatures been seen too. I used this chance to capture down those mother nature creatures among us and if you ask me, is this taken at Singapore? Yes it is!

Well, on the other hand, I also filmed some part of the scene for future use. It’s very enjoying and relaxing moment whereby hearing the river flowing sound, bird chipping along the tree branches and sound of gusty wind surrounded the leaves.

It was a nice environmental for you to brainstorm out many ideas in mind and at the same time, allowing you to see the different views of Singapore. So well, if you are an outgoing person or like to explore new stuff, feel free to visit our natural reserve park - HortPark, Kent Ridge Park as well as the Mount Faber Park! *Smiles*

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