Saturday, December 31, 2016

7 Amazing Resolutions Awaits Me in Year 2017

Today mark the 31st of December 2016! Happy New Year Eve to everyone! Time flies, it has been a fruitful and memorable year for me. Thank you for all the events opportunities and the featured on traditional and social media, as well as my supporters and readers throughout these years at Hpility SG. I am looking forward to the amazing year 2017.

Well, instead of writing a summary post about my year-end, I am here to share the happening in year 2017! Although the result was generated by an app but I like it! Cheers! Without further ado, let’s see the result here:

1. Which 20 friends will be by your side in the New Year?
Let’s start off with friends! According to the app, here are my 20 friends that will be by my side in the New Year! Make a guess, who is going to the countdown with me at the Marina Bay tomorrow? xD

2. What Does Your 2017 Calendar Look Like?
The app unveiled that 2017 will be a big year for me! My friends will be there for me and I will be there for them just the same.

3. Which is your best month in 2017?
Well, the app said that the best month of mine in 2017 is going to in JUNE! “You will be able to fulfil all your dreams and goals. You'll encounter many wonderful opportunities in this month. This will be your show-stopper month in 2017!” Oh yes! Excited to looking forward to June 2017!

4. Which 3 Things Will Happen To You In 2017?
“Hong Peng, the year 2017 is still an unwritten book, but nothing can stop you from dreaming of the future. And once these dreams turn into reality, you will enjoy 12 incredibly successful and adventurous months.” Those 3 things is what I thought too. That’s kinda accurate!

5. What words of wisdom are you in 2017?
“You have a wise head on your shoulders. You have been through a lot this year, and emerged stronger on the other side. These words reflect your inner strength and the resolve you enter 2017 with will be rewarded with much happiness in 2017.”

6. Find Out Who Will Do Everything For You In 2017!
According to the app, here are my amazing friends that will do everything for me in year 2017! “They have always been there for you, and they will continue to do so in 2017. You really couldn't ask for better friends than these, so hold them close and never let them go!” Thank you friends! I just want to say that I will do everything for you too! Cheers + Hugs!!!

7. Who Should You Hang Out With In 2017?
“The New Year and 12 new months are waiting for you. You'll have a lot of time for your dear friends next year! Together, you will make 2017 an unforgettable year.” Alright, I will cherish them! ^^

Thank you everyone for spending some times on the last day of the year 2016 to read my serious and nonsense post! Hahaha, I will definitely bring you the best exciting and interesting articles in year 2017.

Next year is Hpility SG 10th year anniversary! If you wish to collaborate or partnership with us, please drop me an email at: 

Happy New Year 2017

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Delightful Christmas Dinner Gathering at The Armoury Cafe & Bar

Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year to everyone! Last week, I had a delightful Christmas gathering with my clique at the Armoury Cafe & Bar located in the historical South Beach Quarter Singapore. Thank you The Armoury for hosting us with the spread of delicious dishes and their signature craft beers. I was amazed by the lively-romantic ambiances when I first stepped into the Armoury.

The Armoury has an interesting cafe and bar concept offers diners a magical dining experience whereby it is a café by day and Craft beer and Wine bar by night. The American bar serve more than 15 craft beers on tap and a large variety of coastal seafood, lead by Chef Ben and his culinary team. Therefore, here are some of their signature dishes we had tried during our Christmas dinner.

We kicked off with the recommended starter dish – Pork Belly Confit with watermelon cube. The crispy bite of the pork belly complement well with satisfying taste of the juicy watermelon.

The salted egg yolk sausage bun with sweet potato fries was one of my favourite dishes at the Armoury Singapore. I like the feeling of the small bite on the soft-crispy fried bun which blends well with the salted egg yolk sausage heavenly aftertaste.

Satisfy your taste bud and challenge your spicy limit with the delectable Armoury Buffalo Wings, served with a side of celery and bleu cheese for dipping.

Berry Ricotta Pancake comes topped with seasonal berries and drizzled with yuzu gel. Do note that it is recommended consuming in hot because of its chewy texture.

The chocolate cream puffs with vanilla ice cream dessert will definitely be the best choice ever to end your heavy comfort meal.

My verdict:
The Armoury Cafe & Bar offers a wallet-friendly menu which comes with scrumptious dishes from craft beers to coastal seafood. Likewise, it is definitely a recommended place for friends gathering and chilling by over a refreshing craft beers on tap, especially after a long working day.

The Armoury Cafe & Bar Location Address:
36 Beach Road Singapore

Public Transit:
By Train - Circle Line:
Esplanade (Exit G) > Head northwest on Raffles Blvd toward Beach Rd > Turn right onto Beach Rd > Destination on the right

Downtown Line/ East West Line:
Bugis (Exit D) > Head southeast on Rochor Rd toward Beach Rd > Turn right onto Beach Rd> Destination on the left

By Bus:
Take bus 100 / 107 / 107M / 57 / 961
to Shaw Towers > Walk southwest on Beach Rd toward Middle Rd > Destination on the left.

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 8am to 3pm / 5pm to 11pm
Friday: 8am to 3pm / 5pm to 1am
Saturday: 9am to 4pm / 5pm to 1am
Sunday: 9am to 4pm / 5pm to 11pm

The Armoury Singapore official Facebook Page: 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Soothing Scalp Treatment at 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Haji Lane

My monthly affair back at the 99 Percent Hair Studio located at the Haji Lane outlet, and this time round I went for my hair cut and scalp treatment before the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Hair loss in general may cause by many reasons such as physical and emotional stress, nutritional insufficiency, dirty scalp, lack of protein and overstyling. As going through the scanning process using the scalp scanner, I was told that my scalps were found reddish. In result, it causes my scalp itchy and hair lacking of nutrition and if worst, hair loss.

Here was my scan result... Pretty bad I guess... 
Thank you my hair stylist, Katherine for the professional hair care advices. After the scan result, I got introduced to the scalp mask which helps in rebalancing of oil levels on my scalp. Well, here are the steps that I went though for my scalp treatment:

Firstly, apply the cleansing gel to soften and remove the first layer of the dirty scalp (meaning unwashed). Followed by, wash it with the treatment scalp shampoo.

Next, applying a balance scalp mask to help in rebalancing of oil levels and wait for 15 minutes. Next, rinse off and then apply an energy serum for the scalp which helps to replenish nutrients and this process helps in my hair growth too.

My scalp treatment took about 1.5 hours to complete. It was a relaxing and rejuvenating process and I felt that it was absolutely effective. Once again, thank you Katherine from 99 Percent Hair Studio for taking good care of my hair.
To add on, 99 Percent Hair Studio is giving a “SURE-WIN” surprise to everyone through their lucky dip as a welcome to the Lunar Rooster New Year 2017. Each eligible customer will be entitled to a sure to win attractive discounts or mystery grand prizes draw. Click to see how it works: 99 Percent Hair Studio Lucky Dip

There are total of 3 outlets in Singapore! 

Book your hair appointment with 99 Percent Hair Studio today! 

Haji Lane: 63963667
Katong Moda: 67027062
Orchard Central: 62383667

Monday, December 26, 2016

Celebrate the traditional Lunar New Year 2017 at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Celebration the tradition Lunar New Year 2017 with Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel by welcome the year of the Fire Rooster. The Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant unleashes the distinctive line-up menu of Chinese New Year feasts reunion from 9 January to 11 February 2017.

Let’s start the Lunar New Year Dinner with the Abalone & Salmon Yu Sheng with Crispy Fish Skin (三文鱼鲍鱼鱼生). A new taste of the crispy fish skin blends well with the juice of abalone to heat up the mood of the fire rooster. The Yu Sheng comes with 2 pricing at S$68 and S$128, small and large respectively. Do note that, if you want the Fire Rooster display on your Yu Sheng, you need to order in advance.

Wan Hao Nourishing Pen Cai with pig trotter and Crispy Oyster (黄金盆菜)
Pen Cai also known as treasure pot. It is an auspicious dish that filled to the brim with layers of luscious and exquisite ingredients and delicacies such as seafood and meat. The big hit for me is their meat ball and their fried oyster. The meat ball is really bouncy, meaty and juicy. The fried oyster was fresh and savory. Let's bond with the family over a pot of pen cai in this Chinese New Year.

Braised Bird’s Nest Broth with Crab Meat, Conpoy & Wolfberries (蟹皇芙蓉燕窝羹)
Bird's nest will never go wrong with any dishes. The broth was creamy, aromatic and full of bird's nest and crab meat. I guarantee you that every spoonful of broth, you will get bird's nest and crab meat in it.

Stewed Spare Ribs with Hawthorn and Preserved Plum (山楂话梅陈皮骨)
My favourite among all CNY dishes. This stewed spare ribs is the one of the best so far that I had. The spare ribs was surprising soft and tender. The melty texture meat was aromatic with the sense of the herbs. You will never regret trying it.

Chilled Osmanthus Jelly with Water Chestnut & Wolfberries accompanied with Deep-fried Nian Gao Pancake with Yam Paste (桂花马蹄糕拼酥皮芋茸年糕锅饼)
Lastly, a healthy and refreshing dessert to cool down your body after a heavy meal! It is an interesting concept by serving Nian Gao and yam tart together as one. The Nian Gao and yam tart are the great dessert combination, neither of the taste was well overwhelmed. The yam tart crust was very crispy and flavourful. The chewy nian gao gives the creamy texture yam a whole new level in it.

My Verdict:
It was a delightful Chinese New Year dinner at the Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. Those recommended dishes above were well-cooked and delicious. I still cannot forget the taste of the spare ribs and the baked traditional Niao Gao with Yam Tart. Well, I hope you will have a wonderful Lunar New Year reunion feasts with your family at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.

Chinese New Year Eve Buffet Dinner  (27 January 2017)
Buffet pricing: Adult: $118++* (Adult) & $60++ (Child)

Chinese New Year Day - 28 and 29 January 2017
Buffet lunch pricing:
Adult: $68++*** & Child: $38++**
Buffet dinner pricing
Adult: $98++*** & Child: $48++**

* Inclusive of free flow of sparkling wine, beer and soft drinks
** Inclusive of free flow soft drinks
*** Inclusive of a choice of a glass of sparkling wine, beer or soft drink

Friday, December 23, 2016

Double up your cheesy experience at Daessiksin Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant

A delightful cheesy gathering with my friends at the DaeSsiksin Korean BBQ Buffet restaurant located at the WestMall shopping mall.

The DaeSsiksin Korean BBQ Buffet offers more than 10 different types of marinated meats and a range of Korean delicacies, Free flow of drinks and with a top up of $3++ per serving, it also comes with the cheese dip best for your Korean BBQ meal.

We enjoyed the buffet spread with smoke-free ambiances

Wide varieties of meats, vegetables and sources

Before enjoying the cheesy meal, first you need to melt the cheese.

Delectable juicy meats dip with hot melted cheese

I personally like the combination of fresh-cooked Korean BBQ meats with melted cheese. It gives me a heavenly taste over the tender juicy meats. Either fried or grilled, the melted cheese at the DaeSsiksin Korean BBQ Buffet restaurant is your choice for your best cheese dip.

Daessiksin Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant at WestMall Location Address:
Westmall #01-38/39
Tel: + 65 6254 7837

Operating hours:
Weekday Lunch 11.30 – 16.30 & Dinner 17.30 – 22.00 (Friday 17.30 – 22.30)
Saturday, Eve of Public Holiday All Day 11.30 – 22.30
Sunday, Public Holiday All Day 11.30 – 22.00

Buffet Pricing:
Weekday *120,mins lunch, 120mins dinner Limit Per Diner.
Friday dinner 90mins*
Lunch $14.90++ (Adult) & $10.90++ (Child and Senior Citizen)
Dinner $24.90++ (Adult) & $20.90++ (Child and Senior Citizen)
Weekend, PH and eve of PH 90mins Limit Per Diner
All day $24.90++ (Adult)
$20.90++ (Children and Senior Citizen)

Additionlal Cheese Dip $3++

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Give your best Sunshine GIF at the Mandarin Gallery this weekend

Hop over to the entrance of Mandarin Gallery for a special treat from Sunshine in this festive season, from 16 December to 25 December 2016. Sunshine is setting up a photo booth where everyone and anyone can take pictures together with their loved ones! Here is their photo booth operating hours:

  • 16 Dec (Fri)5pm - 10pm (5 hours)
  • 17 Dec (Sat)12noon - 10pm (10 hours)
  • 18 Dec (Sun)12noon - 10pm (10 hours)
  • 19 Dec (Mon)5pm - 10pm (5 hours)
  • 20 Dec (Tue)5pm - 10pm (5 hours)
  • 21 Dec (Wed)5pm - 10pm (5 hours)
  • 22 Dec (Thu)5pm - 10pm (5 hours)
  • 23 Dec (Fri)12noon - 10pm (10 hours)
  • 24 Dec (Sat)12noon - 10pm (10 hours)
  • 25 Dec (Sun)12noon - 10pm (10 hours)

This isn’t your old-fashioned photo booth but a new age GIF photo booth which animates your photos into a GIF.

What’s more, Sunshine will be giving away 24,000 loaves of the newly crafted Canadian Sprout Extra Fine wholemeal bread. The bread is made with 100% Wholemeal Flour plus it is LOW in FAT and LOW in SUGAR! This loaf is baked with Canadian Anthograins which gives our bread the aromatic taste of wholemeal despite being finely milled. The Canadian Anthograin is sprouted to increase the grain’s digestibility and nutrient absorption.

While waiting to enter the Sunshine animated GIF photo booth, you’ll be able to sample Sunshine’s Canadian Sprout Extra Fine topped with premium SCS Cream Cheese! While stocks last.

Find your perfect Chinese New Year outfit on ZALORA

With the New Year quickly making its way through, be prepared for the upcoming Chinese New Year! Show your inner modern romantics this CNY with airy ruffles and floral prints, while incorporating the signature colours of red, gold and white to welcome the Year of the Rooster.

Game up your CNY outfit for a Spring/Summer look with florals in a versatile floral piece from TOPSHOP. Paired it with a simple black strappy sandals by Faith, here you are ready for a day full of festivities with the family.

Looking for something more CNY-inspired? Try this Capped Sleeves Lace Cheongsam Dress by ZALORA for size with its intricate design and gold thread embroidery for a stunning regal aesthetic. Up the shimmer ante with glittery heels in gold by MANGO.

Shop for the perfect Chinese New Year outfit here.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Release of Pokémon GO Gen 2 with AMK Hub & Chewy Junior

To all Pokemon fans! Here is good news for you! In line with the release of Pokemon GO Gen 2, Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Hub partners with Chewy Junior to introduce the Pokéball Puff, a unique tasty snack in honour of all Pokemon trainers.

To redeem an exclusive Pokéball Puff, simply present any Gen 2 Pokémon or Christmas Edition Pikachu on your Pokémon GO app at AMK Hub’s B1 Information Counter from 15 to 26 December 2016.

Redemption is limited to the first 100 Pokémon trainers each day with 1 redemption per trainer. No minimum spending is required!

With five PokéStops within AMK Hub, namely The God of Wealth, Orion’s Belt, God of Ingots, Noodles Mural and AMK Hub Fountain, you can hunt the new Pokémons in comfort. And with the convenience of food and drinks within easy reach and rest areas too, you can spend hours without breaking a sweat. So come on down to catch ‘em all!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

11 things you need to know before stepping into the ONE PIECE Restaurant in Taipei

Hello readers! Yes I am back from Taiwan!!! It was a memorable 5D4N trip ever to catch up with my good friends in Taipei. Part of my trip itinerary, my friend, Samuel and I visited the recent newly open One Piece Restaurant located in the heart of Dua Hua Street in Taipei.

It was an interesting themed restaurant for all One Piece fans to dine-in. Hence today, I am going to share with you guys the 11 things you need to know before stepping into the ONE PIECE Restaurant in Taipei.

1. You can book your appointment via their Facebook Page
You may try luck by walking in without booking but to avoid disappointment, it is always good to check the seat availability and book your time slot before visiting the One Piece Restaurant in Taipei. Hence, you can book your appointment directly from their official Facebook Page.

2. Photo opportunity with the One Piece Characters
You will feel a warm welcome by the One Piece characters at the main entrance. Likewise, this is also a great photo opportunity with your favourite One Piece characters.

3. Pirate ship Interior
The One Piece restaurant has an elegant pirate ship interior. Do note that, it is a restaurant, not a café!!!

4. Need at least minimum spending of NT250 (S$12) for per person
Yes! There is a minimum cap for each person to spend in One Piece restaurant in Taipei.

5. The One Piece Restaurant menu comes in 2 languages
The One Piece Restaurant food and drink menu comes in 2 languages (English and Chinese).

6. FREE 3D print on your coffee
Thinking of whether to order hot or cold coffee? Not to worry, you will still receive the 3D print (One Piece) design on your coffee. Yup! Is FREE!

7. Candy waffle is a must eat dessert
If you are visiting at their “high-tea” timing, one of my recommended dessert to you will be the Orange & cotton candy waffle.

Photo credit: 台灣航海王餐廳 ONE PIECE Restaurant Fb Page
8. Cups and dishes comes with One Piece design
The restaurant cups and dishes come with One Piece design. Well, too bad that you have to return after your dining-in.

9. Inclusive of 10% service charge
There will be an additional of 10% service charge in your total meal.

10. Limited Edition of One Piece Merchandise
For One Piece fans’ collector, don’t miss out this golden opportunity to purchase the limited edition of One Piece merchandise that can only be found in Taipei.

11. Purchase of One Piece products does not include 10% tax
Do note that the payment of your total meal and merchandise will be pay separately as the One Piece merchandise product does not include 10% service tax.

ONE PIECE Restaurant (台灣航海王餐廳) Location Address:
敦化南路一段169巷8號2樓, 106 Taipei, Taiwan

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm
Price range: NT250-NT800
Tel: 02 2752 0559

Friday, December 16, 2016

5D4N Taiwan Taipei Trip Day 1: Top 7 valuable street foods to eat at Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Hi readers! It has been awhile since my last visit to Taiwan. Yay! Welcome myself to Taipei City! A fruitful 5 Days 4 Nights trip with my good friend, Samuel and we decided to check-in the Sherwood Hotel for our stay in Taipei city.

Our hotel is located in the heart of Taipei near the Zhongshan Junior High School train station (Brown Line), and a short driving distance away from the Taipei 台北小巨蛋 and 台北101 tower.
Our first day/night, we visited the Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) for our dinner and shopping.

Our first day/night, we visited the Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) for our dinner and shopping. Yup! Shilin is one of the top tourist attraction places in Taipei. The prominent night market is well-organize whereby you can find large variety of authentic Taiwanese street foods and trendy wear that suit your taste bud and fashions lifestyle respectively. Without further ado, here are our top 7 valuable foodie picks at the Taipei Shilin Night Market:

1. Sausage Wrapped in Glutinous Rice (台湾大肠包小肠)

2. Flame Grilled Beef Cube (火焰牛)

3. Taiwanese Tang Hulu (冰糖葫芦)

4. 咸水鸡

5. Fried Chicken Cutlet 大雞排

6 & 7. Frying Milk (炸鲜奶) and Black Sugar Fresh Milk Tea (黑糖珍珠鲜奶)

It was a delectable moments to taste the Shilin street food under the 16 degree evening in Taipei city. My all-time favourite still the Taiwanese sausage but as for drink, the Black Sugar Fresh Milk Tea (黑糖珍珠鲜奶) had caught my taste attention. The foods shown above were highly recommended for valuable choice. Hence, be prepare yourself around NT500-NT2000 for shopping goods at the Shilin Night Market.

Shilin Night Market Location Address:

Opening hour: 4.30pm to 12am Daily
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