Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote makes you a smart and confident presenter

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote
Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote makes you a smart and confident presenter. It is a game-changing remote that allows you to navigate slides and interact with on-screen content from up to 100 feet away.

Logitech Spotlight Key Features:
  • Highlight and magnify on screen: Go beyond traditional laser pointing with an advanced pointer system that precisely highlights or magnifies areas of focus in pixel-perfect detail. Create an impression that is visible to in-person audiences and on video conferences.
  • Mouse-like cursor control: Use the on-screen cursor to play and pause videos, open links, and enjoy a range of rich content interaction.
  • Smart time management: Spotlight tracks your presenting time and reminds you when it’s time to wrap up. You can also activate vibration alerts through the Logitech Presentation app, which allows you to remain focused on the presentation and not the clock.
  • Versatile connectivity and compatibility: Connect Spotlight to your computer via USB receiver and Bluetooth® Smart technology. It works with Windows, Mac OS and all popular presentation platforms including PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, Google Slides and Prezi.
  • Quick recharging and extended range: Spotlight can be quick charged in one minute for three hours of use. It also has a 30-meter (100-ft)* operating range so you can move and present freely, even in large size rooms.
Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote
The Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote is now available on Logitech and Apple, at the price of $169.

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