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Museum of Horrors V: The Relic at *SCAPE! Halloween

Bello fellas. It's almost the end of October...........

.... and the biggest event of the month........

is almost here.............

In just a couple of days time, we will be welcoming the scariest time of the year.....

T H E . H A L L O W E E N.

HOLLA! Yep, it's the Halloween!! You could say it's my favourite event of the year after Chinese New Year. Because there are no public holidays for Halloween ah... Hahahaha.... ^^" Wasted. But that doesn't stop me from finding time out to participate in Halloween events and visiting Haunted Houses!! Like how could you miss it right?!! Everyone lovessss Haunted Houses! Even though knowing how stupid it is to pay to get scared, LOL. But it's a hell of an experience! Literally.... Muahahahahaha....

So this year, I visited The Museum of Horrors; The Relic @ *SCAPE, co-organised by the ever awesome fantasy character enactment crew from MOVIE MANIA! MOVIE MANIA is a bunch of fun loving people who pride themselves in recreating fantasy characters like superheroes, super villains and other memorable characters! They even organise themed parties, and especially Halloween events!

It was my first time visiting *SCAPE's haunted house because the past few times was too crowded,(then the scumbag of a boyfriend of that time thought it's a waste of time to queue) so I didn't get to visit, :( Lucky enough! This year, I went on Brother Yeo's behalf! Thank you Brother Yeo (Hpility SG) & *SCAPE management!! ^3^

Egg-cited girl waiting to be scared, HAHAHAHA.
Annabelle was there too, to welcome us!

Obviously quite freaked knowing there's Annabelle. Like what if I go into the room and then get locked up by Annabelle?! Then she will freak me out with her weird baby cries, omg. Then got weird ahma come out of the closet and attack me(?!?!?!?!) I was super excited and obviously hyperventilated for a bit, hahahaha.

We had to wait a while to go in, for the ultimate experience. You know... because haunted house is the lesser the better. Three's a crowd, hahahaha! It's best when you go in pairs, XD

Unearthed from the deep sands in the Middle East, is a relic believed to belong to a long-lost city as enigmatic as the Atlantis! Estimated to be over 2,000 years old, the idol-like ornament will, for the first time, be showcased at the Museum of Horrors in Singapore!

There are 6 parts to The Relic haunted house! From The Medical Laboratory, Cabin in the Woods, The Living Dead, The Creepy Fun House Maze, Into Darkness Maze and Revenge of the Doll! I ESPECIALLY LOVE THE PART WITH ALL THE 3D PAINT! I think that's the Creepy Fun House Maze? IT'S FREAKING COOL!!!

Okokok........I'm not gonna reveal too much! So let's just let the pictures do the talking!
Ps: I overheard someone saying it's better than USS. So whatchu waiting' for?

I believe this is the Cabin in the Woods! One of my favourite set-up!! Everything looked super real! Even the "ghost" were really professional here!

I think we're twins. XD

The awkwardly small, and scary pregnant lady. SHE'S REALLY SCARY. You'd know why after visiting the exhibition, hahahhaha!

The 3D paint maze!! (Without 3D glasses on)

With the 3D glasses!! Camera couldn't capture a proper photo of the effect. 
You have to see it to experience it!!

This maze is absolutely cool. If you are still not planning to visit The Relic, I really don't know what are you doing with your Halloween. How can you not visit a Haunted House during Halloween!?!?!?!?

Can you spot the hidden keyword? XD 
*Note: You can only see it in different angles and lightings with your 3D glasses on. Hahahahaha!

Ryan is obviously infected, *omg*


And here comes Annabelle. Knn, really got ahma come flying towards you one. T_T
Vivian damn spoiler, but don't say I didn't warn you....!

Saving the best for the last. He was so real I really thought it's a dummy lying down there until he moved!! The actors were super good, I swear!

After conquering the haunted house.... What is Annabelle?! Hahahhaa, I keedz. I am still scared of dolls that looks like this. It's so ugly lah, I don't get why that girl in the movie wanted the doll so bad. She obviously has horrible taste. (LOL)

Grab your tickets now at and at *SCAPE HubQuarters, Customer Service Counter (Level4)!! Admission fees are priced at: Students: S$15 & Adults: S$20.

Simply quote HPILITY to enjoy 25% off standard ticket prices at our ticketing site

Ending the post with a selfie with Peggy! ^3^
Have a Happy Halloween.... MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

Editor: Vivian Tian

Sakura Day 2014 at Singapore Turf Club

Indulge with the Japanese Festival happening early this month; I was invited to attend the Sakura Day event at Singapore Turf Club. The Japanese kind theme event was well-organized with the wonderful lined-up program such as origami demonstration, sake tasting, and photo with the Turf Belles in Yakata.

Sake Tasting

I had a good time chilling with my friends and watching live horse racing at the Singapore Turf Club derby room while enjoying our delicious Japanese Sushi and of course cheer for wine/beer.

Say Cheese to the Camera!

Horses at the Parade Ring

The winner of the day!

Group photo after watching the final match of the day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Epicurio: Asian First Wine & Spirit Social App

Epicurio is Asian first wine and spirit social app; a new start-up built on a fashionable concept and passion. It allows users to search and purchase wine or spirits with advices from their friends whilst sharing tasting notes. Epicurio have partnered with 10 different winery owners who would sell their product through the app.

The team behind Epicurio hopes to inspire the social aspect of wine and the idea of sharing thoughts, feelings and taste with each sip to help others and themselves to building an enriching experience. Epicurio also makes wine tasting memorable, fun with capabilities to locate the retailer or an online store that supplies the wine of your choice in your resident country; all within the app.

Epicurio also goes beyond the social aspect; leading users to purchase – enabling them to savour new wine experiences. By tweaking the mechanics of a typical app, Epicurio relies on Digital Word of Mouth to share ratings and recommendations of specific wines or liquor; all within your circle of friends or region. Do keep a lookout for their label recognition system that allows user to connect instantaneously to the available reviews and rating; launching by end November.

2011 Foreman, Napa Valley, California (Chardonnay)
The focus is on the fruits and how to coax maximum site expression from evenly ripened fruits in the vineyards. Harvesting is done with hand and methodically ensured to be processed within half-hour of picking. Sorting is rigorously applied to ensure only ripe berries make it to the winery.

2008 Littorai, Sonoma Coast, California (Pinot Noir)
Founded back in 1993 by Ted Lemon and his wife Heidi, makes serious expressions of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from selected vineyards in Sonoma and Mendocino. Ted also had the privilege of winemaking stints in Burgundy (Domaine Dujac, Roumier, Bruno Clair & Guy Roulot). At Littorai, the goal is to make wines of elegance, length and finesse: wines which gain in complexity as they age.

2012 Bedrock Evangelho Heritage, Sonoma Valley, California (40% Carignane, 38% Mourvedre, and 22% Zinfandel, Palomino, Alicante and Mission)
Armed with the conviction to channel the fruit of ancient wines into powerful, elegant and distinctly California wines, young Morgan Twain-Peterson started the Bedrock Wine Company with the objective to spread the gospel of Syrah in California. This is probably why we notice a far higher proportion of balanced and varietally expressive Syrahs produced out of this sunny state than most other variant.

Huge thanks for Stephanie, Head Sommelier of Hilton Group in South East Asia for extending this invite and bringing to our sunny shores; fine wines from wineries she visited and worked with. Epicurio hopes to be a complete tool box for like-minded connoisseurs and to help wine lovers and beginners to become fellow connoisseurs by leveraging on the app.

Editor: Sam Wee

Flavours of The World Event at Plaza Singapura

“Flavours of the World”, an epicurean event organized by Plaza Singapura in celebration of its 40th Anniversary. This event is partnership with Cold Storage and will be held from 22 October 2014 to 2nd November 2014 at Plaza Sing Main Atrium on Level 1.

The live gourmet event is featuring a wide range of international delights, an extensive selection of beers, ciders and wines as well as the new launch of F&B products.  During the events, shoppers can enjoy wine tasting, listen to live jazz performances and interactive games. Hence, shoppers also can get to taste the freshly shucked oysters, Wagyu beer and sausages which go well pairing with a glass of wine.

Shoppers may also find exclusive new launch items such as Buffalo Blue Cheese, Herr’s Potato Chips, Herr’s Baby Back Ribs Potato Chips, Haegaarden Rossee Beer and Rekorderlig Ciders.

Wine Tasting!

Well this year is coming to the end, Christmas and New Year is around the corner. Likewise, this is the best chance for us to shop at Cold Storage “Flavours of the World” event to purchase Beers, Wines and Chips (F&B Products) at the promotion price. Hurry visit now!

Gourmet Sausages

Freshly Shucked Oysters

Wagyu Beef

Group photo at Cold Storage “Flavours of The World” Event.

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