Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fibre Gives Blogging a New Boost

As a blogger, it is important for me to keep updated to the various social media platforms so as to catch up with the upcoming trends, as well to engage with my fellow readers and followers.  A trusty and stable broadband network can indeed, save your life. Without all the unnecessary disruptions, you get to share your news timely and be in synched to the web world.

Since I subscribed to fibre broadband services, I noticed the great changes in my life and blogging experience. I will be sharing more of my user experience of using fibre broadband in this article which I hope will inspire fibre as well as non-fibre readers.

As my work requires me to travel, I appreciate a good movie or music to accompany me while I am on the road. I download several movies and music to my trusty tablet which accompanies me wherever I go. I usually leave my gadgets on throughout the night to run these downloads. After subscribing to fibre broadband, now I just need about an hour or so to complete my downloads. This is really great as I don’t have to wait all night for it and I can catch on my beauty sleep! Also, it helps to save my electricity bills as well. The seamless and speedy download allows me to enjoy more entertainment when on the go but at a shorter downloading time.

Me dozing off while waiting for downloads to complete when on my previous traditional broadband.

Processing, streaming and uploading of photos and videos are some of the functions needed when developing a blog post. Speed is a very important necessity here, especially when uploading videos as it usually takes up to 3 to 5 hours just to upload a video of approximately 5-10 minutes to YouTube when I was on my previous broadband. It probably just takes a few minutes to record a short video, but time needed to upload and share online is too time consuming and painful. 

With the fibre broadband, it has reduced at least 20% - 30% of the uploading time! I’m really excited about this and am considering on starting vblogging soon.

Blogging with purely text is boring. I love to add photos along with my blog entries. Ever since our home is subscribed to fibre broadband, publishing a blog post with photos has been such a breeze. This encourages me to add more photos to my blog posts.

Not sure if you have ever experienced spending time writing a long blog entry or email and just when you are about to hit the send button, the internet disconnects and the entire entry goes missing? I’m sure this is a pet peeve of all bloggers who had spent time putting up an entry only to find the effort wasted due to an unstable internet connection. Fibre broadband is able to give me a stable connection that I need when blogging.

There are times we share our photos with other blogger friends and need to Drop Box the whole bulk of photos, which will easily take a couple of hours to complete the process, however, now time needed is reduced at least 30% - 40%, which is definitely time-saving.  This is especially useful when returned from a holiday trip with friends where you can’t wait to see the photos from each other’s cameras. Now with fibre broadband, photos can be readily shared online, rather than, till the next time we meet before we can each get a copy of the photos on a DVD or memory USB.

Candy Crush is currently the craze and it is also the top game currently played among my family members. Other than my sister and I, my mom got hooked on the game as well!  It is really hateful when the broadband gets disconnected or stalls the game suddenly just when you managed to pass through a stage with much difficulty.  With fibre broadband, we have not encountered similar issue so far, so I’m spared from the sudden screaming that comes from my sister or mom!

One significant point noticed is, when making Skype calls with overseas relatives and friends, the chance of have time lag is much reduced which make the conversation more enjoyable.  While the Internet helps us to connect to the world, fibre broadband actually helps to bring us closer to our loved ones with considerable savings from IDD calls.

I’ve truly benefited from fibre, and if you had not subscribed to one, you may want to give it some consideration especially in current fast paced environment, ‘Time is money’.

Visit to learn more on Fibre Broadband.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Essential Eames - A Herman Miller Exhibition at ArtScience Museum

And I thought it is just an exhibition that just share about chairs. Ever went to furniture exhibition years ago, but it's more on futuristic design concept furniture... Yes. This was my expectations. "Maybe I can get an idea or two for my future new house", I even naively told others.

But this exhibition is totally different from my expectations.

Opps. Did I say I was invited to the media preview of Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum’s latest exhibition, Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition?

Based on An Eames Primer by Eames Demetrios, the exhibition traces the lives and works of the most famous couple in design – Charles and Ray Eames. Co-presented by ArtScience Museum and Herman Miller in collaboration with the Eames Office, Essential Eames will showcase 100 pieces of rare and never-before-seen works and images from the Eames’ family collection, The Eames Office, and Herman Miller archives.
The chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames don't have the fanciest design like I expected. Instead they look like the chairs I saw at random restaurants or office. What makes them so different from others? Seriously I wasn't very impressed when I first see the chairs on showcase, but as Mr. Eames Demetrios shares, I beginning to see the picture...
Opps. Wrong "picture" displayed :P

Mr. Eames Demetrios shared with us on Charles and Ray Eames' design process which I actually thought, is insightful. They do not design for the sake of impressing the public, but for the person who is using the product.
Diagram of the design process with an emphasis on the designer-clien relationship
Eames also made mistakes.
I won't elaborate much on this; you shall be able to learn that from Mr. Eames Demetrios' guided tour. ;) But I feel it is very inspiring, yes, no one is born genius.

I will strongly recommend you to attend this coming weekend's exhibition so you can catch Mr. Eames Demetrios' guided tour – I feel that I learnt and see a lot more with his guided tour.

29th Jun 2013 Sat
- 11:30am, 5:30pm

30th Jun 2013 Sun
- 11:30am, 5:30pm
Curator's Guided Tour
Mr. Eames Demetrios will be leading visitors through the exhibition, revealing fascinating fact about the life and design philosophy of his grandparents - Charles and Ray Eames.
29th Jun 2013 Sat
- 1:30-3:30pm
Curator's Talk
Surrending to the Journey: The Many Designs of Charles of Charles and Ray Eames
Mr. Eames Demetrios will be talking about the Eames design philosophy, learning design backwards, and the treasures brought specially to Singapore.

Other interesting highlights
  • Material Trail
    Charles and Ray Eames use different materials in their creation to help change how people see, feel, touch and experience things in their daily lives. Visitor can collect the rubbings of six different materials in the galleries.

  • Mini Furniture Create
    Visitors can create their own small-scale furniture piece to take home. This activities will provide participants with the opportunity to utilised many of the materials on display in the exhibition and explore their own creativities in the process.

  • Playing with masks
    In the spirit of Charles and Ray Eames’ love of play and character. Visitors can decorate their own character mask to bring home.

Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition
Date: 29th Jun 2013 - 5th Jan 2014
Operating Hours: 10:00AM to 10:00PM (Last admission at 9.00PM)
Venue: Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands

Tickets Price
- Adult - SGD$14.00
- Senior Citizen (65 yrs & above)
- SGD$13.00 - Child (2-12 years)
- SGD$8.00
Tickets are available from Sistic or at the museum, for more ticketing info, please check out:

Blog Post & Photo Credit: Chai Chok Fern

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gordon Ramsay Agrees to Take on Singapore’s Favourite Hawkers in the SingTel Hawker Heroes Cook-Off

Internationally acclaimed Michelin-starred chef, Gordon Ramsay has today accepted an invitation by local food bloggers and SingTel, to take on Singapore’s top three hawkers in a culinary contest. The hawkers will be determined by the results of a dedicated SingTel food poll, voted by Singapore food lovers.

In a video to officially accept the invitation issued on behalf of Singapore by several food bloggers and SingTel, Chef Ramsay said: “The people of Singapore want to put their favourite hawker food to a Michelin star test. Now many of them think that hawker food is deserving of more recognition. Frankly, I’m not an expert on Singapore food; I’m not sure if it’s as good as Singaporeans actually say it is! Trust me, I’ve got to see this for myself, and see what they have to offer. One thing I’m certain of is that people will like my version better! I truly accept your challenge. Game on!”

A shortlist of 12 hawkers has been identified based on having consistently higher food ratings and recommendations on Singapore’s leading food portal HungryGoWhereIn addition, these hawkers have garnered recognition by other opinion leaders in the food industry including The Business Times Knight Frank CEOs’ Hawker Choices, Makansutra Singapore 2013, as well as in popular local F&B programs such as ‘Makan Places: Lost & Found’.

The hawkers are:

How to vote

Vote for your favourite favourite hawkers at from 25 June, 8.00am and will close on 2 July at 11.59pm. Voters will stand a chance to win up to $8000 worth of HungryGoWhere Dining Cards which can be used at any restaurants that accepts Mastercard. The top three hawkers and further details on the SingTel Hawker Heroes Cook-Off will be revealed on 3 July.

(Information from SingTel via Ogilvy)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Norton 360 Multi Device Review Part 1

It is the Great Singapore Sale here again! How many of you have shopping over the past few weeks? In view of the hazy weather, isn’t it great to be able to shop online, right in the comfort of your own house?

According to the Norton Cybercrime Report 2012, while one in three consumers feel safe to conduct online transactions, it’s concerning that 29% admit to online shopping through free or unsecured Wi-Fi connections, and even more so that 60% admit to not using advanced protection tools or software, which can protect them from most common cyber threats.

Even if you don’t shop online, there are potential threats such as emails with malware/ virus attachments, or infected websites. It is still wise to protect your computer with an Internet Security suite like Norton by Symantec.

Norton introduced the Norton 360 Multi-Device, a comprehensive security solution that provides security across platforms and devices, Ideal for consumers who have multiple devices and want a simple, easy-to-use security solution, Norton 360 Multi-Device provides protection for Windows based PCs, Macs, Android-based phones and tablets, right out of the box along with 25 gb of online backup. It is also compatible with iPhones and iPads now!

In part I of the review, I will cover the PC installation and how Norton 360 Multi-Device can protect your PC.


Installation is very easy, all you need to do is to pop in the CD or go the the website ( to download it (for PC and Mac). For the Android or iOS mobile devices, just scan the QR code or head to to download.


Installation is simple and fast. Just a few steps and your are protected!

You are now protected!

Norton 360 Multi-Device not only just keep you away from computer viruses. It also gives you a complete protection against malicious software, protect your identity from phishing attacks, perform scheduled or on-demand backup, tune up your PC. It is a complete security protection for your computer.

To perform a scan, all you need to do is to click the security icon and hit run scan.

Computer scanning, reputation scan. 
It can even scan your Facebook wall for malicious links!

The interface is very intuitive, and easy to navigate around.

Sometimes, we tend to forget to back up our data and accidentally deletes it or our hard disk crash. The Norton 360 Multi-Device allows you to back up your data automatically.

One of the features of the Norton 360 Multi-Device is the capability to schedule backups of your data on your computer hard disk to another location. It could be a connected media (external hard disk, etc) or the 25 GB of Secure Online Storage which comes with the subscription.


Another cool feature is that it allows you to perform PC tune up via the suite itself.

It even prompts me which software is consuming too much of my computer resources.

Here is the full list of features of the Norton 360 Multi-Device!

Protects PCs, Macs and Android™ smartphones and tablets. PC | Mac | Android
Covers any combination of devices. PC | Mac | Android
Move protection across different devices and platforms anytime during your subscription. PC | Mac | Android
Easily installs on your PC, Mac and Android devices with a single key that protects them all.

PC | Mac | Android
Prevents strangers from using your device if it’s lost or stolen and even helps you find it. Android | iOS
Shows you where your mobile is so you can locate it instantly. Android | iOS
Lets you remotely lock, locate, and wipe your phone via SMS anytime. PC
Remotely snaps photos of anyone in front of your mobile so you can see who has it.

Safeguards your photos, music, and files with automatic backup. 25 GB
Protects your files by automatically backing them up to a hard drive, USB device or CD/DVD/Blu-ray. PC
Includes secured online backup for all your files, photos, and videos.

Keep your PC tuned and running at its best. PC
Boosts computer startup time by fine-tuning key system settings so you can get up and running fast. PC
Deletes unnecessary files that contain personal information and removes clutter from your hard drive to help your computer run faster.

Prevents cybercriminals from stealing your identity and money when you surf, shop, socialize and bank online. PC | Mac
Lets you know if websites are safe to visit or scam sites set up to rob you of your hard-earned money. PC | Mac
Stops cybercriminals from spying on your computer or mobile device and stealing your personal information.

PC | Mac
Helps keep your kids safe when they go online with parental controls management. PC
Track which websites your kids visit and block access to inappropriate sites. PC
Keep an eye on your kids’ social network activities and who they’re chatting with online.

Eliminates viruses and spyware with powerful protection from Norton. PC | Mac
Delivers proactive protection that stops online threats before they can infect your device. PC | Mac
Lets you email, chat and download files with protection from threats, cybercriminals and online scams. PC | Mac
You can find out more about Norton 360 Multi-Device on !

As I have said earlier on,  Norton 360 Multi-Device can protect your PC/ Mac/ Android/ iOS. Do watch out for the second part of my review on the mobile device platform with Norton 360 coming up soon!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cybercrime goes Social and Mobile

How many of you own a mobile device? How many of you have a social networking account? How many of you are protected adequately from cybercrime?

Check out the following infographic on what you may have been missing out!

Norton Cybercrime Report 2012 - Infographic

(Credit Norton by Symantec)

Top Five Things You Never Thought To Do With Your Table PC

Making its local debut at Lenovo’s recent Touch launch, the 27-inch IdeaCentre Horizon turned heads as the “World’s First Table PC for the Home” which aims to create shared computing experiences. At this year’s CES 2013, the interpersonal PC also won 15 awards at the show.

Check out the infographic below for a list of the Top Five Things You Never Thought To Do With Your Table PC. If you have an IdeaCentre Horizon, perhaps you can try it out!


(Credits Lenovo Singapore via TEXT100)

Food Review: ToTT Bistro at Sime Darby Centre

The Tott Bistro offers comfort food designed by its consultant, Chef Sam Leong.  It is located in the ToTT Store, which offers an unparalleled range of dining and kitchenware products, as well as baking and cooking courses.

Was invited by OpenRice to a food tasting at the Tott Bistro, where new dishes are developed by its new resident Chef, Chef Clarence Chong, who has 30 years of experience in various hotels.

The Tott Bistro is of the clean and chic interior, which is a cozy place for dining together with family or friends.

 Esprit (S$3.80)
The Esprit range of soft drinks combines the refreshing taste of real fruit with soda, flavours available are: Passion fruit, Raspberry, Orange Tangerine and Lemon Lime. I tried the raspberry flavour, which is rather refreshing. What I like is about the Esprit is, unlike usual carbonated soda, it is less fizzy and more of a sparkling drink. Most importantly, it is less sweet as compared to other carbonated drinks.

Truffle Fries with Duo Dips (S$7.90)
The fries is served with mayonnaise and chilli sauce to enhance the taste. The fries is delectable with truffle oil yet not too oily, however, I'll prefer to be more crispy though.

Oriental Pizza (S$12.90)
With bonito flakes, seaweed, sesame seeds as toppings and teriyaki sauce as the condiment, the oriental pizza is pretty much like a Japanese Style Pan Pizza, except for its pizza dough is more dense and crispier than other Pan pizzas. The most distinguishable about the pizza is probably the spinach topping which we rarely see.
Fish Fingers with Wasabi Mayonnaise (S$7.90)
The fish finger is rather crispy but I personally finds it a bit too dry. In additional, I wish for a bigger mouthful of the fish fillet. I've never like Wasabi, however, the Wasabi Mayonnaise is still acceptable to me, as luckily, the taste of the Wasabi is not overpowering.

Chicken Ramen (S$12.90)
The ramen has been chopped to short length for easy consumption, which is very kid's friendly. The soup broth is flavoursome yet not over powering. The marinated soft boiled egg, though tasteful, is a bit disappointing as I'll prefer it to be more runny like those in traditional Japanese restaurant, and I personally find it a bit too salty.


Tempura Mango (S$3.00)
While I like the battered of the Tempura Mango thin and crispy, I find it a bit too oily, where traces of oil can be found over the plate. The mango filling, tasted more of powdered mango due to the extremely creamy taste, generally still taste good, but I certainly hope that traces of mango puree can be found in the filling which will make it more divine!

Last but not least, a group photo before the food tasting session ends.

Generally, the dining experience at the ToTT Bistro is good. Though no much variety, it offers a good mix of Asian and Western fare, reasonably priced. 
ToTT Bistro is located at :
Sime Darby Centre
896 Dunearn Road 01-01A
Singapore 589472
Tel: 62197077

Operating Hours:
Mon -Sun: 10.30am – 9.00pm

Saturday, June 22, 2013

SAFRA Yishun Open House

Walking towards the Safra Yishun Country Club, I felt as though stepping into a children's carnival with kids jumping around the bouncy castle and balloons around, however, it was actually the Open House of Safra Yishun.
 photo Balloon.jpg

Once stepped into the Safra Yishun Country Club, I smell the sweet aroma of popping corns and cotton candy, of which, these are the favorite of not only the kids, but adults as well! I guess, in every adult, there lives a kid.
 photo PopCorn.jpg
Crowds and queues are formed for the registration, the response is quite well-received!
 photo LongQueue.jpg

So what's line up for the day?
 photo dc7bbc63-190b-443f-a107-0f5a2ff8f16a.jpg
Time for some adventure excursion!

Rock climbing or 25m wall slab for you?
 photo RockClimbing1.jpg
 photo RockClimbing3.jpg

Or challenge the canopy? The biggest challenge is probably conquering own fear!
 photo CanopyChallenge.jpg

A swim in the beautiful pool should help to cool down from the blazing heat.
 photo SwimmingPool.jpg

Or if you prefer to to have the luxury to start your adventure journey in a cooling environment, the air weapon corner should be of your liking. Aim, Ready, Shoot! "Bang!" If this is what you expected, sorry, this is not the case for air rifle. Can't get it? Imagine your mobile phone on silent mode. If you are a first timer, fret not, there will be coaches around to guide you.
 photo AirRifleShooting-1.jpg
See my first round of shooting scores! I'm pretty happy with it. According to a friend who had experience playing the air-rifle. This is considered good scoring for first timer and with the groups (clustered results) formed, there might be of a high chance to hit the bull's eye!
 photo Shootingscoring.jpg

If sports is not your type, fret not! They are many more offered in the open house. For instance, there are some arcade games available in house. Have a taste of the Formula one before the next Grand Prix comes.
 photo Arcade-Daytona.jpg

Convert yourself into a superstar with props provided at the photo booth. Time to let down your hair and have some fun posing with your family or friends!
 photo photobooth.jpg
 photo c795a156-7cd1-4ec0-ac81-2a7734515db5.jpg
 photo 7fce18a6-0f56-478a-9156-d7ca0603656f.jpg

How about some body tattoo? Scare of pain? No worries, the tattoo is done by air-brushing and just need a couple of minutes only.
 photo Tatoo-1.jpg
 photo tatoo-3.jpg

Have some laughs as the caricature artist transform you to part of the comical world!
 photo caricaturedrawing.jpg

No, this is not all, there are some flea market stalls where the ladies who prefer to stay indoor from the glaring sun can do some shopping.
 photo FleaMarket.jpg

The activities at the open house had well catered to the different demographics. Ask what I enjoyed most, it's definitely the air-rifle shooting as this is something we rarely get a chance to try out and I definitely look forward to the next one!

To keep updated with SAFRA events / updates, like the SAFRA Facebook page here.
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