Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gardens by The Bay Exciting Line Up Post

Hpility News Update
Singapore first well known Garden City - Gardens by the Bay is now official open to public. I have gone there twice and today was my third time visiting Gardens by the Bay. Hence, within these 10 days, my writer and I will be visiting the Garden city regularly to cover the exciting and exclusive part of activities which can be found at Gardens by the Bay. Thus, do checks back this blog regularly or alternative you may find the article post at too.

Thank You and Stay Tune!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hillsta Amazing Race‏ with Nuffnang Glitteratiplus Bloggers

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Welcome to Hillsta the Luxury Hillside Residences in Singapore! Last weekend, got an opportunity to attend the Hillsta showroom together with the Nuffnang Glitteratiplus bloggers and on the same date itself, we blogger have an amazing race against the Hillsta challenge.

Hillsta was inspired by the Satoyama concept whereby Sato means arable, livable land in Japanese and Yama means mountain. It created a full advantage of its highly-conveted hillside location so that residents can coexist with nature. Likewise, it comes in its three different housing options – condo, townhouse and SOHO apartments.

We were told to find a partner and pair up in this hillsta amazing race, Hence I pair with my best friend, Joanna for this blazing amazing race! Well, this is not a race of speed but a race of wit. The purpose of this racing game is to explore and knowing the wide range of amenities nearby Hillsta. Therefore, we were told to complete the 6 stations given and the group who have most Hillsta dollar will win in this game.

Are you ready for the exciting race? Yes!! *Keep on running* at every station, we were given a task to complete in order to proceed on to the next station to get the clues for bonus station. Likewise, Hillsta dollar were rewarded according to group performance and creativity.

We were given a goodies bag which contains all the necessary survival kit, a piece of game card and a street map to guide us to the designated stations.

Good Connectivity and Wide Selection of Amenities
Hillsta is well-connected by the extensive transportation network surrounding it. It is a 8-min walk to the upcoming Bukit Panjang MRT Station on Downtown Line. Accessing a host of amenities is a breeze for residents as the development is located near an array of amenities and shopping malls. These include the Bukit Panjang Plaza, Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, The Rail Mall and the newest cosmopolitan mall, Junction 10 – a 7-min walk away.

*Too bad I didn’t take any pictures during the race, because time is very short!* However, overall the hillsta amazing race was fun and I am glad that within a short walking distance street, I have explored the surrounding of Hillsta Residences. *Horay!* my partner and I completed the task on time, although we didn’t win in this game but it’s still a great catch up for us in this event. Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation once again! *Smiles*

More information about Hillsta, do visit:

Singapore New Attraction: Gardens by The Bay

It’s time to step into the new lovely Garden at Marina Bay! Garden by the Bay will be officially open to the public starting from 29th June 2012, get ready to see the new attraction and amenities in Singapore.

#Hpility Blog will be doing the coverage for #GardensbytheBay opening and a series of highlight performances within that week! More exciting photos coming up soon! Stay tune readers!

Monday, June 25, 2012

NTUC Eldercare Silver Circle

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Hi Readers! Have you people wondered where you will visit when you reach your senior citizen ages? Well, not every people have its own different life, we can’t predict what will happen in future but at least we can plan before it happen. Today I am going to share with you people a friendly and sociable places for elderly to take their break in their later life.

Last week, I and few of my bloggers friends visited the NTUC Eldercare Centre located at Bedok FengShan. This was my first time visiting Eldercare Centre and I’m glad to see those senior citizens are living happily and healthy. Likewise, the vision of NTUC Eldercare is to help the seniors to lead their life happy, meaningful and dignified.

NTUC Eldercare Silver Circle consists of 8 difference outlet around the Singapore region whereas they provide day care services to engage seniors mentally, physically and socially. Hence, in daily routine, it also provides social activities such as interactive games, festival celebrations, outing and regular exercises.

Alright, let’s check out their interior amenities at FengShan NTUC Eldercare Centre. In this Eldercare Centre, they have a home-based environment surrounded by the bright and colourful decoration on their wall display. Thus, for entertaining purpose, they even have a Karaoke room for the elderly to enjoy singing in their free time.

The most interesting part is at the ‘Memories Lounge’ whereby it featured the olden days material display which can help the elderly to recall on what they had been seem in their early life and also with this, it allow the guardian and visitors to have a better understanding when it comes to communicate with the elderly people.

After all, with the excellent services and care management provided to the elderly, I would like to say that NTUC Eldercare Centre wasn’t an uncomfortable place for the ageing people to take a rest at. In fact, they can even learn and experience more new stuff even though they are in their 70s, 80s.

Well, one day you people will get old too, why not consider chilling out with your old buddy/ friends at this place? :)

For more information about NTUC ElderCare, do visit:
or call 6478 5489 / 6478 5470

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Traditional Chinese Bar Restaurant at 5 Emerald Hill

Few days back, it was a casual fine dining with my good friend, William in town, having the Japanese cuisine dinner at ichiban boshi whereas we ordered our delicious Japanese cuisine set meal and in addition top up on few plates of Sushi.

After our dinner, as we were craving for some alcoholic drink, we decided to visit the 5 Emerald hill bar restaurant which located near Somerset Centrepoint. We were amaze by its traditional Chinese outlook when we first step into the bar restaurant, it’s very unique and delightful for chilling out with friends.

Traditional Chinese-style Bar Restaurant

Stair going up to second level at 5 Emerald Hill Bar

2 bottles of beer and a bowl of peanuts

My favourite lychee martini

Its mans talk chilling out night; William and I ordered bottles of beer during the happy hour promotion and also few cups of martini cocktail to enhance our chit-chat session as time passed. After all, i did enjoy my night out at 5 Emerald Hill Bar. *Smiles*

Friday, June 22, 2012

Blogger William Tan Want to Jio Everyone

Wa Lao William Tan, Why you
Jio Everyone to eat Domino’s Pizza!

Reason can be found here:
[Time to eat Pizza]

Previous Post: [Click Here]

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

9gag Singapore: Blogger William Tan Bo Jio Blogger Hpility

Wa Lao William Tan, Why you
Bo Jio Me to eat Domino’s Pizza?

Reason can be found here:
[Time to eat Pizza]

SHINE Youth Festival 2012 Media Conference

Hi Readers! Good news to all the youth here, it’s your turn to shine around the world! SHINE Youth Festival is back this year to unleash their aspiration and passion through the two new theme of Pitch to SHINE and Pledge to SHINE.

Pitch to SHINE - was launched early this year to identify and fund youth projects that promote worthy causes and make a difference in the community. A total of 16 projects with the themes “Youth Culture‟, “Youth Sports‟ and “Youth Action‟ will be carried out during SHINE 2012. Thus, the purpose of launching this campaign was to encourage youth to take action and lead ground-up initiatives that would benefit the community.

Pledge to SHINE - In the spirit of getting youth to Fire Up Their Passion!, a new portal, Pledge to SHINE, has been launched for youth to pledge their aspirations at “The purpose of Pledge To SHINE is to enable youth to break their aspirations down into actionable and achievable tasks, and at the same time, benefit the community,” said Martin Tan, Chairman of the SHINE Youth Festival 2012 Steering Committee.

The SHINE Youth Festival 2012 will feature an exciting line-up of events and activities throughout the entire Youth month of July, starting with the SHINE Festival Opening on 30 June at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. For more information on SHINE, visit:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ice Skating with friends at JCube Rink

Last Saturday weekend was my first time ice skating with group of good friends at JCube the rink. The experience was fantastic especially skating with big group of friends around the ice skating rink. Thanks to Nando’s team for the great gathering and hope to see you guys soon again! *Smiles*

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Girls’ Generation: SNSD Paparazzi Music Video

SNSD (Girls’ Generation) is back with their latest Japanese single album – Paparazzi. On 15 JUNE 2012, SM Entertainment has unveiled the full and dance version of Paparazzi music video. Paparazzi have its catchy melody music and dance choreography, all I would say is better than previous Mr.Taxi in Jap. Without further do, let’s check out the Paparazzi music video here:

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