Tuesday, April 30, 2013

South Korea Busan Trip Day 1

Hello Everyone! I am back from my fantastic Korea trip! My first time visiting South Korea!! First of all, I would like to thank Korea Tourism Organization (KTO Singapore) for the sponsored trip to 4 different part of South Korea; Busan, Tongyeong, Suncheon and Seoul. And also introduce my awesome travel buddy… Nchynich! Yes! We travel together again! Thank for pairing us up! Haha… and also not to forget our friendly trip advisor’s Grace Lee, who have been taking care of us during the long trip in Korea. Alright, without further do, let me show you my adventurer journey in Korea. Here how my trip goes…

Nchy and I met up at the Singapore International Airport on the last Thursday night and we took a midnight flight by Asiana Airlines to Incheon International Airport. We reached South Korea about 6.30am morning, checking-out and proceed to buy a SIM card from S Roaming.

Incheon International Airport

S Roaming at Incheon International Airport

Next, we moved on to purchase an Airport Express (AREX) ticket from the airport to Seoul. The ticket cost at 8000KRW. For your more info, from the Airport travel to Seoul Station by AREX is about 45 minutes. On the way, you will see beautiful urban and rural landscape scenery.

Airport Express (AREX) ticket cost at 8000KRW

This is the AREX machine

Heading off to Seoul Station! Woohoo!

Enjoying the scenery while on my way to Seoul

Welcome to Korail Airport Railroad Seoul Station & Terminal

I like their vintage kind of train station

After 45 minutes ride, we had reached the Korail Airport Railroad Seoul Station & Terminal. We collected our KTX tickets arranged by KTO and proceed on to the next path of our tour. Yes! We headed off to Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. The journey from Seoul station KTX to Busan station is about 2 hours and inside the train, there is Wi-Fi available!

Strong connection of Wi-Fi inside the train able me to update Facebook, Twitter, Blog and read news on my iphone5 and Microsoft Surface RT!

Horay! After a long ride, we finally reached Busan Station!

Sunny day at Busan, South Korea.

We took a cab from Busan station to Haeundae Centum Hotel for check-in. Hence, if you are taking subway from Busan Station, you need to transfer at Seomyeon station (Line 2, Jangsan Bound) then to Centum City Station.

The interior of Haeundae Centum Hotel Room

First day! As according to our itinerary, we took a cab from our hotel to our first tourist attraction destination – Igidae Park, a nature park for people to sightseeing. Due to time constraint, we didn’t manage to walk through the whole Igiade Park but still manage to capture stunning sunset moment.

Map of Igidae Park

Walk way at Igidae Park

Stunning Sunset taken at Igidae Park

Woohoo! We took a bus back to Busan station! 
My first time taking bus in Korea! Hahaha... 

Lastly, we went for a 10000KRW bus ride (City Tour Busan) to explore the night attraction of Busan City. The areas as the bus tour had covered were Busan Station, Gwangalli, Haeundae, Dalmaji Hill, Gwangan Bridge and Mt Geumryeonsan.

Call it a day for our South Korea Day 1 Trip in Busan. Day 2 of South Korea trip happening will still in Busan and I will be bringing you guys straight up to the top of Haedong Yonggungsa Temple to see marvelous landscape. Stay tune! Meanwhile, you may follow my FB page or Instagram @hpility to check out the pictures I had taken during my South Korea Trip.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

StarHub TV Channel 女人我最大: Lady First Singapore Press Conference

Taiwan’s top beauty and fashion infotainment show, Lady First (女人我最大) will soon have a made-in Singapore version! A collaboration between StarHub TV, Hong Kong TVB and its Taiwanese arm TVBS, Lady First - Singapore (女人我最大 -新加坡) intend to provide viewers useful insights into the world of beauty and fashion, while injecting it with a local flavor. The 13 episodes Lady First - Singapore will make its debut on E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) from 20 May 2013 at 8pm.

Pauline Lan (蓝心湄) with her Lady First’s resident stylists, Kevin Chou (Kevin 老师) , Wu Yi Lin (吳依霖) and Xiao Kai (小凱), whom are renowned beauty and fashion experts in Taiwan; together with top local stylists - skincare expert Bryan Gan, make-up maestro Clarence Lee, style guru Keith Png and hairstyling whiz Ken Hong, will join hands in providing expert advice and insider tips.

When asked during the media conference, what are the common fashion mistakes made by Singaporean ladies, Pauline pointed out the most common one will be the wrong choice of undergarment size, such as wearing oversize underwear when dressed in body hugging apparel, causing visible panty lines; and wearing undersized bra, resulting in overflowing breast.

In addition to the team of expert stylists, there will also be a 10-member ladies team made up of local female personalities to give their take on latest beauty products and fashion trends in the market, and doubling up as models for the stylists. The ladies team, made up of beauty queen Cheryl Wee(黄馨慧), Sunsilk Academy Fantasia talents Winnie Lee (aka Vee) (李盈瑩)and Celyn Liew(柳芷琳), local DJs Angel Yueng(杨迪嘉) and Candyce (杜蕙甹), blogger cum actress Silver Ang (洪子惠) and local celebrities like Tay Kexin (郑可欣), Kanny Theng(伶恩) and Carrie Yeo(杨佳盈), will be led by local Singer Kelly Poon(潘嘉丽), who will also host the outdoor segment of the show.

Viewers can look forward to journeying along with Lady First - Singapore across different platforms. It will be made available on StarHub TV Anywhere ( for viewers to catch the programme on the move. “Live” updates from on-ground events and publicity stunts will be shared on StarHub Entertainment Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter where fans can follow the official hashtag #ladyfirstsg to join in discussion or share their thoughts. StarHub will also have a new dedicated YouTube channel which will house all StarHub-related video clips to enable viewers to check out Lady First – Singapore’s trailers and video in just one click.

StarHub TV will also be launching a second screen app featuring Lady First – Singapore, allowing viewers to log in via their Facebook accounts to access additional content that complements the programme in real time, as well as access Instagram to participate in weekly contests and quizzes.

Similar to Taiwan’s Lady First, the brands of the featured products on Lady First - Singapore will be masked out on TV, however, viewers can find out more about the featured products via a specially set-up microsite at, they can also chat with liked-minded people on the forum, and keep up-to-date via its photo and video galleries. Exclusive webisodes not shown on air will be available on the microsite. Viewers who miss an episode can also check out the microsite for video clips on key highlights of each episode.

Now ladies, take note of the premiere date and be ready to turn yourself into a prettier and more confident woman. Do get your man to watch the same, so that they will learn to appreciate your effort in dressing up.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mummy Secrets of the Tomb Exhibition at ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum™ at Marina Bay Sands has partnered with The British Musuem to bring Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb to Southeast Asia for the first time. The exhibition is designed to engage visitors of all ages and only available to visitors of Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb during its Singapore stay and it will run from 27 April 2013 to 4 November 2013.

 Mr Neal Spencer, Keeper of the British Museum; Mr Ross Leo Associate Director of the ArtScience Museum; and Dr John Taylor, Assistant Keeper of the British Museum at the media conference.

The exhibition will showcase 6 mummies and more than 100 artifacts in total.
Replication of Eygptian Wall Painting
Various Exhibits
To mark the opening weekend of Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb, Dr. John Taylor will conduct 4 guided tours and 2 lectures, which is complimentary to the exhibition ticket holders.  Do note that these are on first-come-first served basis.

Curator's Guided Tours:
Saturday 27 April, 11.30am and 5.30pm
Sunday 28 April, 11.30am and 5.30pm
Curator's Talk, @ level 4 ArtScience Museum:
Investigating Egyptian Mummies through virtual unwrapping - Saturday 27 April, 2.30pm –3.30pm
The Horizon of Eternity: living and dying in ancient Egypt - Sunday 28 April, 2.30pm –3.30pm
Exhibition Highlights:
There is a total of 5 galleries utilised with the exhibitin, including a retail shop and workshop space for creative and interactive programming.
Ancient Egypt: Visitors can look forward to watching a 21 minute 3D documentary film capturing the virtual unwrapping of the centrepiece, a 3,000 year old mummy, that of a high priest of the Temple of Karnak, Nesperennub via CT Scanning Technology.

CT Scanning of Nesperennub
(Photo Credit: The Trustess of The Bristish Musuem ©)

Life in Ancient Egypt: Vistors get to learn the signifance of Priests, Gods, and how Kings and Gods were served in ancient Egpt.
Situla With Incised Decoration
Living Forever: Vistors get to learn more in depth the mummification and burial process.
 A papyrus with the Judgement Scene from the Book of the Dead

Embalmer's Workshop:  Exhibition-related Workshops/Programs specially designed for and complimentary to all exhibition ticket-holders.
The Secrets of Embalming is demonstration of how ancient Eygptians preseerved the departed in preparation for their journey into the afterlife.
The Secrets of Embalming Workshop

Amulets of the Afterlife is a handsonworkshop for participants to create their own clay-baked and painted amulets to take home.
Materials for painting self created Amulets
Activity Quest is a programme are meant for children from 3-16 years old, to take them on a journey through the ancient Egypt with challenges in each of the exhibition galleries and quest bags filled with a variety of tools to complete the mission.
A glimpse of one of the Activity Quest 
Mummy of Nesperennub is the final exhibition gallery of Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb, featuring the centrepiece, the mummy of Nespernnub.
The centrepiece:  Cartonnage case of Nesperennub
Shop: Artscience Museum has brought in merchandise from the British Museum to complement the visitor experience, where they can purchase replica of Rosetta Stone, Book of Dead mugs and Eygptian-inspired accessories.

The exhibition covers quite an extensive range of exhibits with the interactive programmes designed, will make your exploration to the mysterious Egypt an enjoyable one.

For ticketing info, check out here:

10 Things Blogger Like To Do in a Café

10 things blogger like to do in a café:
  1. Camwhore with friends in the café.
  2. Smile randomly in the café.
  3. Take photo of the café dessert before eating it.
  4. Order a cup of drink (Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Latte) and start to update blog.
  5. Take picture of the interior café design.
  6. Start facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and instagram at the café.
  7. To test out the cafe service.
  8. Like to order nice food/dessert/drink.
  9. Stay cool and chill and enjoy the cafe facilities.
  10. Ask staff for recommendation.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Samsung 2013 Smart TV/AV Line-up Transformi​ng the Home Entertainm​ent Experience


Pictured: Samsung’s UHD TV

Samsung today announced its 2013 line up of Smart TVs and AV products.

Samsung’s 2013 Smart TVs allow users to enjoy a more seamless, integrated and immersive entertainment and viewing experience. This year’s line-up builds on its 2012 success where Samsung sold 53 million units and continued as the worldwide TV leader for the seventh consecutive year. Samsung has also been TV leader in Singapore for seven consecutive years.
Photo credit Samsung Singapore

Samsung has completely redesigned Smart Hub. The 2013 Smart Hub provides consumers with
an easy way to organise and navigate personalised content through an updated interface and dynamic
thumbnail previews within three newly designed panels:

  • Apps: Easily access and edit downloaded Samsung Apps
  • Photos, Videos & Music: Access personal content stored on various AllShare devices in one place
  • Social: View popular video content shared across social channels

For those who bought their Samsung Smart TVs last year, the evolution kit is available on the ES7500 and above 2012 Smart TV models, the Evolution Kit offers both software and hardware updates that include access to the 2013 Smart Hub and other Smart features, and upgrades the TV’s dual-core processor to quad-core, resulting in faster internal processing speeds.

To complete the entertainment experience, Samsung’s new AirTrack Soundbar give you a powerful and clearer sound.


The Samsung HW-F751 AirTrack Soundbar is an award-winning device that combines both form and factor. Bringing a cinematic experience to your home, the warm sound produced by Vacuum Tube pre-amplification combines with the clarity of the Crystal Amplifier Pro power amplifier to deliver high-quality sound from movie and TV soundtracks, whether connected via cables to a TV, or wirelessly via SoundShare to a compatible Samsung Smart TV.


The Samsung DA-F61 Portable Wireless Speaker features Neodymium speakers in order to produce pure, crisp and clear sound in a compact solid-metal design. Near Field Communications (NFC) technology activates the Bluetooth connection in one simple touch.


The Samsung BD-F7500 3D Blu-ray Player is a stylish player that promises more content and entertainment in vivid, high-quality images. With 4K Ultra HD picture quality (resolution up to 3840 x 2160), this player is
capable of up-scaling full HD video content to Ultra HD resolution for a perfect and crystal-clear quality image output as Ultra HD has four times more pixels than usual Full HD content. Movie nights will never be the same again as users can enjoy more vivid and crisper images, which will be ideal for action-packed movies. It also allows content sharing and screen mirroring.

(Information from Samsung Singapore)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro coming to Singapore in End of June 2013

The wait for Microsoft Surface Pro will be over soon for those in Singapore! Microsoft Corp. today announced that the rollout of Surface Pro will launch in Singapore before the end of June.

Surface Pro is comparable to a full-blown Windows laptop that also boasts tablet capabilities. For the first time, customers can have a fully functional PC that looks, feels and acts like a tablet. With Surface Pro, customers can do virtually everything they have ever done on a PC, ranging from using their favorite desktop applications to enjoying the protection of world-class safety and security software.

Surface Pro will also be launched in 23 additional countries, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom before end of May 2013. Surface Pro will launch in Korea, Malaysia, Russia, and Thailand before the end of June. Surface Pro is currently available in the U.S., Canada, and China.

For more details on Surface, visit, find Surface on Facebook or follow Surface on Twitter for additional updates.

(Information credit In.fom Asia and Microsoft Singapore)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

유키스: U-Kiss Collage Tour Concert Singapore 2013

Just attended U-Kiss 'Collage' Tour Concert Singapore 2013 in Hard Rock Coliesum at Resort World Sentosa. U-Kiss is South Korean boy band formed in 2008, comprising, Soohyun 신수현, Kiseop 기섭, Eli 일라이, Kevin 케빈, Dongho 동호, Hoon 여훈민 and AJ 에이제이, ranging from 19 years old to 24 years old.  The latter two joined the group in year 2011 only.

The group's name is an acronym, representing:
  • Ubiquitous
  • Korean
  • International (Idol)
  • Super
  • Star. 

This concert must be having the most interaction among the singers and the audience, as compared to the previous concerts that I ever attend before. 

Before the concert starts, there is a series of Intro MV being played on the big projector screen.

After a long waiting, the concert finally starts! 

These guys are really cute!!!  The audience simply can't get enough of them! 

Check out U-Kiss' Giwyomi/Kiyomi!!!

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