Saturday, November 30, 2013

Epson Projector EB-X18 Review

Earlier I've done a review on the Epson Projector EH-TW550, today, I'm going to share the review of another Espon projector model, EB-X18 which SAFRA has got me to review.

 photo EpsonEB-X18a-1.jpg

So what's the difference between the 2?  The EH-TW550 is of a slighter higher end which allows 3D viewing experience while the EB-X18 is designed to be affordable yet comprehensive.

The EB-X18 is designed with a white a and glossy chasis, which most people felt that it looks more chic and trendy.  At a weight of 2.4kg only, it offers better mobility than the EH-TW550 which weighs approx 2.7Kg. 

With 3,000lm color light output and 10,000:1 contrast, you can present beautiful images with added clarity even down the finest details, without the need to worry about ambient light levels.
With 3,000lm color light output and 10,000:1 contrast, you can present beautiful images with added clarity even down the finest details, without the need to worry about ambient light levels.
The EB-X18 has also taken into consideration for people with colour blind vision, using colour schemes that can be easily identified and distinguished; as such, functions on the projector’s remote control, control panel and LED lights can be easily seen, enabling everyone to operate the projector with ease.

 photo EpsonEB-X18RemoteControlDesign-1.jpg
Image Credit: Epson Singapore

With the two height-adjustable feet at the back and a height-adjustable kickstand at the front, the EB-X18 is easy to set up.  The Horizontal / Vertical keystone feature allows you to adjust the alignment of the projection with ease, be it whatever the angle of the projector may be.

 photo EpsonEB-X18e.jpg

 photo EpsonEB-X18d.jpg

 photo EpsonEB-X18b.jpg

Another cool feature of the EB-X18, is that it is compatible with Wi-Fi connection where one can easily transfer images from PC / Laptop with the optional ELPAP07 wireless module. The iProjection application allows you to display images and files from your smart devices, and allows usage of touch-screen operations, such as flicking to turn pages and pinching to zoom in or out which is convenient solution for smart projection.

 photo EpsonEb-X18_WirelessTransmission.jpg
Image Credit: Epson Singapore
With the built-in HDMI terminal, high quality images and music can be transmitted with a breeze. Even images projected from a SVGA model will appear crisp and clear With the digital connection. In additional, the USB Display function makes it possible to connect to a Windows & Mac PC via a USB cable instead of an RGB cable. It is also possible to view a jpeg/bmp/png/gif file without a PC just by inserting a USB memory device.

 photo EpsonEB-X18c.jpg

 photo EpsonEb-X18_HDMIConnectivity.jpg
Image Credit: Epson Singapore

One highlight of the projector is that its projector optics uses lead-free lenses, and the unpainted chasis does not contain chlorine or bromine in the flame retardants used in the plastic housing, make EB-X18 environment friendly.  In addition, there is Eco functions that helps reducing the power consumption. The projector will enter into super low brightness setting if no signal is detected after 5 minutes; lamp wattage will drop by 70% during this standby mode, making it an eco-friendly choice. 
As an overall, I like the Epson EB-X18 being eco-friendly and user-friendly, and best, it is reasonably priced, which makes it pocket-friendly too!

Friday, November 29, 2013

VivoCity 7th Anniversary Christmas Celebration & Fireworks

Woohoo! It’s Vivocity 7th Anniversary and I am glad to get invited to this celebration and at the same time to see the launch of Christmas season festival activities at vivocity Level 3, Amphitheatre. It was a blissful moment whereby invited guest experienced the Whimsical Fantasy World of Vivocity.

Early Christmas Celebration with Vivocity

Nice X'mas Decoration at the event

OOTD for the VivoCity 7th Anniversary Celebration! *Smiles*

Invited my both handsome friend's James Aw and Tommy to join me in this event!

And of course... my beloved writer's CK Chai and Jeremy!!

Food Catering for the invited guest and media

My favourite dessert!! Yummy! ^^

Hence starting with this Christmas festival month, VivoCity will be transformed into a must-visit shopping destination through an extravaganza of music, delightful dance, friendly theatre ambient, and unique festive decorations that will bring alive the whimsical magic of Christmas. 

In addition to a host of festive activities and enticing promotional offers, VivoCity is proud to present the Christmas musical, L’imagination, coinciding with a dazzling fireworks display marking VivoCity’s 7th Anniversary.

Get ready for some live performance on stage!

I totally enjoyed the 30-minute of worth watching of L’imagination live performance at the Amphitheatre stage. The story of the show and dance choreography was perfectly awesome, I like the way how they use visual vision and reality action to showcase to the audiences. Awesome!

Be enchanted by L’imagination
L’imagination is a 30-minute musical extravaganza that blends visual and physical acts, illumination, as well as dance and drama. Assembled by an award-winning and internationally recognised production crew, the show is uniquely choreographed for VivoCity’s Christmas celebrations. L’imagination’s one-of-its-kind scripting, choreography, and even soundtrack will provide a fully immersive and highly interactive experience for shoppers, coupled with several elements of surprise. A roster of memorable characters such as The Cleaning Lady, The Invisible Man, The White Bird, The Time Stopper, The Music Man and The Dream Weaver will interact with the crowd throughout the performance, entertaining and charming the audience right from when they enter the Amphitheatre.

Date: 29 November – 8 December 2013
Time: 8 pm – 8:30 pm (Daily, except 2 December)
Venue: VivoCity Level 3, Amphitheatre

Wow! It's Headless at Vivocity!

VivoCity’s 7th Anniversary Fireworks Performance

VivoCity’s 7th Anniversary Celebrations & Fireworks
Be treated to a stunning display of fireworks in celebration of VivoCity’s 7th Anniversary. This year’s spectacle is choreographed by Japan’s renowned Josh Tamaya from Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks Co., Ltd., best known for using advanced computerised firing systems and flawless integration of music into fireworks. This highly anticipated tradition will once again light up the HarbourFront precinct and night sky, for an eight-minute dazzling display of vivid colour, energy and vitality that is sure to impress.

Date: 28 November, 2013
Time: 9.00 pm
Venue: Promenade, Level 1

The fireworks show and opening preview of L'imagination, marks the launch of VivoCity's exciting line-up of Christmas activities, including:
  • Christmas SMS Lucky Draw: Spend $30^ for a chance to win the Grand Prize of a CITIGEMS Diamond Jewellery set  worth $10,000 or one of 5 consolation prizes (CITIGEMS Perfect Love®   Diamond Pendant) worth $1,288 each (15 Nov – 31 Dec) 
  • “Shine a Light on Christmas” QR Code Contest: Find the giant Santa Hat at South Avenue, press a button to reveal a silhouette of a mystery item inside the hat. Scan the QR code to answer a very simple question, and get a chance to win CITIGEMS jewellery worth up to $15,000 through weekly prizes and the Grand Prize! (1-31 Dec)
  • Complimentary VivoCity gift wrap set comprising of four rolls of wrapper paper and six  gift tags, for all shoppers spending $200* (1-24 Dec) 
  • Big Band musical showcase performed by the Singapore Wind Symphony (15 Dec)
  • Christmas Late Night Shopping till 11pm (21-23 Dec)

* Maximum of 3 combined same-day receipts.
* Maximum of 3 combined same-day receipts. Limited to the first 200 shoppers per day on a first-come, first-served and while-stocks-last basis.

VivoCity’s Growing Christmas Tree - Another Year Older, Another Foot Taller
VivoCity’s gigantic Christmas Tree at the Sky Park, now standing at 107 feet tall is an annual centrepiece that has grown a foot every year since 2007, signifying VivoCity’s ever-growing joy and celebration of the festive season. In 2009, at 103 feet tall, this Christmas tree was the tallest in Singapore, as certified by The Singapore Book of Records.

This year, the height of the tree is taller than ever and especially significant, as the 107-feet milestone coincides with VivoCity's 7th anniversary. At the foot of the tree standing-guard is a giant reindeer. This statuesque creature is mysteriously masked, reminiscent of the Venetian masquerade ball and alluding to this year’s Christmas theme, ‘A Whimsical Christmas at VivoCity’.

Photos Photographed by: CK Chai, Jeremy, Mr Hp
Blog Post written by : Mr Hp

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Norton Anti-Virus Exclusive Promotions at SITEX 2013

Check out the Norton 360 Multi-Device, Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus promotions that are exclusive at SITEX 2013 only! The SITEX 2013 will be held at Singapore Expo, Halls 4B, 5 & 6, starting from 28 Nov - 1 Dec 2013, Opening Hours 11am - 9pm. Free Admission.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and Flex 20 Review

It is the year end again, and Lenovo has come up with a number of new Yoga Convertibles and Multi-mode Devices!

At the product launch held at Red Dot Museum last Wednesday, Lenovo showcased its latest series of consumer devices. It also refreshed its Yoga line of devices with two new interesting additions.

Firstly, the Yoga 2 Pro spots 13.3-inch display with QHD+ super high resolution.The 10-finger touchscreen displays images in 3200X1800 resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the highest screen resolution on the market today. Users will also appreciate the greater mobility of the Yoga 2 Pro, now more portable than before at 15.5 mm thin and 1.39 kg, while still maintaining the four modes of laptop, stand, tent and tablet.

ThinkPad fans will rejoyce with the new ThinkPad Yoga. The 12.5-inch magnesium alloy ThinkPad Yoga offers a stunning visual and intensive multimedia experience, with choices of a HD IPS or a FHD IPS 10-finger multitouch display. What is pretty cool about the new ThinkPad Yoga is that it has lift and lock system created for tablet mode.

Besides that, the ThinkPad series also sees new additions to the family, with the new ThinkPad T440s, T440p, T440 and X240 laptops.

(Product image credit Lenovo)

Lenovo also introduce the Flex 20, which is framed in an attractive 20.5mm thin aluminum shell. When flat in table mode, the Aura interface, first pioneered on the Lenovo Horizon Table PC, opens for a multi-game, multi-player experience like no other, augmented by Dolby Home Theatre v4 audio. Special physical accessories – joysticks, strikers and e-dice – allow up to four players to interact directly with 
the games. Flex 20 has mobility in mind with built-in WiFi for easy moving around the home or office, and users can pick up and go for up to three hours without charging.
(Product image credit Lenovo)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

10 Tips to Take Great Selfie Picture for Your Blog

Woohoo! It’s time to camwhore a self-picture! Oops wait… Is SELFIE!!! Say *Cheese* to your camera. You like Selfie; I like Selfie; everyone likes Selfie…. Especially Blogger LOVE SELFIE!!! Well, it’s just an another word for ‘Camwhore’ ~

Selfie has become a popular trend nowadays in our daily life. Regardless taking selfie using a smartphone or digital camera, everything will be look as long as you look confident in the picture. Hence, below here are the 10 tips to guide you in taking a great selfie photo for your blog!

10 Tips to Take Great Selfie Picture for Your Blog:
  1. Be confident looking and know your best angle right.
  2. Selfie does not follow camera rule of third.
  3. Take several shot in different angle and select the best.
  4. Don’t lean back from the camera, so that to avoid taking double chin.
  5. Take picture in slightly 35 to 45 degree rather than a standard portrait and landscape shot.
  6. Focus on your face than other object.
  7. If you are using smartphone; try to use back-camera than front-camera for SELFIE.
  8. Don’t hold your camera too close to you.
  9. Add filter to your SELFIE photo.
  10. If the environment is too dark, try to use external light rather than camera flash. This to prevent over-exposed of your face.
Well, hope the tips above give you a little idea on how you showcase your selfie photo on your blog. Do remember to keep it casual and lively as you are sending your beloved faces to the digital world. Smile to the camera and starting SELFIE now! *Cheese*

Saturday, November 23, 2013

NOTRE DAME de PARIS Press Conference in Singapore

The musical spectacular based on the story of the Hunch Back of Notre-Dame will be coming to MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands this December!

Notre Dame de Paris musical was premiered in Paris, France in September 1998 in French. Since then, the musical has attracted more than 4 million audiences in France alone and broken box office records in Canada, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and South Korea. Till date, Notre Dame de Paris has been staged in 20 other countries including Italy and the United States,  for over 4000 times and receiving standing ovations every night.

On 17th December 2013, the Notre Dame de Paris musical will be show in Singapore for the first time! In order to walk the statement 'Art has no language boundary', the musical will be performed in English. Notre Dame de Paris will be presented at the MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands. A 12 metre high ‘climbing wall’ representing the façade of the grand cathedral of Notre Dame as well as the famous Bastille prison in Paris will be featured in this modern impressionistic stage.

 The show will be featuring acrobatic contemporary dance choreography by Martino Muller, renowned modern dance visionary, contrasting with a beautiful love story moments to create an audience experience reminiscent of French cirque. Dancers will be appearing to be flying across the stage under fantastic arcs, freely incorporating gymnastics, contemporary and even break dance moves into their repertoire.  

The musical is based on Victor Hugo’s classic novel Notre Dame de Paris - telling the emotionally charged story of the unfortunate Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral Bell Ringer. The hunchback Quasimodo, and his hopeless devotion for the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda. Phoebus, the untruthful soldier and Frollo, the priest torn between his faith to God and his desires will compete for Esmeralda’s love. While Clopin, the leader of the refugees or underclass, and Gringoire the poet will try to save Esmeralda.

Some fact about Notre Dame de Paris
  • First opened at ‘Palais des Congres’ theatre in Paris in September 1998
  • Based on the novel ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ written by Victor Hugo in 1831
  • Sell-out tours in France, Canada, England, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, America, Italy, Monaco
  • 4000 performances over 20 countries and seen by more than 10 million people.
  • The most sensational and successful musical in France, Italy, Belgium and Russia
  • Taking Europe by storm, “Notre Dame de Paris’ opened in London at the Dominion Theatre on 23 May 2000, following previews which opened on 15 May 2000.
  • According to the Guinness Book of Records, Notre Dame de Paris still holds the record as the show with the most successful first year of any musical ever produced.
Glad to received the media invite to attend a short interview session regarding the NOTRE DAME de PARIS.

It's such a wonderful experience to be one of the first to get up close and personal with the 2 lead cast from NOTRE DAME de PARIS - Matt Laurent (who plays Quasimodo) and Alessandra Ferrari (who plays Esmeralda) to watch them performing some key songs from the show.

Matt Laurent and Alessandra Ferrari have great vocal and after the
 interview they present their friendly and playful self :)
The producer is sharing some good news regarding the show



Date: 17th December 2013 -29th December 2013
Showtime:  Thursday - Friday: 8:00pm  Saturday & Sunday: 2:00pm & 8:00pm
Venue: Mastercard Theatres - Sands Theatre

Tickets are available through internet ( or, phone (+65 6688 8826) or person at the Marina Bay Sands Box Offices (Museum, Theatres, SkyPark, Retail Mall and Hotel Tower 1 and 3 Lobby) For more ticketing info, please check out:

Blog Written & Photographed: Chai Chok Fern

Friday, November 22, 2013

Starlight Express Musical Performance Review

Starlight Express was one of the fantastic musical performances I watched this year! Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express, a futuristic tale about love, rivalry and hope told via toy trains that come to life and race one another.

The performers were professional in their roller skates delivering a show that has speed, energy, spectacle and devil stunts as well as excitement. The stage was spectacular with the3 dimensional and lighting effects which spark up audience’s attention. I love their dance choreography which synchronized well with the background music.

This musical also surprise audience with their creativity technology and I was amazed and excited whenever the 3D stun pop up. It was a uniquely experience for me to catch Starlight Express! Thank You Base Entertainment for the invitation. Love it! ^^

For more information about the tickets pricing, 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Starbucks and The Salvation Army Celebrates 10th Year Partnershi​p

Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ: SBUX) and The Salvation Army are into their 10th partnership this Christmas.  Coffee-lovers will get to enjoy a complimentary tall-sized Starbucks beverage on 5th December 2013, 5 - 7pm island-wide, while donations are collected for The Salvation Army in Singapore.

In addition, Starbucks will also be holding a Christmas Festival at its Plaza Singapura outlet on 5 December 2013, from 5 pm. The Christmas Festival is to celebrate Starbucks and The Salvation Army 10th year of partnership, featuring music performances by local artistes, and a pop-up thrift store run by The Salvation Army where customers can shop for Christmas presents.

“Starbucks aims to make a difference in the local communities where we do business. We are proud of our ongoing partnership with The Salvation Army that has lasted a decade. As we continue to collaborate, we look forward to warming the hearts of our beneficiaries in this season of love and giving, by bringing a little more sunshine and cheer to their lives,” said Jane Lau, managing director of Starbucks Coffee Singapore. “The support provided by our customers and partners has always been the highlight of the year. For our 10th year partnership, we hope to do even more for The Salvation Army.”

As a lead up to the celebration of the decade-long partnership, Starbucks and the local artistes will be organising a series of intimate Christmas Get-togethers where local talents like, Natalie Hiong and The Gladstones, etc will perform at selected Starbucks stores to spread the festive joy to more customers.

Fans can catch their favourite artistes at selected Starbucks stores daily, beginning 30th November, the performance schedule will be available at Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page.

For more information, visit

Photo Credit: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

Monday, November 18, 2013

New Travelling Experience with MyTransport SG Mobile App

Life always started with a question and ended with an answer. Common questions always came into our mind when we are looking for something and things to look out for in our daily life. Example such as; ‘What time the bus is coming?’, ‘How to go this place?’, ‘What’s happening around these places?’ and etc… Have you ever thought of a public transport application which comes all in ONE which solves all your questions just a single click?

Introduce you guys an application called ‘My Transport’, available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is an interactive mobile application which enables commuters, motorists and cyclists in Singapore to view real-time traffic information and plan their journeys ahead.

Information provided includes: parking-lot locations & availability, real-time traffic information, bus service information, MRT/LRT information and the location of cycling towns throughout Singapore. The information is presented in an easy format that provides all commuters with valuable transportation information at their fingertips.

Hence, about a week ago I have downloaded and tried out ‘My Transport’ app on my iOS phone. Despite being a commuter or a driver, the first thing came into my mind was convenient and efficient. This apps was useful in the way that it had help me to navigate the way I want to go and saved up the time for me to hop online for information. Thus with this application, every detail is shown on my phone screen as long as I search for it.

Alternative, it has a function call ‘snap & send’ whereby in any event it allows users to snap and send road infrastructure feedback to LTA, such as potholes on roads, faulty streetlights and obstructed signage, directly from their mobile devices.

10 reasons why you should use ‘My Transport SG’ App:
  • It is a Free and straightforward Application.
  • It’s user friendly and easy to navigate with the interactive map.
  • Allow you to check Bus Arrival Time.
  • It shows you the promotions and events happening around Singapore.
  • It acts like a mini transport guide book.
  • 12 hour weather forecast with PSI.
  • Is an All in One App and always up-to-date about the traffic news.
  • It provides information such as parking guide, LTA Fines & Fees.
  • It show where is the Traffic Cameras and what is the ERP Rate.
  • Delivers Real-Time situation updates on the app.

One of the thing I want to highlight in this App was the ‘Traffic News’ function whereby I find it the most useful stuff as I can get instantly live update of the traffic news happening around Singapore. Thus, this can avoid me as well as the publics from entering into that damage road way and also, with the efficient information news; I believe that this could help to reduce the traffic congestion among our daily life.

Next thing to highlight was the ‘Traffic Camera’, this app will show all traffic cameras around Singapore, Hence I know where and when to slow down my car speeds and avoid any unnecessary incident/accident while travelling on the road.

Promotion & Events in Singapore!

To add on, this application can navigate you to your destination in the shortest way!

Lastly, I would like to say that ‘My Transport’ app had make my life more easier especially people like me, use to take public transport almost every day. Whenever I want to check timing for my bus ride or even a simple map guide to my destination, all I have to do, is to navigate the app and the result will simply show on my screen. Well, it’s time to get everything you need to make taking public transport more efficient!
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