Monday, May 30, 2016

Perfect Couple Dating Place at Palladium Café in Johor Bahru

Discover the Eco village over a delights dessert and a cup of coffee with the perfect ambiances for couple dating, The Palladium Café nestled at Eco Spring Show Village, 81100 Johor Bahru, Malaysia is a must to visit. All Jay Chou fans will find this scene very familiar as the glass house café exterior concept is inspired by Jay Chou’s music video 手寫的從前. I am totally in love with the Palladium Café as what I saw in Jay Chou’s MV.

The Palladium Café indoor and outdoor concept gives visitors a different perspective view when dine in. Regardless is it in the indoor or at the outdoor setting, Palladium Café is definitely an Instagram worthy place for your OOTD (outfit of the day) as well as your food photography shot or even wedding photography shoot. You will never regret!

The Palladium Café welcome entrance
The unique glass house café has a satisfying customer services, serving excellent savoury cheesecake desserts and authentic red espresso drink at the affordable price. Likewise a well splendid afternoon, I ordered a cup of iced cappuccino and paired with a slice of hazelnut caramel cheesecake. Well, "count the Memories not the Calories."

Some of the other recommended MUST EAT cakes at the palladium café will be the Pandan cheesecake with Gula Melaka and Satin red velvet cake.

We ended our delightful café hopping day with a cup of Red Espresso. It is a kind of red tea from Cederberg, South Africa. It is 100% natural process, with no caffeine. It is also known as "Happy Tea", which release the happy hormone in our body.

For your information, the Palladium Café at Johor Bahru, Malaysia is 30 minutes driving distance away from the City Square Mall. Hurry and get a taste

The Palladium Café Location Address:
Jalan Ekoflora 1, Taman Ekoflora,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Price range: 10RM – 15RM

Saturday, May 28, 2016

6 Key Points to take away from Angry Birds Movie Review

Before entering the cinema, most of us will be wondering why angry birds are always angry. Well, In the Angry Birds movie you will find the answer. The Angry Birds movie naturally teaches us an inspiration life lesson which literally matches our reality world.

It tells a story of the “lonely” RED Bird which initially was look down by everyone because of its appearance and attitude. He was trying to be nice but everyone took his words and actions for granted. However the twist of the movie was fantastic and unpredictable with the fiery war against the piggy island. I got touch and my tear flow immediately at the last part of the Angry Birds movie.

6 key points to take away from the Angry Birds Movie:
1. Don’t ever look down on a person just because he or she looks ugly
2. When bad things happened, don’t ever give up easily
3. Faith is the key to success and conquers the obstacles around you
4. Don’t take things for granted
5. Trust your partner and friends
6. Learn how to understand and trust one another, because angry won’t solve your problem

The Angry Birds is one of the best animation movies I watched in May in this summer. I rate the Angry Bird movie: 4.5/5 star. The movie has officially released in Singapore at all cinema theatres. Hurry and catch the angry birds now!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Acronis True Image 2016 with 5-in-1 Protection Bundle

People suffering from computer viruses, data loss, and identity theft typically do not use the latest tools to protect their computers because they are too expensive and difficult to buy! Now, with the Acronis new bundle, customers can get all the protection they need with one simple purchase.

For just S$85, customers can get a complete data protection package that includes Acronis True Image, Kaspersky Internet Security, CyberGhost VPN, CCleaner Pro Plus and Malwarebytes.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Food Review: Torimaru Ramen at Ramen Champion Bugis+

Tori Paitan Ramen (Creamy Chicken Soup Ramen) is a latest ramen fad in Japan, after Tonkotsu Ramen's popularity in the past years. This rich and creamy chicken soup is one of the most famous in Japan right now! They are joining the big family in Ramen Champion!

Torimaru is helmed by Chef Takano Koji who has undergone intense trainings under Chef Koji Tashiro, founder of Menya Koji Group, Japan. Mainly they're two different types of noodles are used at Torimaru; thin yellow noodles for the ramens and thick white noodles for the tsukemen (dipping noodles). The standard topping of Torimaru Paitan Ramen includes Tender Chicken Breast Chashu, Homemade Chicken Meat Balls, Ajitama (Seasoned Soft‐boiled eggs), Negi (Japanese Leek), and Nori (Dried Seaweed). Chicken breast is used for the chashu due to its low fat content; it is the perfect match to Tori Paitan Ramen.

The special homemade Chicken Meat Balls are refreshing due to some of its ingredients like ginger & chicken soft bone for different textures. Tori Paitan (Creamy Chicken Soup), the star of Torimaru is packed with collagen that is nourishing. The creamy white broth is achieved by robust boiling over high temperatures, along with five kinds of chicken parts (including large amounts of chicken feet) and along with five kinds of vegetables for over ten hours. Torimaru's Ramen strictly contains NO PORK, NO LARD; you can enjoy pure chicken goodness in its creamy chicken broth.

Signature Special Chicken Ramen, the highly recommended ramen by the Chef Takano Koji's. The ramen came with the standard topping which i mentioned above. The creamy chicken broth was really addictive; i simply drink finish the whole bowl of the soup before i am done with my ramen, i even asks for refill of the soup!

Next we move on to the Special Chicken Tsukemen (Dipping Noodle). Unique way of eating ramen, usually you will only able to see dipping noodle in Soba form but now they are trying a new way of eating ramen. Everything on this bowl was cold except for the meatballs and the dipping soup. I find that the thick noodle texture was under-cook and not that springy and chewy. The dipping broth was more on the salty side, after you had finished your noodle, they will add dashi soup to your dipping soup! After added, the undrinkable broth became alive! The broth tasted light and full of flavors.

My Verdict:
This new collagen ramen is definitely worth the try and i will be back for more of it! The ladies will definitely love it too, as the collagen is high in protein and is good for the skin. You can have good food and pamper your health at the same time!

Ramen Champion Bugis+ Location Address:
201 Victoria Street, Bugis+ #04-10
Singapore 188067

Contact No: 6238 1011

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Parallels Access v3.1 is now available for iPad Pro and Windows 10

Parallels announced the availability of Parallels Access 3.1, bringing seamless support for remote PC or Mac access to iPad Pro and Windows 10. It offers users the easiest and most natural way to control PC or Mac applications from their iOS or Android tablet, as well as from any computer with an HTML5 web browser without installing any plugins.

Parallels Access v3.1 Features:
- Full support for the beautiful displays of both the 9.7-inch and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, so that applications and desktops look just as if they are running naturally and natively on the tablet.

- 3D Touch is now enabled on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, allowing users to accomplish simple tasks like drag-and-drop and right-click even faster.

- Users can now unleash your creativity with support for Apple Pencil, as well as other common styluses such as Samsung’s S Pen.

- Full compatibility with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Parallels Access 3.1 also features support for the new Tablet Mode in Windows 10 in both its iOS and Android versions, which makes Windows 10 easier to interact with when you don’t have a mouse or keyboard. This is almost equivalent to turning your iPad into an actual Windows 10 tablet!

Parallels Access 3.1 is a free update to anyone with a current Parallels Access subscription, which costs US$19.99 per year. A free 7-day trial is available at

Monday, May 23, 2016

Food Review: Market Restaurant at Legoland Malaysia Theme Park

Market Restaurant in Legoland Malaysia offer a wide range selection of Asian and Western cuisine. For Asian food choices, you can go for their Chicken Biryani or chicken rice. They focus more on chicken meat food as they restaurant are halal certified! For western food choices, you can go for their lamb shanks and fish and chips which this two dishes are the popular dish among the western food category.

The indoor seating is perfect on warm days or enjoy the shaded outdoors seating with a great view of the Park Nasi Biryani - The highlight dishes’s Nasi Biryani came with a large chicken thigh portion, achar and a bowl of Biryani rice. Likewise, the tender and juicy curry chicken thigh complementary with the sweet spicy sauce that match the Biryani rice well.

Next recommended dishes will be the lamb shank stew which came with a huge lamb shank, creamy mashed potato, sauteed mushroom, cherry tomato and vegetables topped up with mushroom sauce. This is the most tender lamb shank dishes that i had ever tried at Legoland Malaysia. Hence, the meat was easily peel off from the bone and was fully absorbed the strong flavor of mushroom sauce. The creamy mashed potato was creamy and savoury.

My Verdict
I enjoyed my experience dining at market restaurant. I highly recommend everyone to try their signature dishes – The Nasi Biryani and Lamb Shank. Trust me, you won't be disappoint. Next thing i like about the market restaurant at Legoland Malaysia was their spacious and artistic interior design.

Legoland Market Restaurant Location Address:
Jalan Legoland, Medini, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor,
Malaysia 39 Market Restaurant

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Unboxing the LEAGOO Shark 1 Intelligent Smartphone

Unboxing the Chinese leading Smartphone brand in the market – The LEAGOO Shark 1, come with 8.5mm slim and sleek exterior phone design features the world’s highest capacity of 6300mAh Lithium-Polymer battery and latest generation of fingerprint censors.

The Shark 1 Smartphone also comes with the inbuilt of 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera and supports a Full HD screen of 6-inche with a resolution of up to 1980 x 1080 and pixel density up to 368 ppi. This allows the users to have the best viewing experience not only video playback but also while surfing the internet. In addition, it also allows the users to have a perfect “selfie” and “wefie” shot too.

Besides the long life battery ability and the excellent viewing screen size, Shark 1 also features the latest 64-bit 1.3 GHz octa core processor and includes a 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM with the possibility of up to 64GB external micro SD card. Shark 1 is running on the latest Android Lollipop 5.1 to cater a faster and higher efficiency computation.

Interesting fact about the Shark 1 supported with OTG is that it allows you to exchange data between different kinds of devices by connecting your Shark 1 with your mouse, keyboard or USB flash drive. You can also charge another Android device by building a connection and supplementing battery power of devices for people around you.

Shark 1 Smartphone Specifications:
-> 6-inch Full HD Display
-> 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM
-> Fingerprint censor Support
-> GPS Support
-> Battery Life up to 24 hours
-> 13 MP Rear Camera and 5PM Front Camera
-> Running on Android Lollipop 5.1
-> Support Dual SIM with 4G network
-> External microSD card support up to 64GB
    The LEAGOO Shark 1 comes in Starlight Silver, Midnight Black and Champagne Gold colour with the retail selling price of S$399, available at nearly 100 stores island-wide. Click here.

    Friday, May 20, 2016

    EVA Air Launches New Travel Personality Campaign

    EVA Air has launched its first digital campaign of the year called ‘MAP MY PERSONALITY’ to promote its cabin class offerings. The month-long campaign which runs till 12 June 2016, seeks to educate consumers on the airline’s three travel classes, its extensive services as well as its connectivity around the region and beyond.

    MAP MY PERSONALITY’ features an interactive online platform filled with several elements such as personality tests and quizzes; enabling users to be engaged with the EVA Air brand on a daily basis and ultimately earn points.

    - Users who take the personality tests are directed to corporate videos about EVA Air’s travel class features, which are tailored to suit their personalities.

    - The points accumulated from participating in daily challenges and sharing these with their friends to earn bonus points throughout the campaign period will provide users with opportunities to be entitled to promotions and prizes, including 1 free trips (subject to terms and conditions) to Taipei and any destination within North America that EVA Air flies to.

    - EVA Air will also be introducing more direct flights to the US from Taipei with three additional flights to New York on 7 July 2016 and four new weekly flights to its latest destination, Chicago on 2 November 2016.

    - Travellers can enjoy these additional flights across EVA Air’s three travel classes - Royal Laurel (Business), Elite (Premium Economy) and Economy. In 2015, EVA Air achieved the “Best Aircraft Cabin Cleanliness” and “World’s Top 10 Airlines” award at SKYTRAX’s annual World Airline Awards.

    Tickets can be purchased by booking online at

    Cloud Data Protection Fuels Explosive Growth for Acronis in Asia Pacific Region

    Acronis today reported strong momentum in its global cloud data protection business as it broadens its market reach and expands its partner ecosystem across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Following the launch of its new cloud architecture and data protection platform and the roll-out of its world-class partner program in 2015, Acronis achieved impressive 800% year-over-year growth globally in bookings for Acronis Backup Cloud, its leading backup solution for service providers and cloud resellers.

    This included 10x growth in managed Cloud storage and a more than 800% increase in the number of devices protected compared to the previous year. In APAC, Acronis Backup Cloud bookings grew by more than 200 percent year-over-year in 2015, and in the first quarter of 2016 the cloud business doubled comparing to the second half of 2015.

    Acronis is poised to build on this strong momentum in the APAC region as it carries out aggressive efforts to sign-up new partners and continue the expansion of its product portfolio in the region.

    Tapping into the Huge Market Demand for Data Protection in APAC
    Today’s businesses in APAC face new challenges when it comes to data protection, including huge increases in data volume, man-made and natural disasters, and cyber-threats like ransomware. The market started to recognize the benefits of adopting cloud data proctection services, making data protection a modern day IT requirement that every business needs.

    Data sovereignty regulations, roll-out of national broadband networks and commoditization of cloud services increase the use of cloud services and generate high demand for hybrid cloud data protection technology provided by Acronis. With many cloud storage partners across the region and the ability to run Acronis software-defined storage on local infrastructure, Acronis enables service providers to comply with data storage regulations and offer low-latency cloud connection to their customers.

    Acronis has made aggressive investments in cloud data protection and focuses its research and development efforts on developing cloud services solutions for service providers. Acronis differs from other data protection vendors in that it delivers a complete cloud architecture and its solutions easily plug into existing service provider environments, while seamlessly supporting their management and business support systems – either in pure cloud or hybrid cloud environments.

    Acronis solutions also feature automation of services that significantly reduces the total cost of ownership for data protection, and a scale-out architecture that can support millions of end users.

    Acronis Backup Cloud Delivers Easy, Complete Affordable Data Protection
    Acronis Backup Cloud equips service providers to quickly solve customer data protection problems with a proven, comprehensive local and cloud backup and recovery service. Acronis Backup Cloud is part of the complete set of Acronis data protection solutions, which includes backup, cloud storage, disaster recovery, and file sync and share.

    Acronis Backup Cloud features an extremely easy-to-use and intuitive interface and management console, and creates the next generation user experience for Acronis Cloud solutions. Acronis Backup Cloud makes it easier than ever for service providers and SMBs to manage protected devices, no matter where they are located or where the business wants the backup stored – either locally, in the cloud or both.

    Service providers and cloud resellers that are interested in learning how easy the Acronis Backup Cloud solution is can sign up for a free trial here.

    Wednesday, May 18, 2016

    Acronis sharpen data protection with Blockchain Technology

    Acronis announced a strategic initiative to develop applications of Blockchain technology for data protection. It has formed a dedicated research and development team that is initially focused on delivering ‘tamper-proof’ data storage with verifiable sync and share solutions that leverage Blockchain to guarantee data authenticity, privacy and control.

    The groundbreaking Blockchain technology, which provides a record of digital events distributed across different participants or entities, has the potential to open up a broad range of new data protection use cases for businesses and organizations worldwide.

    Blockchain Promises Huge Potential for Data Protection
    Today's digital world contains a huge number of assets whose originality and ownership are difficult and costly to define and track. Blockchain can solve this problem by providing global authenticity and security for data and transactions of any kind, reducing the cost and complexity of centralized systems while making data ‘tamper-proof’. With Blockchain, data and transactions can only be updated by rules of consensus between participants in the system, and when new data is entered, it can never be erased.

    Acronis to Apply Blockchain Technology to Deliver ‘Tamper-Proof’ Data Protection
    Acronis is taking a unique and targeted approach at how Blockchain can be used to solve specific data protection problems by seeking and developing use cases that exist today. Data and transactions that are protected from tampering by Blockchain can be used for those use cases where individuals or businesses absolutely must maintain the integrity of the original information.

    For example, Acronis is currently extending its data storage solutions and file sync and share solutions with Blockchain technology to monitor data integrity and guarantee validity at all times. Examples of data that can be protected from tampering using Blockchain include property and medical records, stock transfers, chain-of-evidence for court documents, police video or security camera footage, long-term archiving that could be subject to IT audits, and ‘consortium’ data storage, where multiple individuals or entities can securely store and exchange massive amounts of data and information.

    Acronis Data Authentication ‘Prototype’ Using Blockchain Now Available
    As part of the initiative, Acronis is unveiling a prototype solution to give its service provider partners and end user customers an introduction to the power of Blockchain technology for data protection. The prototype shows an example of how Blockchain can be used to verify and protect data with timestamps and certificates of authenticity. By making the prototype available to the public, Acronis is seeking input on potential data protection use cases for Blockchain technology. Participants will be ask for their name and contact info in an effort to better understand the market need and potential of Blockchain for data protection.

    For more information and to try the prototype: click here

    Stunning Gold ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360 Features

    The new stunning Gold ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360 is now available in ASUS Brand stores retailing at the price of $1,298. It is one of the thinnest and lightest 13.3-inch laptop that can be flipped up to 360-degrees, making it extremely versatile for business travellers, commuters and professional.

    The ZenBook Flip is fully equipped to make work more productive conveniently for everyone. It is one of the first laptops in the market to feature the powerful yet battery-frugal 6th-generation Intel® Core™ M processor, a key contributor to its outstanding up to 12-hour 1 battery life that offers all-working-day convenience for serious mobile users. The clever fanless design, with its specially designed ultra-thin heat pipe, ensures silent operation over prolonged usage.

    The ZenBook family is renowned for its use of high-quality components and the latest technology, and the ZenBook Flip is no exception. Its powerful specification includes 8GB of high-performance LPDDR3 RAM and a high-speed up to 256GB solid-state disk (SSD). It also features two USB 3.0 Type-A ports and a reversible next-generation USB 3.1 Type-C port for fast and easy connections to existing and future devices.

    The ZenBook Flip is also fitted with a precision noise-reducing array microphone that not only makes sound recordings clearer, but also allows accurate voice interaction with Windows Cortana, for which it is certified. Accurate and intuitive navigation is ensured by the large touchpad, which supports ASUS Smart Gesture multi-touch gestures. The touchpad also has intelligent palm-rejection technology that automatically recognises and rejects accidental palm presses for easier, interference-free typing.

    ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360 Highlights:
    • Thinnest & lightest 13.3-inch convertible laptops, with an ultra-slim 13.9mm profile and weighing just 1.3kg
    • Reliable 360° hinge mechanism for a truly versatile laptop
    • Outstanding battery life of up to 12 hours for all-working-day autonomy
    • Fanless design with 8GB RAM and up to 256GB SSD storage for silent operation
    • Available in stunning Icicle Gold colour for an elegant and stylish look
    Availability & Pricing
    The ZenBook Flip UX360CAis available at $1,298 at ASUS Brand Stores and authorised retailers from today onwards.

    Saturday, May 14, 2016

    新南拳媽媽 《东山再起》Music Video written and support by Jay Chou

    Taiwanese band group 南拳媽媽 (Nan Quan Mama) returns to the music industry with their new group members, the 4th generation 新南拳媽媽 had officially released their first music video 《东山再起》, written and support by the Jay Chou to create a fresh look of the 4th gen 新南拳媽媽.

    The adorable music video kicks off with a fun atmosphere and catchy melody to showcase their new members (彈頭、洪言翔、曹景豪、嚴正嵐) of Nan Quan Mama (新南拳媽媽).

    Jay Chou and former 南拳媽媽 member’s Zhan Yuhao (詹宇豪) had made a special appearance in this music video to give their fullest support to the new 4th Generation of Nan Quan Mama. Check out the music video here:

    新南拳媽媽 - 《东山再起》 Music Synopsis:

    Grab & Gold Cafe at Golden Village Suntec City

    No longer just only popcorn or hot dog for your blockbuster movies! Welcome to the newly open Grab & Gold Cafe located at Golden Village Suntec City. The Cafe offers take-away style foods that will satisfy every craving. You can now munch on scrumptious delights such as Churros, Waffle Fries and Karaage Chicken before the silver screen. Sweetening the deal, all tempting dishes from the cafe can even be served straight to your cinema hall!

    The items on the menu can be enjoyed within the cinema halls at Golden Village Suntec City, at the café or as takeaway items.

    Friday, May 13, 2016

    10 Fun Activities for Family Bonding at Malaysia Legoland Star Wars Days 2016

    The annual LEGO Star Wars Days returns at the Legoland Malaysia Theme Park this year with spectacular and thrilling Star Wars activities for the kids and adults from 30 April to 31 May 2016. Courtesy to the Legoland Malaysia and Premium Travel Magazine for the warm invitation, my friends and I had a fabulous weekend spent at the Legoland Malaysia Theme Park.

    MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US! It was our virgin trip to the Legoland Malaysia nestled in Nusajaya, the southern tips of Johor Bahru. The perfect weekend had lead us to witness the live Imperial March led by an army of Stormtroopers and LEGO® Darth Vader alongside a variety of characters from the franchise, with more than 90 Star Wars costumers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Australia and Hong Kong.

    Without further ado, let me introduce you the 
    10 fun activities for Family Bonding at Malaysia Legoland Star Wars Days 2016:

    1. LEGO Star Wars Miniland Display
    We proceed on to the Star Wars Miniland Model Display, a new indoor experience for Star Wars Fans! I got amazed by the air-conditioned galaxy ambiances filled with the gigantic LEGO Star Wars model displays as well as the mini figures. For Star Wars collectors and kids will definitely love it!

    The attraction features seven scenes from the six Star Wars™ films and The Clone Wars™ animated series in great detail. In total, the attraction features more than 2,000 LEGO® models built to a 1:20 scale using 1.5 million LEGO® bricks.

    2. Free Entry for kids with Full Star Wars Costume
    The LEGO Star Wars day’s event had draw a big group of Star Wars fans, likewise happening in the month of May, children will get to enjoy the FREE entry to the Legoland Malaysia Theme Park when they are dressed in full star wars costume. Don‘t forget to put your Star Wars props and accessories on to transform your look into something truly awesome!

    3. Snap the Largest LEGO Millennium Falcon
    For kids and adults! Take this opportunity and snap a photo with the world’s largest LEGO® Millennium Falcon™ at the Legoland Malaysia Resort from 3rd May to 31 May 2016. Photo taking is FREE!

    4. One-stop Family Photo Moment with your Favourite Country & Cities
    Located in the centre territory at the Legoland Malaysia theme park, you may now have your family photo opportunity with your favourite country attractions displays. More than 10 different countries around the region can be found in this area.

    5. Build and Take home a Mini Millennium Falcon
    for kids and adults! Visitors can head down to the LEGO Academy and redeem their limited edition Millennium Falcon. All you have to do is to follow the instruction sheet and build a mini LEGO Millennium Falcon. The limited edition set are only available on every weekend in MAY. Hope this take-home reminder of the day’s amazing LEGO Star Wars memories.

    6. LEGO® Star Wars™ Activity Trail
    For kids! Starting from 1 May to 31 May 2016 at LEGO Star Wars, simply complete the journey and be rewarded with the limited edition LEGO® Star Wars Days DUPLO Commemorative Bricks.

    7. LEGO 4D Movie
    Don’t miss the 4D LEGO movie exclusively screens at the Legoland Malaysia Resort! Follows a new journey for Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Benny and MetalBeard after they receive a mysterious invitation leading them to a new theme park where all of the rides are based on the characters' adventures in "The LEGO Movie." The 4D movie was simple and interactive and is more suitable for kids. Click here to see their show time

    8. YOLO Rides at LEGO Technic and LEGO Kingdoms
    Transport yourself to the age of myth… If you are first time visiting the Legoland Malaysia, you have to give your YOLO wild ride with your kids. Legoland Malaysia resort is a perfect place for family bonding through the indoor and outdoor activities at LEGO Technic and LEGO Kingdoms. Plenty of photo opportunity at these two places too. Allowed you and your kids YOLO for once and remember for live!

    9. Discover Legoland via the LEGO Observation Tower
    We stepped into the “Imagination” zone and hop onto the LEGO Observation Tower to discover the Legoland in a 360 degree panorama look. The Tower is a covered Observation Deck, which meanders upwards in a slow circular motion to allow guests to view the entire LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort and the surrounding areas. Beautiful ~!

    Bird's-eye view of Legoland Malaysia

    10. Fabulous Family Packages at Legoland Hotel
    The month of May would be the perfect time for adult fans to share their Star Wars™ love with their children, with the Fabulous Family Package! Discover plenty of Force-filled LEGO Star Wars™ fun and save up to RM222 for 2 adults + 2 children!

    Everything is awesome! So have you started planning your family bonding trip to the Legoland Malaysia in the month of MAY? Hurry and don’t miss out the Star Wars Day’s activities! Immerse yourself and unleash your creativity with the tons of LEGO bricks. Hopefully you and your kids have a memorable and enjoyable trip in Legoland Malaysia. Why choose Lego? Because: Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
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