Friday, February 26, 2016

Riding the MRT without paying at all? Really?

Hi Readers! Do you know that in Singapore, you can ride the train without paying at all? Yes it is possible! The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has extended the Free Pre-Peak Travel scheme till 30 June 2016. For those “early-bird” commuters, you may now travel to the city via the train for FREE as long as you tap-out of the selected MRT stations before 7.45am!

For those who miss the 7.45am cut-off timing for free travel, you may still enjoy up to $0.50 off your train fare if you exit the same MRT stations between 7.45am and 8am. This Free Pre-Peak Travel scheme is only applicable on weekdays, excluding public holidays!!

What is Free Pre-Peak Travel?

Free Pre-Peak Travel is a travel smart initiative launched by LTA that encourages commuters to travel early; before the peak hour.

The objective of free pre-peak travel is to encourage commuters who are able and willing to make changes to their travel schedule, to travel earlier into the city area before the peak hour. This will help spread out the morning peak hour crowds to the pre-peak period and ease the crowding situation on city-bound stretches of the MRT network.

Here are the 18 Selected MRT stations that are eligible for Free Pre-Peak Travel
  • EAST WEST LINE - Bugis, City Hall, Lavender, Outram Park, Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar
  • CIRCLE LINE - Bayfront, Bras Basah, Promenade, Esplanade, Dhoby Ghaut
  • NORTH-SOUTH LINE - Dhoby Ghaut, Somerset, Orchard, Marina Bay, Raffles Place, City Hall
  • DOWNTOWN LINE - Telok Ayer, Downtown, Bayfront, Promenade, Chinatown, Bugis
  • NORTH-EAST LINE - Clarke Quay, Chinatown, Dhoby Ghaut, Outram Park

How has my life improved with 
Free Pre-Peak Travel & Travel Smart Rewards?

1) It motivates me to wake up early for breakfast!
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In the past I used to skip my breakfast as I would prefer to sleep in. However, Free Pre-Peak Travel and Travel Smart Rewards now motivates me to get up early as it allows me to travel for FREE (before 7.45am) to the city area for a delicious Singapore-style breakfast at places such as the Killiney Kopitiam. I can grab breakfast and at the same time earn more points via Travel Smart Rewards, increasing my chances of winning the lucky draw on the Travel Smart Rewards website.

2) Getting fitter day by day
Jogging is an important activity that keeps me fit and healthy. With the Free Pre-Peak Travel and Travel Smart Rewards scheme, it makes me want to travel down to the city area where my office is - Marina Bay for an early jog rather than at the typical usual HDB Parks. Based on my personal experience, jogging early in the morning can also help me kick off the day with a refreshing start

Another alternative would be HPB’s Sunrise in the City programme! Held in the early mornings in gyms around the island, it’s a practical alternative for those who prefer indoor activities and a place to shower thereafter; leaving you all feeling fresh and smelling good for work!

3) Explore and discover the new nature in Singapore
If you are a nature lover like me, you will want to wake up early to explore some of the sights that nature has to offer. Going bright and early in the day would allow me to appreciate nature at its best. Likewise, with the Travel Smart rewards, travelling early on the off-peak hours to my destination is an advantage for me to discover the new scenic spots in Singapore such as Coney Island and Gardens by the Bay.

And if you are still confused with all the various schemes and
how they can benefit you………..Good News!!

Start Travelling Smart in Smart Nation!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Experience with Travel Smart Rewards Thus Far

I Ride, I Earn and I Redeem! Shiok right?
I understand that some places in Singapore are within walk-able distances but with the new Travel Smart Rewards scheme, I would say that this provides even more of an incentive for all Singaporeans to travel via MRT!!

The main reason is because I can earn more points and concurrently increase my chances of winning the $1500 lucky draw cash prizes on the Travel Smart Rewards website!

One word that can sum up my experience is “satisfying”. The Travel Smart Rewards website is user-friendly and the ‘Spin to Win’ game is both interactive and challenging. Online users can easily understand the steps and procedures while playing the ‘Spin to Win’ game. Basically, it’s just a click and off it spins!

If you are lucky, you will get to the next level with 5 chances of spinning!

That said, you may find yourself back at square one (starting point!) if you aren't so lucky.

As mentioned, the more you travel during the off-peak hours, the more points you can accumulate.

With more points, there is a higher chance 
of winning the cash rewards!!

With regard to the cash rewards, you may choose to credit it into your travel card or even deposit into your bank account. Based on my experience, you will receive the money upon 30 days of confirmation.

So how to earn more points other than travelling early or during off-peak hour? First of all, you need to have at least 4 decongesting trips via MRT/LRT within a week. The Travel Smart Rewards website can track your recent trips and automate the point statement that you have earned. Start travelling during the decongesting period now!

Enjoyable Moments at the Chingay Parade 2016

To kick off my Chingay Parade article, first of all I would like to thank People’s Association (PA) for the warm invitation and Canon Singapore for lending me the Canon 5Ds with EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM to shoot the spectacular and successful Chingay Parade held on last Saturday at the F1 Pit Building.

Wefie with the friends at Chingay Parade 2016!

It was an amazing moment with a group of influencer friends at the Chingay Main Parade Celebrations this year. I am glad that the weather turns out to be good during the performances session. Hence, this was my second time watching the live and up-close Chingay parade and I love the themed “Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore”.

One of my favourite shot of the day, taken using canon 5Ds! No edit! lol xD

Real firecrackers!

The Chingay themed for this year was inspired from our Founding Father Mr Lee Kuan Yew, based on the core values such as Racial and Religious Harmony, Caring for one another, Resilience and Meritocracy meant that every Singaporean regardless of race or religion could take his rightful place in the Singapore story. These are the values that made us One People, One Singapore. Chingay 2016 will bring these values to live.

Chingay 2015 celebrating SG50 and Chingay 2016 represents the first step towards SG100, as we celebrate the Singapore Spirit and our shared values that have transformed us from a fishing village into a modern metropolis. A series of spectacular performances at the parade had showcase the Singapore spirit and values from different group of community regardless race or religion. It’s really awesome!

Some of the key highlights of the parade include a 66-metre “flying” LED dragon, aerial performances and the biggest full-scale illuminated show. Be prepared to be awed by the awesome sight of 8,000 ‘Sky Lanterns’ to light up the night. With over 8,000 performers forming up 50 parade contingents and the support from 2,000 parade volunteers from schools and associations, you are in for a night of wondrous performance.

My verdict on Canon 5Ds camera
I walked along the Chingay Street with my Canon 5Ds EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM to photograph the beauty moments in manual mode. The F2.8 wide angle Len allows me to capture the magnificent Chingay parade ceremony in wide landscape position and with the strong in-built stabilization and fast shutter speed; this Canon 5Ds produces sharp and vibrant images as well as videos too. Likewise the focus and zoom rings are well-positioned and smooth for me to capture the fun and dramatic ambiances. To add on, the weight and size of the Canon 5Ds camera is comfortable and just nice for handling.

Live young and cool like him!

Kawaii Girls from Japan!

Kungfu master from the China

Towards SG100 representing by Singapore Turf Club

Chingay Parade 2016 Grand Finale Celebrations

I had a wonderful moment with friends watching the remarkable Chingay parade 2016 celebration. SG100 is a definitely to look forward and I am proud to say that I am a Singaporean!!! If you have missed out the Chingay Parade 2016, do check out my video taken using the Canon 5Ds. Let’s view the performances all in one minute video! Cheers!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The official BoJio Song by 陈小菲

Don’t Say I Bo Jio! Now I Jio you to listen this song with me! Hahaha Yes, the most popular word “Bo Jio” has now turned into a full lyric. Sing by Chen Xiao Fei (陈小菲), the official “BoJio” music video had released in mid-Jan this year. I believed this catchy Hokkien song will definitely cheer up your moody day. No longer saying Bo Jio! Now let’s sing it!

What is Bo Jio?
Bo Jio is actually Hokkien which literally mean why you never invite me to go. Used shamelessly to get yourself invited to an activity your friends are doing.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Delightful Delicioso Spanish Cuisine at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Guest Chef Albert Ortiz hailing from Barcelona, with 12 impeccable years of experience in established restaurants in Spain and Singapore. Chef Albert Ortiz will be cooking up a marvellous Spanish cuisine that will leave your palate in a tasteful fiesta, only at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s alfresco poolside restaurant, the Pool Grill.

Chef Albert Ortiz runs the kitchen with great passion, stands by age-old art of cooking and believes in preparing everything from scratch for the best quality.

Pan-Seared Scallop
Pan-seared scallop, sofrito purée, chorizo migas caviar oil and dill. The scallop was soft, tender and sweet. It’s a unique combination with chorizo migas caviar oil. “Migas” is an traditional dish in Spanish cuisine. It is made use of leftover bread. This chorizo migas
tasted salty and bitter.

Smoked Salmon
Smoked salmon mi-cuit, spinach, black tea cream, whipped goat cheese, candied grapefruit. It was an daring combination of black tea cream, goat cheese, matched with smoked salmon. If was risky choice as black tea and goat cheese usually won’t work well together but Chef Albert Ortiz played well with the ingredients. The smoked salmon goes well with the savoury goat cheese and the aromatic black tea cream.

Char-Grilled Black Codfish
Char-grilled black codfish, garlic llauna mousseline, grilled japanese leek. The highlight of the dinner and it was my favourite dish among all. It was char-grilled to perfection! The black codfish was extreme smooth, tender and it could melt-in-my-mouth. The garlic llauna mousseline sauce gives you another taste of having the black cod fish as the sauce was spicy and strong garlic taste. Personally i prefer to have it without the garlic llauna mousseline.

Lemon tart
Lemon tart, italian meringue, candied grapefruit, pistachio. Ending this marvellous dinner with a good dessert.

Guest Chef Albert Ortiz will be cooking at Pool Grill from 15 February to 13 March 2016.

Flavours of Spain at Pool Grill Spanish Set Lunch and Dinner:
15 February – 13 March 2016
3-Course Lunch: $35++ per person (Choice of 1 Appetizer, 1 Starter and 1 Main)
4-Course Dinner: $58++ per person (Choice of 1 Appetizer, 1 Starter, 1 Main and 1 Dessert)

For more info of the choices, please visit here.

For dining reservations, please call 6831 4605 or email

All prices stated above are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Limited Edition Hello Kitty Grace 10 Tablet available in Singapore

To all Hello Kitty lovers! Here is big news for you!! The world first Sanrio-themed 2-in-1’s Grace 10 Hello Kitty Limited Edition Windows 10 tablet is now available in Singapore at all BEST Denki retail outlets and online store.

The 10.1 inch Hello Kitty Grace 10 windows tablet device is only priced at S$379.00, with its unique design which also features an exclusive pastel pink Hello Kitty Pigo Keyboard complementing its black frame. Thus, this makes the product a functional yet attractive device for fans of all ages.
Users can choose to use it as a tablet, or snap the device onto the pastel pink keyboard with an etched Hello Kitty monogram to get some quick work done with a laptop experience. The keyboard also acts as a cover and a stand for the device, allowing users to decide how best to use the tablet – be it for work or for play.

For the Hello Kitty fanatics, the Grace 10 Light tablet also sports a series of limited edition Hello Kitty wallpapers specially crafted for this product, as well as unique Hello Kitty icons that make the Windows 10 experience an even more personable one.

The official retailer BEST Denki will be offering a fantastic deal for customers with a complimentary Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1850 included. In addition, customers can save S$20 off with every purchase of an Office 365 subscription along with the device, and customers who purchase two qualifying products are entitled to a free Sennheiser Travel Earphones worth S$119.00*.

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