Monday, January 30, 2012

New Launch of the Anti Drugs Game: Escape from Drugs Land

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The National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) has launched a new campaign “Life Does Not Rewind”, an anti-drug online gaming, mission is to challenge yourself to complete the task given and at the same time learn some knowledge about the harmful effect on drug.

In life of dictionary, the word ‘return’ does not apply at all time. Escape from Drugs Land was a game created by three students from ITE College Central. Basically, this game focusing was based on the theme of “Life Does Not Rewind”. The games teach players the dangers of drug abuse by illustrating the harmful effects through the game play.

For example, in Escape from Drugs Land, the player begins his journey on a game board, where the dice determines the number of steps he can take each time. On every square is a quiz, drug information, refusal tip, word search puzzle, or mini game. The player has to complete the board in the shortest time possible and his timing will be converted into a score.

In line with the theme ‘Life Does Not Rewind’, all games do not have the ‘undo’ function such that the player cannot go back to the previous step and can only advance. In Escape from Drugs Land, the player cannot move backwards on the game board. Let’s check out the game description below here!

First of all, there will be a “Drugs Study Corner” for player to read up on drug information, to get some knowledge about drugs before they start to play the Anti-Drug Game. My advice to you is that; do read the key information to you before you start… because there is no turning point!

Next, once player had click on the “Escape from Drugs Land” game, a short introduction will be scroll up on the screen (You can choose to skip it), followed by player will see the “Play” button on the first page of the game.

The game board, where players ‘roll’ the dice by clicking on it at the bottom left corner. The player then move the number of steps indicated on the dice. He may encounter mini games, quizzes, refusal tips or drug knowledge, depending on the square he lands on. His score is based on the time he takes to complete the board.

Quiz questions the player may encounter.

The players gets 10 seconds added to his timing if his answer is wrong.

The player moves two steps forward if his answer is correct.

A refusal tip that the player may encounter.

Snippets of drug information that the player may encounter.

Last but not least, you will see the result page! Congratulation if you have passed in all the “drugs” stages and I hope you get “addicted” to this “Escape from Drugs Land” game created by three students from ITE College Central.


The Challenge period of “Escape from Drugs Land” Game will be started from 30th Jan 2012 till 26th Feb 2012. On top of that, 1 winner will receive a 32GB - iPad 2 and 16 winners will receive a pair of Sentosa adventure park combo package! Hurry go play the GAME NOW!!! Good Luck readers!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Road is Waiting for us to Discover

How long can you live on this earth? No one knows until you discover. How long can the earth with you? No one knows unless you discover. The time has come but it’s not the end, we are just far apart to predict our future.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

River HongBao 2012 Singapore

Woohoo! Why so crowded at Singapore Marina Bay Floating platform? Yes! It’s River Hongbao 2012 (春到河畔迎新年新加坡2012大游园)! It has been open for public since at the start of Chinese Lunar New Year Eve and it will open till this Sunday (29th Jan).

Chinese New Year Day 6! My friend’s William and I will be bringing you to visit the River Hongbao (春到河畔). In the mood of Chinese New Year festival season, River Hongbao has increased its creativity of display and more opportunities for public to hold the photoshoot there.

As the year of Water Dragon, many of its theme display were related to dragon including Lion and Dragon dance performances allocated at certain timing and places. Many talented artistes’ performances had also lined along the street of Marina Bay Floating platform.

Let's Step into the Spring Moment

Welcome to River Hongbao 2012

The River Hongbao display this year includes, Celestial Dragon, Chinese zodiac, Wishing Well, Fortune God and the Spring Flowers decoration help to enhance the Lunar New Year atmosphere. Likewise many people will love the tall and huge God of Wealth which has been spreading his “Gold” for the past few days!

Hear the spring sound from the beautiful Parrot

Aunty and Uncle trying to catch their "God" from God of Wealth

The Yuan Bao is "So" Heavy! Hahaha

12 Chinese Zodiac

Took a picture with my Chinese Zodiac! Yes I am Year of Horse!

Wishing well is the most exciting part whereby people throw their coin and trying to hit the bells. It’s not an easy task to hit the small bells therefore this also predict how lucky this year you are! Haha… Good Luck Good Fortune Good Health!

That’s all for today! I hope you guys have a fun and interesting night by visiting the River Hongbao 2012 (春到河畔) with your family and friends. Hurry goes there and captures your exclusive photo experience with the uniquely Chinese New Year display. *Smiles*

Friday, January 27, 2012

Think Positive

Positive and negative are directions.
Which direction do you choose?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guinness Live: Jeremy from Team Shanghai Dolly VS YongWei from Team Dragonfly

Its Day 3 of Lunar New Year and time to go back to Singapore Guinness Live Competition! Woohoo... this time round, we my group of cheerful friends, we will be bringing you back to St. James Dragonfly for the Guinness Live Competition.

New Year met up with my brunch of good friends, chilling out at St. James Dragonfly with a cup of Guinness Beer, enjoying the atmosphere begin held at and supporting our friendly friends on stage. Thus, two competitors from different team started to battle on stage again!

The two competition singer of the night was Jeremy from Team Shanghai Dolly and Yong Wei from Team Dragonfly. Although both of them wasn’t have well prepared through this competition but they did rock the audience below the stage. However, Yong Wei did a great job by getting the audience singing along with him!

Next phrase, it had come to the time where audience and judges have to decide the winner of the night. Well, after the professional review by judges, the winner of the night goes to Jeremy from Team Shanghai Dolly! Congratulation to Jeremy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNY 2012: Chinese Lunar New Year Day 1

Happy Lunar New Year 2012! It’s the year of water dragon, a brand new year for us to gather with our family and friends. Day 1 of Chinese New Year how is your visiting going on? How many angpao did you guys collected this year? Hahaha…

Angpao received from my parent!

My Little cousin on their way for relative house visiting!

Day 1 of Chinese Lunar New Year went to grandma house for visiting and followed by relative cousin house! Such a fun day gathered the crowed with awesome CNY goodies snack and gambling. Yay! I believe that everyone love Bak Kwa and Pineapple tart, I love it too! Lol… And I can’t stop eating the CNY snack from day till night time.

A cup of red wine been drinking for these few days!

Beautiful CNY flower decoration took at my cousin's Qing Yi place

Let’s gamble to see how much fortune luck we have!

Add up total give you '21'

I love getting 5 card!

Me and my cousin!

Picture with sister and cousin at grandma place

My little cousin is a fan of Aunty Lucy!

捞鱼生!Huat AH!! Lou Hei at grandma place during dinner time


CNY Day 1 - Angbao collected on my family side... Hope to receive more angpao in the coming next 13 days! Hahaha... Alright there are more exciting happening coming up in the next few days! Stay tune!! Everyone Huat Ah! Happy Dragon Year ~

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